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Would you take the cure?
  • Nah bro. They got blasted with space radiation, and instead of severe malignant tumors and cancer, they got super powers.

  • Let's Make A Sandwich (1950)
  • I love me some hot tuna soaked in hot milk.

  • Biden Says He’d Consider Dropping Out if a ‘Medical Condition’ Emerged
  • Ok. Then who is going to replace HER?!?!?!

  • "We were very disappointed": Joe Scarborough blasts decision to take "Morning Joe" off the air
  • It's a well deserved comment. Your like 1/3 of Lemmy and pretty responsive to comments and stuff. Keep that good content coming. Hope your not a bot. 🤞

  • Soviet parachute troops jump off of a TB-3 bomber (yes, OFF of, not out of), 1937
  • Lol. I saw that post earlier, and this one made me think of it. Haha.

  • Soviet parachute troops jump off of a TB-3 bomber (yes, OFF of, not out of), 1937
  • I heard there were no parachutes, that they just jumped into deep snow.

  • I read the entire Project 2025. Here are the top 10 ways it would harm Black America
  • For those not in the US:

    Editor’s note: The following article is an op-ed, and the views expressed are the author’s own. Read more opinions on theGrio.

    If you frequent Black Twitter, visited a barbershop recently or could hear the BET Awards over your uncle yelling: “If God made something finer than Taraji P. Henson, he must’ve kept it in heaven,” then you know about Project 2025.

    According to my cousin’s beautician who does hair in her kitchen, on Jan. 20, 2025, shortly after the inauguration ceremony concludes, President Donald J. Trump will send jack-booted thugs door-to-door to murder anyone who voted for Biden. He will issue an executive order eliminating the letters C, R, T, D, E and I from the English alphabet. At the same time, newly appointed Labor Secretary Marjorie Taylor Greene implements the Bureau of Bound Laborers, Agricultural Careers and Kitchen Jobs Only for Blacks. Volunteers in the mandatory BLACK JOB program will generously donate their labor to help create the greatest economy since 1865.

    No, Project 2025 is not the name of the upcoming Jordan Peele film. It is an actual, real-life script that’s been in development for years. Although it has terrified more people than the recently released horror movie about the president who turned into a zombie during a debate (the lead actor was compelling), few people have read it in its entirety.

    I did.

    To address the rumors, fears and anxiety over the GOP’s latest project, I read all 922 pages of Project 2025 and all the Agenda47 transcripts, the official policy agenda for Trump 2024. Instead of summarizing the entire blueprint for an America with less “economic anxiety,” we specifically looked at the policies and plans that would affect Black Americans.

    Here’s what we found:

    What is Project 2025? Project 2025 is Donald Trump’s blueprint for how to make the conservative culture wars a permanent part of the federal government.

    Officially, Donald Trump has nothing to do with the 900-plus page “mandate for leadership” known as Project 2025. Technically, the “Conservative Promise” is the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation, a 50-year-old think tank known for engineering bright ideas like the enduring myth of “welfare queens,” Reagan’s CIA crack cocaine project, and George H.W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. But the Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts is a pro-Trump culture warrior whose only goal is “institutionalizing Trumpism.” To achieve his objective, he assembled policymakers and MAGA extremists from the first Trump administration. The advisory board is comprised of right-wing organizations like the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council, the “anti-woke” 1792 Exchange and Liberty University, “the most conservative college in America.”

    The Trump-approved architects divided the Trumpian document into 30 different chapters. They used Trump-affiliated experts to address every part of the federal government and strategize what a Trump presidency would look like. But, to be clear, the 200 Trump-connected policymakers’ blueprint for a Trump presidency has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

    If Project 2025 is not Trump’s agenda, does he have one? Technically, he has some videos.

    Because Trump is not a fan of reading or writing, he filmed a series of videos outlining his official plans for a second term. While Trump’s “Agenda47” is a remedial Cliffs Notes version of Project 2025, there are some minor differences.

    Project 2025 is a MAGA employee guide for people who will work in the alleged Trump administration. Agenda47, on the other hand, is a political platform aimed at people who will vote for Trump. The former is a policy agenda; the latter is a campaign document for people who get their politics off YouTube.

    Think of Project 2025 as the instruction manual for Trump’s Agenda47.

    Here are the top 10 scariest things Trump has planned for Black America:

    1. Make the government white again. Every Black person has a cousin or aunt who works in the federal government. While the civilian federal workforce is disproportionately white at the highest levels, in March 2021, nearly half (46.7%) of low-level government employees were non-white. In fact, African-American government workers are overrepresented in the federal government.

    This is the “swamp” that Trump wants to drain.

