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Utah to use pentobarbital to execute man instead of three-drug combination
  • As a welder who has been trained to be very afraid of peacefully going to sleep in a forever nap, I have never understood why inert gas asphyxiation isn't widely used. It's literally easier than falling asleep and you can use the same gas over and over again.

  • Follow me for more deep political analysis

    She repeatedly fought to keep non violent criminals locked up in inhumane conditions explicitly for their labor capacity. CA makes big money selling slave labor @ $0.75/hr paid to the inmate.

    She is descended from Jamaican slave owners, probably with slave ancestry mixed in. You'd think it'd be an easy slam dunk win for hee to eradicate slavery in the US but the money too good. She got bought.

  • Follow me for more deep political analysis
  • Kamala is literally a Hitler. Woman openly laughs at forced labor prisoner slavery. The difference between the actual nazis and her office as DA is that they targeted blacks and browns instead of jews. Idk why so many cucks are fangirling over her rn

  • No Man's Sky - Worlds Part I is out now and drastically transforms the planets
  • It's a money grinding sim for sure. They've added a LOT of content but a bunch of it is gated behind their "expeditions" mechanic. I always get discouraged when I log on and see how much stuff I missed and just can't get because I didn't log on between x and y dates. Even the things you can buy if you missed an expedition have their own monetary system where you're limited by missions which are occasionally still bugged to hell.

  • Jack Black cancels Tenacious D tour and places future projects on hold after Kyle Gass comments on Trump
  • The disrespect to the Gass man is ridiculous. Honestly Tenacious D comes from the same era of ridiculousness that gave rise to Borat, and I don't see why Kyle shouldn't be given the same leeway to say wild ass shit that Cohen did.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • Watch the video. This is a false flag and a lazy one at that. Dude stabbed himself in the ear with a pin, got a group hug on stage and started FIST PUMPING from inside a ring of special service. Head out, fist up, like "HERE I AM. IM NO COWARD". You know who does that? Actors. Who know the script and have rehearsed the scene.

  • Secret Project now availablr on Kindle and Audible

    Good ol BrandoSando has screwed the community again. First, he announces the secret project and promises us new stories. Then, he "boycotts" amazon with JUST THESE COMMUNITY FUNDED STORIES. Now, he's making money on books we bought without letting us utilize the accessibility features we've come to expect from his other work unless we pay him again.

    Tl;Dr Brandon Sanderson is an exploitative greed monster that swallowed 43 million dollars and is hungry for more. Do not buy Brandon Sanderson products until this betrayal is addressed.


    oh look. im so glad the $43 million dollar secret project the fans funded will now spawn AI generated garbage while still not being available on audible. isnt that just the greatest? /s Spotify Modifies Terms for Audiobook Rightsholders, Changes May Put Authors in Legal Peril With Narrators

    StoryFair Audiobooks launches a better, fairer way to to buy audiobooks. On StoryFair, authors now receive the highest royalty anywhere.

    Spotify Modifies Terms for Audiobook Rightsholders, Changes May Put Authors in Legal Peril With Narrators

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    > Spotify just changed their TOS, giving them unprecedented rights to create "derivative works" from audiobooks > > They frame it as though it's for user content, more likely it's to train AI, but in fact it gives them the right to do almost anything they want - up to (but not including) stealing the content outright.