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Anon discovers a diet trick
  • I just try to remember to forget to eat.

  • The game was rule from the start
  • Both are great. Why not at the same time?

  • The Offspring, The Beastie Boys, Van Halen w/DLR, and the B52s. Are there other bands that rock, but are often silly/goofy and funny?
  • Ween, Dead Milkmen, Gwar, Nomeansno, Hansen Brothers, Pink n Brown, Jesus Lizard, Moistboyz, Stormtroopers of Death.

  • Anon hates aluminum
  • I'm a welder. I've built and repaired copious amounts of aluminum projects. I hate it. Great material, nightmare to work with.

  • Anon hates aluminum
  • I hate aluminum too! It's the plastic of metals.

  • *confused carnist noises*.
  • I am a half, to a gallon per day milk drinker, and I still had to take estrogen to grow boobs.

  • This will forever be relevant
  • Came here to say this.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure it's not the democrats causing chaos and fighting amongst themselves.

  • American being American?!
  • I am an American, and I approve this message. 👍

  • What is your current wallpaper? Where did you find it?
  • It's a closeup view of the glass on my wood stove. I ran it through a couple filters. The green one is on my lock screen. Then it's the red one when I unlock.

  • Trans youth will no longer be prescribed puberty blockers, NHS England says
  • You are so full of shit. Why do transphobes always insist transitioning is forced?

    What about when trans people are forced to not transition? Suicide rates go up.

    What happened to me when I was forced to conform to a cis gender role for 40 years? Denial, suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, and alcoholism. After I started hormone therapy, I completely lost all interest in drugs and alcohol, and I no longer consider suicide. I'm happy and I want to take care of myself. I became a productive member of society.

    There are about 1.5 million transgender people living in the US. 1% regret their decision and detransition. That is 15,000 people. And 0% of them were "pressured" into transitioning.

  • I need to vent.

    OK. I'm going to jump on my soapbox for a moment because of a recent article that I'm sure most of you are painfully aware of at this point, and if you're not, you will be now...

    I began transitioning about 5 months ago. Before I had come to the conclusion that I was transgender, I experimented in the privacy of my home with my wife a part of it. I would write erotic stories and post pics online. It was very kink centered, as it gave me the excuse to experiment with my femininity while still doing the mental gymnastics required to convince myself that I wasn't trans, or that it was "just a kink." Although, I felt that I was an ally to the trans community and would still encourage others who were questioning to be themselves and do what they feel is right for them. Turns out, I was really just giving that advice to myself.

    F.L. "Bubba" Copeland was the mayor of Smith Station, AL. He was a local pastor and community leader and he was adored by everyone in his community. He did so much good for the people around him.

    Privately, he and his wife would explore his feminine side. He created a persona named Brittini Blaire Summerlin and SHE began posting SFW and NSFW content to Reddit. (In fact, I think I remember some of her posts). She wrote erotica that was based on actual people she knew. One of those stories, apparently, was about murdering a woman and taking her place. Probably a woman he envied and wanted to emulate. This is being framed as Brittini having bad intentions and mental health issues. Actually, most writers would probably agree that real world inspiration has a lot to do with the creation of fiction. I've written some pretty crazy erotica with characters based on real people I know. It was part of the process I had to go through to cope with my true self conflicting with my conservative upbringing. It's like opposing magnets pushing against each other inside my brain, and I've felt it since I was a child. When you bury such a powerful part of yourself, it tends to come out in other ways, like starting smoking at 8 yrs old, or drinking and smoking weed at 11. I've spent 3/4 of my life either doing drugs or drinking, those opposing forces inside me just kept getting stronger. I had to make a change. I literally HAD to. By 40, I was beginning to have blackouts and bouts of uncontrollable rage. I'm not lying when I say, HRT saved my life. I haven't been intoxicated since before my apiphany that I was trans, or simply "since my egg cracked."

    My transition has been, by far, the hardest thing I've ever had to go through internally, and I've lived through drug addiction, MRSA, a fire, car wrecks and a whole list of other stupid things I was involved in in my youth. But, I am thankful that I was able to follow a path that eventually led me here, in my current self-awareness, to a place of contentment. Unfortunately, that contentment is paired with an incredible amount of fear surrounding the inevitable time when I will no longer be able to pass as a cis hetero male. When that time comes (probably by Spring) I could easily become the next target of the local conservative groups in my town. Some of these groups are extremists and have a history of being involved, if not directly responsible for violence and MURDER of the local LGBTQ community out here next to rural Idaho. Yes. I said that right. Fucking MURDER of a gay high-school student, the night of his graduation.

    So, I will be transitioning socially soon. I will almost certainly become the target of hate and rumors spread about me, and I am fucking terrified that my wife and kids will be targeted as well. I have two daughters, and one of them identifies as lesbian. She came out to my wife and I before I had even come out to myself. I'm proud of her and I'm excited to see her grow with her new found confidence in who she is.

    I read the article about F.L. "Bubba" Copeland the day he shot himself in front of the cops. He was outed by a right-wing conservative news blog called "1819 News" and Craig Monger is the "reporter" who wrote the story highlighting Bubba's private life, despite Bubba pleading with them to not publish the article. Unfortunately, Michael Craig Monger of Prattville, AL decided that the repercussions of publishing the article did not outweigh his need for recognition in his conservative echo chamber. He wanted to make a name for himself and this was his big chance. It doesn't matter to these people if entire lives and communities are destroyed, just as long as they can manipulate the narrative to match their rhetoric.

    Today I woke up feeling different. Something changed in me when I read that article. My fear is melting away and being replaced by anger, maybe even rage. I feel my inner berserker wanting to smash some skulls or chew bubblegum, and I'm fresh out of bubblegum.