    The “fundamental principle” guiding this pro-white project is a plan to embed conservative-minded political appointees (pronounced “white pee pull”) throughout the federal government. However, it is illegal to discriminate based on race, ethnicity or political affiliation. Trump’s deputy secretaries can’t ask prospective workers if they have accepted Donald J. Christ as their lord and savior. So, how do they plan to draft a minion of MAGA workers into the federal workforce?

    Project 2025.

  • Front row seats to a Hellenistic phalanx, 4th-2nd century BCE
  • I heard that if you flank them, they can't turn, and then they all die.

  • University to close Thursday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day

    The university, which is on its 4-10 summer schedule, will also be closed on Friday, July 5. University operations will resume on Monday, July 8. University Police will remain on duty on all days when the campus is closed.


    Campus-wide Power Outage July 5-6

    Greetings campus community,

    The San Bernardino campus will be experiencing a planned power outage beginning this Friday, July 5th at 6:30am and continuing through Saturday, July 6th at 4:30pm. Note: power delivery to University Village Housing and the Palm Desert campus will not be impacted.

    BEFORE YOU LEAVE CAMPUS FOR THE WEEKEND: Charge cell phones or other equipment before the outage, do not plan to perform experiments or other work that rely on consistent power during the outage period. Work under the assumption that electrical power in campus buildings impacted will be unavailable during this period. Please ensure that all electronics are completely turned off. Sensitive and valuable electronics should be unplugged to protect them from power surges. Refrigerators should be completely emptied, defrosted, and unplugged if possible.

    If you need to be on campus during the outage: You must have your supervisor’s permission.

    Facilities Information

    Lighting – Managers should ensure that there is adequate lighting to support a safe workplace. Offices planning to be working in impacted areas should ensure that employees have flashlights on hand. Elevators and accessibility – The Elevators will not be operational on the San Bernardino campus. Anyone needing an elevator to access their place of work will need to make alternative location arrangements during the outage. Use caution when moving between floors in the stairwells. Equipment - Sensitive equipment, refrigeration units, etc. should be on emergency outlets (where available) or cleaned out and de-energized to avoid damage to equipment due to the planned outage. Building Comfort Cooling - Air conditioning systems may or may not function or will be limited in functionality. Be sure to monitor workload and temperatures and watch for signs of heat exhaustion. Housing and Residential areas – University Village will not be impacted by this planned power outage. All other housing villages will be impacted and should plan accordingly. A cooling station will be available in University Village Housing for residents impacted by the outage.

    ITS Information

    All campus services hosted in the Data Center will remain operational. Campus websites, digital and analog phones, and 911 will also be operational.

    Please note the following may experience service interruptions: Network service and wireless access within campus buildings may be disrupted Blue Light Emergency Phones will not be operational during the outage period MyCoyote – although applications housed in the campus Data Center will remain fully functional during the outage, individuals working on campus in impacted buildings, should be prepared for building network outages which could disrupt connections to campus systems. Precautions include saving often, working from a non-campus location, or refraining from critical systems-related work during the outage.

    Emergency Services

    All campus emergency services will be operational including University Police. Per standard protocols, emergency response needs should be obtained via 9-1-1. Please do not contact UPD Dispatch for outage related questions.


    Award-winning alumna has a vision for region’s equitable growth through housing and transportation research

    Two-time CSUSB alumna Carolina Carlos led a comprehensive research study to understand how housing affordability and transportation accessibility intersect in the Inland Empire, particularly impacting disadvantaged communities. Her efforts earned her the Southern California Association of Governments Student Showcase Poster Jury Award.


    CSUSB's Center for Cyber & Artificial Intelligence hosts youth cyber summer camps

    CSUSB’s Center for Cyber & Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with the Office of Pre-College Programs, is hosting the 10th annual youth cyber summer camp, “CyberGuardians: Navigating the AI-Enhanced Future,” from July 7-12. The camp will welcome 60 high school students from across the Inland Empire region.

    I mean....come on, man!
  • This is heavy.

  • CSUSB hires inaugural VP for new division of Strategic Enrollment Management and Marketing

    Cal State San Bernardino has appointed David Dufault-Hunter to serve as the inaugural vice president of the university’s new division of Strategic Enrollment Management and Marketing. Dufault-Hunter will officially join the university on Sept. 3.

    Fearing Losses, Banks Are Quietly Dumping Real Estate Loans
  • You know what, that does make me feel better.

    But I guess those jokes stunk like manure! I hate manure!

  • Fearing Losses, Banks Are Quietly Dumping Real Estate Loans
  • My bad, I should have put a "/s" on all my comments in this thread.

    Those lines are directly out of a movie. Except they say rerun instead of repost. It just seemed that the OP was driving one of these:


  • Fearing Losses, Banks Are Quietly Dumping Real Estate Loans
  • What's a repost?

