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Koala Sampler is Amazing!
  • I have it loaded on my iPad but have never taken the time to dive in. It was good to fully get my hands dirty editing samples and tweaking the sound to what I like and not just loading the .wav on a pad and calling it a day.

    How are you managing loading samples back and forth from your main computer to your Koala app?

  • Oh no, I've got GAS for a TE product! (EP-133)
  • Genuine question as someone who has not used a TE product, what is it that you like about it and the TE workflow? I just struggle with TE feeling like a design brand who happens to make instruments, but can't deny the appeal of the Pocket Operators?

  • Anyone triggering drum voices from electronic drum kit?

    Setting up the triggers with midi should allow me to send gates to say an Erica Synth pico drum set.

    I’m wondering if anyone’s given this a try and how did it work out for you? I feel like I could just play something in way faster than programming.

    So yeah, anyone literally tracking in drums with your synths using midi from an electronic kit?

    What got me thinking about this was watching this video from Drumeo featuring II from Sleep Token. Worth the watch if you are into drumming and percussion.

    The jam station
  • So far just have the software version. Told myself I needed to master the software and navigating the hardware before buying the standalone Maschine+.

    For perspective, I’m barely over “what even is a splice, I just want to play clips” level of Maschine understanding.

  • The jam station
  • So it is 100% me and not knowing how to sequence it with the Beatstep. I moved it to the office and hooked it up to Maschine. Ran some midi clips through and it sounded fantastic.

    Having it plugged into a PC, the built in tuners are a godsend as well.

  • The jam station
  • Honestly I just signed up for Melodics to learn finger drumming. I’ve played drums for so long I had to talk myself of getting an electronic drum set to just track drums fully.

    I’m glad the guy I bought the neutron from threw in the skin and a deck saver. The red is.. a bit much.

    How do you like your neutron? I’m having a very hard time finding its “voice”, it just clashes against the other synths.

  • The jam station

    Made a place to jam and have fun while I learn piano and finger drumming in the office. Separating learning from playing has been awesome to have.

    Edit: I promise I’ll post the music that I make here! Pictures are good, but I need to back it up with music.

    Looking to ditch Sonos Beam (sound bar) - any hardware and software recommendations?
  • No need to put homelab in quotes, it’s whatever is your lab. We all have different setups that grow and shrink as we learn.

    Let me show you a smaller option than a full rack amp. I used this exact setup before except using an AirPort Express instead of the pi.

    I would do the Pi (your plan) -> this -> bookshelf speakers like these.

  • Looking to ditch Sonos Beam (sound bar) - any hardware and software recommendations?
  • Does everything have to be all in one, or are you open to exploring passive speakers and a receiver?

    Since this is in Homelab, I’m assuming you have access to a 19” rack. You could rack mount any amplifier (I like crown amps personally) and then feed either a Bluetooth or Raspberry Pi using a line/headphone amp. That also gives you the ability to continuing adding amps to feed more speakers around the house. That’s my homelab answer.

    Home theater answer would be to look at a home theater receiver.

  • UK cinemagoers hail return of intermissions as films hit three-hour mark
  • If you use Plex or Jellyfin as a home media server, it allows movie preview trailers and other preroll media IIRC. You could completely recreate the theater experience. Throw in some old retro Disney or other shorts before a flick.

  • How do you capture and share jams?

    So I just went a little crazy and bought a few hardware synths. Every single day since I have jammed after work as a meditative exercise. And some of this shit is sick (to me).

    I’d like to be able to capture some of these jams. I have a Zoom F3 for recording, and I understand the entire recording process. My question is if anyone is out there jamming with synths, how do you grab snippets worth sharing and then putting that out into the community?

    (I know the sub seems dead, but hey.. who knows)

    1U server chasie for Dell Optiplex
  • We just turn them sideways on a shelf at work. We use a lot of micro form factor and they look slick in a row on a 1u shelf. We fit 3 or 4 (can’t remember) wide across 6 shelves.

  • Now that people are putting the time into the game, what narrative themes are resonating with you?

    Every story gets interpreted individually, so what parts of the games storytelling are resonating with you?

    Something I found interesting about my play through a quest lead me to commit some corporate espionage. During one of the last missions everything went tits up but I made a distinct choice to remain non lethal. While I truly hated working for a corp (really hoping there was a path to destroy from within) I loved how the game at least at a minimum allowed me to interject my own morals into my character.

    Situationally though, I did go and slaughter a few mines worth of people but I can head cannon that into my ethics no prob.

    Just as an open discussion, I’m curious if other people are having those moments of thought or personal reflection.


    I can’t wait for modders to create their own ship companies

    Like how cool is it going to be if you could install a mod adding an entire new ship line someone in the community created.

    I really look forward to seeing how mods are going to be developed for this game.


    Is anyone else noticing repeating posts when continuously scrolling?

    When scrolling through the main feed eventually I will hit a point where it’s roughly the same 20 or so posts on repeat. The posts might not be in the exact same order and new content will be mixed in.

    In Apollo it would eventually hit “the bottom” of the feed and it wouldn’t go any further. This feels like the app is fetching the next posts but without a full page of results it's returning the same posts again and again.

    Anyone else seeing this?


    Where did the screw go?

    pokemon LordXenu

    How would you react if you are playing and am AI Pokémon hits you with double kick but it hits three times

    Would anyone believe you? 🧐


    Tips and what to expect for someone who has never moderated?

    So I’m really starting to consider starting a few small communities just to help grow the communities. I have never moderated anything and I am just curious on what to expect. Things such as tools to use or things to look out for?


    Spider on a leaf