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What do you think of birdwatchers and birdwatching ?
  • Up until last Saturday I thought it was an old person's thing I wouldn't care much for.

    Here I sit watching and feeding my flock of Grey catbirds and enjoying sounds of the cardinals and chick-a-dees. It's nice.

  • More parents are taking on debt to pay for Disney vacations as prices soar
  • I have a friend who goes with their husband and kiddo who spends the entire year seeking out the cheapest ways to go and it literally takes months but saves them $8k off normal pricing. That still leaves them needing $7k for the week vacation. I couldn't even imagine caring that much about something. I wouldn't mind going but the absolute most I'd spend if $2k for the entire stay which will never happen since the flights alone would be that for me and my family.

  • Russia continues work on homegrown game console despite technology and scale issues
  • I hate how accurate you are. There's no other reason it would be government backed ESPECIALLY during war time where they're pissing money away and losing their soldiers left and right without be able to fill the open spots.

  • Rule
  • I don't think that it's forgotten I think it's a great representation of flipping the roles around. Instead of leaving out LGBTQ+ they chose to have straight be the other this time.

  • my job has medicine that wakes you up if you've fainted
  • Everywhere I've worked has them however everywhere I worked has high temp work environments where passing out from hest exhaustion happens. They're always in the more expensive first aid kits though which I don't think are required.

  • Why Assassin's Creed has lost its identity?
  • Honestly killing off Desmond started the fall in my opinion. They had us invested and just killed him off suddenly. I personally think they should remove the assassins creed title at this point. It's open world combat barely any sneaking assassin stuff. The new Japan one is wasted at this point. It's what everyone wanted back when the start setting it up with ezios short movie. They shot themselves releasing it as a crappy side scroller....

  • Report: Warner Bros. Execs Thought Suicide Squad Would Make A Ton Of Money Despite Development Woes
  • What reality though? Companies are trying now more than ever to release the shittest cheapest games they can for massive gains. We see more and more trash making insane money. The reality is the average person will play a shitty game for something to do especially if it's within their interests. In this case it just happened to fail so WB will fire a bunch of people and try something again. It's a learning experience in the sense that they know they gotta raise the bar for the next release but it won't be anything substantial.

  • What are your thoughts about H5N1 "bird flu"? Are you doing anything to prepare? Think it's overblown?
  • As someone who did my part with the social distancing, masks, and shots up to the 2nd booster, I genuinely just do not care any more. Let's face it the worlds trending downwards now for whatever reason we want to blame it on. If the virus gets me that's fine. I'll probably not listen to any regulations if it ever got to it.

  • What's an unusual but excellent food combo you've tried?
  • It's not something for me now that I'm older but I use to love putting ketchup on mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. I know mac and cheese with it is somewhat common.

    Also potatoes on a hamburger is really good. If you do a cheese burger it might take some trial and error on getting the right cheese. I myself like fresh shredded American. Don't use cheap ingredients though! This is the 1 thing I wouldn't cheap out on.

  • Is there a way to make external links stand out?

    I'm looking to make links stand out by any means. I find myself always opening them and having something like YouTube or other video services open and start playing while in places where that's not ideal.


    Got a brand new shopping cart at Walmart

    As you can see it's shiny new and still has its packaging on it. It's was so smooth and quiet!


    Can banner we get banner ads adjusted?

    With the ad adjustment came these banner ads on the top of comment sections and they are atrocious so much so I don't bother reading comments anymore. They all have the obnoxious white backgrounds and they flicker since they move. It feels light no matter my phones britness they are blinding and since content doesnt get loads of comments the banner is just distracting while reading. I'm on board with ads as I haven't paid to remove but this specific style changes how I'm using sync now.


    Does anyone know how to stop the strobbing on xbox?

    I have to avoid all caves and dark areas to prevent it but last night on sanctuary 2 it does it again but I'm outside but the night cycle triggered. Resetting works temporarily but it eventually happens again


    What is needed to get jellyfin running as a server?

    I'm working on learning about servers and such but it's a lot to take in. I'm looking to get a 5tb hard drive and install it into a network attached storage tower. What else would be needed to make this work? Links provided are what I'm thinking

    QNAP TS-233-US 2 Bay Affordable Desktop NAS with ARM Cortex-A55 Quad-core Processor and 2 GB DDR4 RAM (Diskless)

    Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PS4, & Xbox - 1-Year Rescue Service (STGX5000400), Black