    Are you back from the future or something?

  • Fearing Losses, Banks Are Quietly Dumping Real Estate Loans
  • What do you mean you've seen this? It's brand new.

  • CSUSB MSPA program national application process is now open CSUSB MSPA program national application process is now open | CSUSB News | CSUSB

    health care, jobs, career, physician assistant, medical, application, Master of Science in Physician Assistant

    The national application process for CSUSB’s forthcoming Master of Science in Physician Assistant is now open and runs through Dec. 1. Pending successful accreditation, the first cohort is currently set to be welcomed in August 2025 to begin studying in state-of-the-art facilities on the San Bernardino campus.

    MSPA Requirements Page

    What's the keyboard app for android with the most accurate swipe to type?
  • I have no recommendation, but I wanted to say that I have the SAME issue. I was on a Pixel 3 and I swear that swipe could read my mind. I would be so lazy to swipe/type and I feel it would come out like 95% accurate. Then I switched to a Samsung note, and their swipe always gets it wrong multiple times in a a row. I now tap to type more than swipe.

  • New technique brings frozen brain tissue back to life without harm
  • Finally, I can eat ice cream really fast without consequences!

  • Campus operations will be remote tomorrow due to potential flooding


    Is ok to post bunnies in this community?


    Campus closed for Thanksgiving holiday weekend

    Cal State San Bernardino and its Palm Desert Campus will be closed Thursday, Nov. 23, and Friday, Nov. 24, in observance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

    The university will reopen for business on Monday, Nov. 27.

    University Police will remain on duty on all days when the campus is closed.


    H&WW: Speed-Friending, Tuesday, 11/28, 12-1:30 pm

    Next Tuesday, November 28th!

    Professors, we can coordinate with you to provide extra credit to your students! Please refer your students to our workshops! Check out the full schedule here:

    CAPS Health & Wellness Workshop:

    Speed-Friending Tuesday, 11/28/23 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

    Attend this speed-friending workshop to learn the basics of making friends, followed by a speed-friending session that will allow you to practice your new skills in a safe, inclusive environment.

    Presenters: Melissa Acuna, MPH, Health Educator, SHC & Elizabeth Gutierrez, MPH, Health Educator SHC

    In-Person ONLY

    Location: SMSU East (Room 205)

    Equal opportunity drawing for student attendees!

    If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation to participate, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services three working days in advance at (909) 537-5040 or [email protected]


    Update: High Wind Warning Extended Through 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, 11/21

    Campus Community,

    The National Weather Service (NWS) extended the High Wind Warning through 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 21.


    Northeast winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 65 mph, locally up to 70 mph in wind prone locations this evening.


    San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys-The Inland Empire, San Bernardino County Mountains, Santa Ana Mountains and Foothills, San Gorgonio Pass Near Banning and Orange County Inland Areas.


    Until 2 PM PST Tuesday, November 21.


    Strong winds could damage trees and other objects. Travel will be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.


    The strongest winds are expected today.


    Use extra caution when driving, especially if operating a high-profile vehicle. Secure outdoor objects.

    Additional notifications will be sent as needed, such as if Facilities Management needs to disable or limit access to any campus building(s). Please refer to the CSUSB Disaster Preparedness Reference Guide for details on wind notifications to the campus community, plus other emergency protocol.

    Dial campus 9-1-1 to report injuries, building damage, or any hazardous situation to University Police.


    President Morales's 2023 Thanksgiving Message

    Dear Coyotes and Colleagues,

    As we head into the long Thanksgiving weekend, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you and to our wonderful university. From our outstanding academic programs to our growing variety of extracurricular opportunities which all seek to educate our students, Cal State San Bernardino places student success at the heart of everything we do.

    I am grateful for our students and for your hard work and commitment to building a better Inland Empire and a better future.

    I am grateful for our outstanding staff, who keep our students at the heart of their work to support our physical campus and the operations which keep it running.

    I am grateful for our exemplary faculty, who are breaking new ground in their teaching and research and bringing our students along with them.

    As you gather with your family and friends this year, please consider making an extra place for someone who is without a table to join you.

    Let us make this American holiday a time for inclusive community, celebrating the hope for peace, social justice and a better future for all.

    With very best wishes from myself and my family for a warm, wonderful and enriching Thanksgiving celebration.


    Tomás D. Morales President

    We Define the Future

    Copyright © 2023 CSUSB. All rights reserved.


    CSU Teamsters Strike 11/14/2023

    The Teamsters Union will be holding an official strike tomorrow, 11/14/2023. Below is the official message from CSUSB:

    Message to Students 11/13/2023

    Dear Students:

    Please be aware that there are pending staff strike activities on November 14, 2023. We want to assure you that all services on the CSUSB San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses will remain open, and we are committed to providing you uninterrupted support for your academic needs. Classes will continue as scheduled for the Fall 2023 Semester. Any questions concerning your classes should be directed to your professor.

