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Update From LTT On The Madison Situation
  • At this time, we feel our case for a defamation suit would be very strong; however, our deepest wish is to simply put all of this behind us.

    The passive-aggressive bragging... this comes off as nonprofessional to me, like "we could sue the pants off this person if we wanted to". Why does the public even need to hear this part in particular? It sounds like something that should be privately communicated to the alleged defamer, not the public. It's a little odd in my opinion...

    Regardless, I am interested in seeing the full report and I'll keep a close eye on this.

  • Stable diffusion on Arch Linux with a 7900 XTX?
  • I would try what the other commenter here said first. If that doesn't fix your issue, I would try using the Forge version of WebUI (a fork of that WebUI with various memory optimizations, native extensions and other features): This is what I personally use.

    I use a 6000-series GPU instead of a 7000-series one, so the setup may be slightly different for you, but I'll walk you through what I did for my Arch setup.

    Me personally, I skipped that Wiki section on AMD GPUs entirely and it seems the WebUI still respects and utilizes my GPU just fine. Simply running the file will do most of the heavy lifting for you (you can see in the file that it uses specific configurations and ROCm versions for different AMD GPU series like Navi 2 and 3)

    1. Git clone that repo, git clone stable-diffusion-webui (the stable-diffusion-webui directory name is important,'s script seems to reference that directory name specifically)
    2. From my experience it seems and are in the wrong spot, make symlinks to them so the symlinks are at the same level as the stable-diffusion-webui directory you created: ln stable-diffusion-webui/ (ditto for
    3. Edit the file. You don't really have to change much in here, but I would recommend export COMMANDLINE_ARGS="--theme dark" if you want to save your eyes from burning.
    4. Here's where things get a bit tricky: You will have to install Python 3.10, there is warnings that newer versions of Python will not work. I tried running the script with Python 3.12 and it failed trying to grab specific pip dependencies. I use the AUR for this; use yay -S python310 or paru -S python310 or whatever method you use to install packages from the AUR. Once you do that, edit so that python_cmd looks like this: python_cmd="python3.10"
    5. Run the file: chmod u+x, then ./
    6. Setup will take a while, it has to download and install all dependencies (including a model checkpoint, which is multiple gigabytes in size). If you notice it errors out at some points, try deleting the entire venv directory from within the stable-diffusion-webui directory and running the script again. This actually worked in my case, not really sure what went wrong...
    7. After a while, the webUI will launch. If it doesn't automatically open your browser, then you can check the console for the URL, it's usually Select the proper checkpoint in the top left, write down a test prompt and hopefully it should be pretty speedy, considering your GPU.
  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I assume 4chan does not sell your data with 3rd parties (it pays the bills from user donations and people who buy a '4chan pass', I think advertisers might've pulled out from the site long ago, given its vulgar nature) however it does appear to comply with law enforcement. See this 4chan user who was sending death threats to a Florida sheriff on 4chan, and was later arrested for this:

    I believe it's possible that 4chan had given this user's IP address to law enforcement. 4chan records your IP address when you post, and only administrators can see it:

    You can also look at the Wikipedia entry for 4chan, similar users have been arrested for making these death threats:

    I don't advocate for what these users do, it's harmful, and they honestly have it coming when they get arrested--but it shows that if 4chan is compelled to reveal your information, they will.

    It's not possible to post under a VPN by default, they're blocked site-wide to combat spam and automated posts, even though there's already a captcha when you post? I guess they're just trying to play it extra safe. You can post under a VPN if you buy the 4chan pass (, however 4chan does not support any privacy-centric options like Monero or even cold hard physical cash, which means even if you post under a VPN, you can still be linked to your posts via payment method.

    Me personally? I lurk on there every once in a while, but I've never posted, for these reasons. At least I can post under a VPN on Lemmy.

  • Do you use the device you torrent on for personal things as well?
  • Yes, I torrent on the same machine where all my personal stuff is. The biggest reason for this is that I don’t have a dedicated machine to torrent 24/7, though I’d definitely like to set that up at some point. I like being able to seed niche torrents to those who need them, and a machine seeding 24/7 would definitely help with that. Also having easy simple access to the downloaded files is always a plus, but there’s a myriad of ways to do this over a local network (pretty sure some torrenting clients even have an option to torrent over LAN).

    My torrent client is bound to my VPN’s network interface, and my VPN has a killswitch as well, so I’m not paranoid that things will suddenly leak. Been running this setup for months now without issues.

  • Is weird that I like and use both Fedora and Debian?
  • I think that is completely normal. I run Arch on my main desktop, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed on my laptop and Debian on any and all servers I host. And I think they all work wonderfully. Even outside of these distros, I can still see the use case for many other distros. I think many popular distros each have a specific goal in mind and they execute it well.

  • Issues dealing with 'Ad Blockers are not allowed on Youtube' popup on Youtube
  • I’ve been using Piped for a while now, and it seems that at this point in time, videos not playing is a known issue.

    You could try looking at using Invidious. Personally I recommend Piped, but since it seems various Piped instances just straight up won’t play videos, I don’t blame you for using something else or just sticking to plain old YouTube for the time being.