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"Thought-Terminating Cliches"
  • Yeah I can get behind the others being thought enders but 'you only live once' it's a phrase I use unironically pretty frequently. Life is short and you should do whatever it is you want to do while you're here as long as it doesn't harm others.

  • JK Rowling slammed for asking if she can be Black if she likes “Motown & fancy myself in cornrows”
  • People will probably study this phenomenon for a long time to come, but people become wildly fanatical when a person in power shares their bigoted views and people in power can't seem to resist turning it up to 11 because those types of fans make you feel like an absolute god.

    Maybe from her POV being famous for writing the books became mundane, but all these people suddenly treating her like she's a sociopolitical genius probably hits that reward button so well she just can't stop taking another hit.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • At 100 km/h (low-end highway spreed), or 1,666 m/minute, or 27.7 m per second, a 2 second gap leaves approximately 56.6 m (185.6 feet) between cars. With the average car length being ~4.9 m (~16 feet), even the absolute worst driver can merge in a space ten times the size of the average car, assuming they're matching highway speed.

    Most people have no actual concept of how long 2 seconds actually is or how much space it would leave in reality.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Another thing that enrages me is people who think driving slowly is safer for whatever reason.

    Getting on the highway? Let's SLOWLY merge at 60% the speed of oncoming traffic.

    Changing lanes from stationary traffic into a full speed lane? I won't wait for the lane to clear, I'll just turn signal and move into the lane REAL SLOW because that's safe.

    Turning right? Let's slow down to a complete stop and force traffic to a halt so I can turn right.

    As a delivery truck driver I can't tell you how many people think that everyone else can just stop on a dime for them and they're being safe because they move over at a snail's Pace.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Yup. Be predictable, not courteous. You'll save lives.

    I'm fine with moving forward and using his car as my new stop line until the lane is clear. He's the asshole for assuming everyone waiting behind him wants to be as courteous and patient.

  • Trump Leads in 5 Key States, as Young and Nonwhite Voters Express Discontent With Biden
  • This is honestly one of the most stupid things I've read in recent times on Lemmy. This take is so brain-dead that I worry for you. For any of what you wrote to make sense it takes a level of propagandization that would make Reagan and orange Hitler cum in each other's pants. Thank you for setting the bar so high for morons everywhere.

  • bOth sIDeS aRe ThE SaME!!1!
  • That's why I wrote this

    Then you harass that blue candidate

    We have three powers of control over politicians

    • vote

    • protest

    • media

    That's why they work so hard to take away, delegitimize or sow distrust in those powers. You want to move the needle left, you vote as left as possible and protest and harass them until they do what you want.

  • Shaq
  • Every comment:

    Shaq's great, but **goes on to describe something decidedly not great**

    Let me say this, between him making fun of a handicapped person on social media and him buying a tiger from Joe Exotic I'm gonna go ahead and say he's just a straight up piece of shit.

  • bOth sIDeS aRe ThE SaME!!1!
  • I never asked you a question.

    Because the alternative is fascists, you dunce. You can't move the needle left if there's no needle. Vote blue no matter who has to do with not letting fascists take away our rights and kill women who need abortions.

    It's not Democrats asking you to vote blue no matter who, it's your fellow Americans who don't want a fascist takeover. It's common sense that shouldn't even need a slogan.

  • bOth sIDeS aRe ThE SaME!!1!
  • Just checking here, what percentage of blue representatives voted for and what percentage of red representatives voted for? I think that's where you'll find the answer for why you vote blue no matter who, because people's lives are on the line, not because they're perfect. Then you harass that blue candidate, 'cause fuck those centrists. Still better than the fascists in the far right, though.

  • Where do you all buy parts?

    Hi all, I'm new to this community and this is me attempting to participate.

    I've been repairing and building bikes for a good long while now. Mostly I bought parts off of Amazon or my local bike stores but I've run into a bit of an issue finding a bullhorn bar-end brake-lever/shifter combo for a 1x8 road bike. I can't find anything being made currently anywhere. I'm even starting to consider contacting some local machinists I know.

    I guess this is the danger of endlessly customizing bikes to the point where you want to do stuff no one else has any interest in doing.

    So let me know where you guys get parts and what your favorite procurement methods are for rare stuff.

    Shot I took while picnicking before the Planetarium Pink Floyd show yesterday Stadium

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    Recs for leveling up?

    I'm new to bouldering, I started 3.5 months ago and love it. I was wondering what kind of training routines you all recommend for advancing? When do you decide to move on to more difficult problems? Any personal words of wisdom?

    Mostly posting for content.

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