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Anybody using a framework laptop?
  • can I run Minecraft on Linux?

    You're a software developer you answer that.

    As for everything else, yes it's worth it. Upgrading isn't as easy as a desktop, but it's much easier than other laptops.

  • iOS 18 in one image. What are you most excited for?
  • iOS devices would be actually good if they literally just let you install .ipa s from anywhere (.apk equivelent for iOS). Not even unlocking the APIs that ensure Apple apps stay on top, just allowing .ipa installation.

  • Amazon refusing to show me the price of something if I do not add it to cart

    Non private mode on left. I am not logged in but have cookies enabled. Right is private mode.


    Best Scam Email Grammar

    I am instructed to inform you of your appointment as the funds administrator to your deceased relative estate. Kindly indicate your acceptance by providing your current Address & Direct Phone Number for immediate processing of the funds release to your control via the deceased bank directly.