    Additional questions can be directed to Dr. Daria Graham, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at (909) 537-5185 or [email protected] or to Dr. Kevin Grisham, Interim Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Development at (909) 537-5522 or [email protected].


    Fall Back In Love with SMSU South | Re-Opening!


    Fall Back in Love with SMSU South (re-opening)

    Tuesday, November 14th

    11:00am-2:00pm, SMSU South

    Be sure to pick up your passport!

    First 200 students to submit a completed passport to the VPSA Office (SUS-222) will receive a special giveaway!

    Basic Needs Open House: Program begins at 12pm, SUS-118

    Food – Activities – Giveaways

    Come and check out all the new resources SMSU South has to offer!


    The SMSU South Clocktower with fall leaves and acorns in red, yellow and orange surrounding blue and red lettering containing event information.

    Sepia-tone crowd of CSUSB students, faculty, and Cody the Coyote.

    Extension logos for Santos Manuel Student Union, Rec&Well, Career Center, Office of First Year Engagement, Coyotes Achieve, Basic Needs and Student Support, Division of Student Affairs, University Enterprise Corporation, and Yotie Eats.


    Native American Heritage Event! November 15th in the Watson College of Education

    ATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH NOVEMBER 2023 EDUCATING ON NATIVE LANDS, PEOPLE, AND CULTURE Join Dr. Jacqueline Romano, Dr. Hannah Kivalahula-Uddin, Dr. Robin Minthorn, Mr. Robert Levi, Dr. Dawn Hardison-Stevens, and Dr. James V. Fenelon address this topic and more on November 15, 2023 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. WCOE Atrium Register

    (logo) CSUSB James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education


    Ceremony Bird Singers Los Coyotes Band

    Special Guest Assemblymember James C. Ramos District 45


    Calling all Coyote Chess Enthusiasts

    Chess enthusiasts are welcome to join Chess Club members for a practice session on Tuesday, November 14 and 28 from 12:00 – 1:30 pm in Pfau Library Room PL-111 (next to Starbucks). Snacks will be served.

    For questions or more information, please contact Cesar Caballero at [email protected] or (909) 537-7553.


    Coyotes of Comedy 10th Annual Showcase🎉

    Hello Yotes! We're excited to announce our 10th Annual Coyotes of Comedy Showcase and wanted to share a short video from one of our comics. We'd like to invite you to join us on Saturday, December 2, 2023, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at SMSU South. This annual charitable event raises funds for the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Scholarship fund. We hope to see you there and have a great time!



    Another week, another challenge. It’s my turn to come up with the theme for this week.

    Meet Freddy the Fork from Kevin's Cutlery Bonanza, off highway 147 near Jay's Tattoo Parlor! Freddy the Fork loves kiddos and you won't believe how much forkin' fun your kids will have! Make your reservations toooodaaaay!

    Theme This week’s theme is "mascots for a brand or item that does not already have a mascot". I want to see some unique mascots for weird or uncommon brands or items with a brief backstory about the character. Show me what you got.


    • Follow the community’s rules above all else
    • One comment and image per user
    • Embed image directly in the post (no external link)
    • Workflow/Prompt sharing encouraged (we’re all here for fun)
    • At the end of the week each post will be scored according to the following grid

    Prize Points Most upvoted +3 points Creative back story +2 point Second most upvoted +1 point Theme is clear +1 point Most original +1 point Last entry (to compensate for less time to vote) +1 point Prompt and workflow included +1 point Posts that are ex aequo will both get the points Winner gets to pick next theme! Good luck everyone and have fun!

    Past entries

    1. Dieselpunk
    2. Goosebump Book
    3. Deep Space Wonders
    4. Fairy Tales
    5. A New Sport
    6. Monsters are Back to School
    7. War and Peace
    8. Distant lands
    9. Unreal Cartoons
    10. Sustainable Ecumenopolis
    11. Masks

    Good luck and have forkin' fun!


    I hate the stealth missions

    I play on the easiest mode and that damn whole stealth chain of missions was awful. Hated every moment of it. Forget if you never put points into stealth, then it'd truly be impossible.

    Like when you mind control, why do the other NPCs and turrets think they're enemies and start blasting their own homie who's just trying to run to a corner? Also sometimes the social popped up but I couldn't mind control, even as hidden.

    Had to blast some NPCs multiple times during those quests just to get out of the chain cuz it was basically impossible do it undetected.


    What's the best jarred pasta sauce? I don't like the cheap Aldi store brand.