    The actual truth about transitioning, is it's a battle being fought, not only internally, but externally in society. It's a whirlwind of emotions and mental and physical changes that one goes through, and chances are, it's in complete opposition to their current lifestyle and cultural expectations from their peers. So, really, a transgender person is forced go through extreme mental and emotional turmoil if they decide to transition, which is really the lesser of two evils when compared to the extreme mental and emotional turmoil they will be locked in for the rest of their lives if they choose to not transition.

    NO. Transgender people are not a bunch of crossdressing perverts trying to sneak into public restrooms. I have personally experienced a major drop in my sexual fantasies and desires since getting on hormones. It's as if I lost interest in my kinks after I gave myself permission to transition. I acknowledged that side of me, and now I don't even watch pornography because I don't really need to anymore.

    NO, they do not "chemically castrate" children. This is the biggest right-wing lie that I can even think of. It's seriously ridiculous. Anybody can spend 5 min online looking up the actual laws pertaining to transgender healthcare by state. The only options that kids have for trans healthcare is: 1. Change name 2. Change pronouns 3. Therapy (counseling) 4. Puberty blockers during mid teen years until adulthood. 5. At age of 18, the (now adult) transgender individual can decide whether or not to start Hormone Replacement Therapy. 6. If the transgender individual is on hormone therapy for a year and has been living as their preferred gender socially for that time, they can elect to pursue surgical changes, like facial feminization or masculinization, top surgery, bottom surgery, or a whole list of other surgeries to help your outer self match your inner self. 7. There are still requirements to get those surgeries however, like months of hair removal to prep for bottom surgery,  multiple letters of approval from licensed therapists and approval by a general practioner or specialist.

    "The transgender are forcing our kids to go to drag shows! Look! There's video online!" OK..  that was Florida, and no, the trans are not putting on drag shows to indoctrinate your kids. DRAG PERFORMERS put on drag shows, because it is PERFORMANCE! It is THEATER! There are Straight people, cis people, gay people, trans people, all of the different ethnicities and personalities and backgrounds, coming together to perform for their audience. It doesn't mean that drag performers are trans or vice-versa. I am transgender but I sure as hell am not a drag performer. Imagine being a straight cis drag performer getting labeled as trans with non of the benefits.

    I am sooooo disgusted by this conservative bullshit getting shoved down everyone's throats. Meanwhile, all these conservatives are dropping one by one because they're getting caught for the exact things that they project onto the left. That's why G.O.P. stands for Gaslight, Obstruct, Project.

    If you consider yourself a conservative and have your whole life, I have bad news for you. The conservative party that we all grew up with, doesn't exist anymore. All there is anymore is MAGA extremists calling themselves "conservatives" while they line their pockets and watch the world burn.

    I for one, will no longer be silent. I'm not going to hide. I'm not going stand back and watch this happen while simultaneously waiting until I, or someone close to me, becomes the inevitable next target. I'm going to give into my darkside and act accordingly by LOUDLY and BLATANTLY get in the faces of shitty fucking people doing and saying shitty fucking things. I will not tolerate the intolerant. Fuck fascists.

    Thanks Conservatives! Now I'm an ANTIFA radical! That's your fault! See ya at the next protest, I'll be the one handing out bricks. BTW, I can't wait to see what happens to Michael Craig Monger of Prattsville, AL. Turn out it's pretty easy to track down the personal info on someone if you just put your mind to it. Things like (but not limited to) addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, emails, photos, family members, schools, work history, work schedule, arrest records, etc. Because now, us trans folks, are pissed and we have that information. I looked all of that up last night in about an hour. Aaaaaaaaaand... Michael Craig Monger's home isn't bad looking from Google Street view. He's doing quite well for himself considering he is only 28. He just bought that home this year in fact! Living the American Dream, I'll tell you what. Seems like things are just starting to work out for Mr Monger.

    But, unfortunately, he decided to prey on someone else just to make a name for himself. Fucking disgusting human being.

    Rest in peace Bubba Copeland and Brittini Blaire. My heart goes out to their family. I have nothing to offer to the family, as I am poor as he'll, but I can promise that Bubba will not be forgotten and, unfortunately for 1819 News, neither will the actions of Michael Craig Monger.


    "Donald's Big Day Out"

    Prompt: a movie poster for a Disney movie called "Donald's Big Day Out". it is a Disney style movie about Donald Trump (as a prisoner) escaping Federal Prison for one day in an attempt to win back the presidency. He is accompanied by a talking guard dog named Max, who wants all neutering outlawed in the United States and has made a deal with Donald Trump to help him get back into office. it's a buddy comedy of a generation! Starring Patrick Warburton and Seth Rogan. 2000's Pixar animation style. "Donald's Big Day Out" is displayed in big, bold letters.


    Theory about Baylan Skoll and his "disapointment" in Anakin.

    I was reading an article about Baylan's disappointment in Anakin. As if he wanted Anakin to be the chosen one until order 66. It just occurred to me... Could Baylan be Anakin's father? Or, at least be responsible for Anakin's existence? Maybe he used the force to impregnate Anakin's mom without her knowledge so he could bring forth the "chosen one." He'd have to hold onto that secret for the rest of his life, or Baylan could be held accountable for attempting to manipulate the prophecy, leading to the deaths of billions. Baylan might feel personally responsible for the fall of the Republic and the Jedi. Now, he's obsessed with fixing his mistake. This might be why Baylan knows that Anakin became Vader. Baylan is connected to him personally through the force and maybe also by blood. Baylan probably didn't even need to be near Anakin to know when he turned to the dark side. He could feel it from across the galaxy.


    Trumper King

    Someone must've put sardine oil on his boots!