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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is "underperforming", says industry analyst
  • Well this is kind of awkward since apparently none of you who have commented have actually played the game. I have played the game. It was actually really really good, surprisingly good. It was more than I thought I would get out of my money for it.

    I ended up putting in about 100ish hours. Maybe 120. I felt like I got my money's worth. It had an entertaining premise to everything that happened. It fleshed out everything that was in the original game. I think it was worth the money. I usually can't say that about most games. I agree that it should be on PC as well but it is what it is. It'll be there eventually back on steam like it was the first time.

    And for those of you who never even started the first of these part games. The first part, remake was also really good and it was a just solid solid game just by itself. The game alone was worth playing. Even though these games were separated out, they're basically full games by themselves. You could easily play part 1 for about 70 hours. The original final fantasy 7 was only about 50. If you liked final fantasy 7 then you should play these even if you have to wait another 4 years for the last part.

    I know it's popular on lemmy to shit on big game companies for doing crap work. You really shouldn't be faulting square for delivering an actual product that was worth the money. This is one of those rare times where the fans asked for a game company to take its time to make a game and they responded by doing just that. That is so rare nowadays that it kind of deserves the money.

  • Make it make cents
  • Not to defend her or anything, but if she was actually this bad of a trader with all of her insider knowledge. She should just buy SPY (SPY is the fund that covers the entire s&p 500) and stop trying. She would have made more money then what she's made.

  • A lot of Redditors hate the Reddit IPO | Reddit warned us that its users were a risk factor, and boy do they sound excited about shorting its stock.
  • As someone on wsb and totally going to short the stock. They named the sub in their Ipo and that we were going to short the shit out of them.

    I think it would be rude not to deliver on said promise. Honestly from what I've gathered on the wsb discord we kinda just wanna see reddit on fire. At least that's the general sentiment I've perceived.

    Also the main thought has been that as soon as they IPO they're gonna get their board taken over and kick us out first thing.

  • The message users get re: Reddit's attempt to leave users holding the bag. Part 2 in body.
  • Well you can do this risk free if you understand the bare minimum of how to use a stock trading account.

    Once you have your shares you immediately put a limit sell trailing percent or dollars order on the security. What this does is automatically sells the stock the very second it drops by the amount you set.

    So with reddit you set it to sell at something like 2% and then the second it drops below that you cash out with your money.

  • Recently posts that go against our ToS policies and ethics
  • Do we know the site they used to host the CSAM? Can't we try and get whoever runs those servers to get this troll. Cause if they got one CSAM I bet they have a bunch. Maybe the FBI can raid them and help save some kids from these monsters.