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Nationalist parties, far-left on the rise ahead of Sunday’s federal elections in Belgium
  • It sounds like you're looking for a hard link, like the one between the far right and china/russia. There is none, as far as I am aware.

    The fact they aligned their views about NATO and the Ukraine invasion with Russia (the "NATO threatened Russia, so they had no choice" narrative you also mentioned), and their general affection towards the USSR is more what I was getting at. To me, that's sufficient to be considered pro-russian.

    As to why I called them "more dangerous" (not "worse", I agree that the far rights ideas are considerably worse) - It's a couple of things. I feel they are more competent in general than the right. They're also more idealistic and consistent.

    Those by themselves are not dangerous traits, but I also question how far that affection towards the USSR and China goes.

    While I actually agree with much of their points, I'm just not that sure how much of the USSR/China they'd actually like to replicate. Regardless of that, I believe they would be fairly successful in implementing much of it - hence why I think they are more dangerous.

  • Nationalist parties, far-left on the rise ahead of Sunday’s federal elections in Belgium
  • They oppose NATO membership, and are parroting the Russian talking point that the Ukraine invasion was the west’s fault.

    While they might not be explicitly supporting Russia (which would be political suicide tbh), some of their talking points sure do align quite nicely with Russia.

    I personally find them more dangerous than alt right at this point in time.

  • Hello, PC gaming here: Are the consoles OK?
  • Because my pc uses 4-5 times the power to run the same ps4-era game. (Especially nice when it’s hot in summer)

    So I play it on my ps5, which offers me quick resume as well.

    I love pc gaming, been building pc’s for over a decade at this point, but I do also see the advantages my ps5 has over my pc.

    Could I build a more efficient and quiet pc, attach it to my tv and use that? Probably, and it’d be quite good with steamOS on it, but it’d be finicky to get sleep/resume working on it, and it’d probably cost me more.

  • Why VPN tunnels are safer than opening a port on my router?
  • Wireguard (which is what tailscale is built on) doesn’t even require you to open ports on both sides.

    Set up wireguard on a vps first, where it is accessible, then set it up from within your network. It’ll traverse NAT and everything, and you don’t have to open a port on your network.

    Tailscale is the exact same thing, just easier because it does everything for you (key generation, routing, …). Their service replaces your vps, up to you if you think that’s acceptable or not. IMHO, wireguard is worth learning at least. I eventually (partially) switched to tailscale because I’m lazy, and all services I host have authentication anyway, with vpn just being a second layer.

  • Joost Klein from the Netherlands disqualified from Eurovision 2024
  • According to the dutch news orgs, he made a “threatening gesture” towards a (female) camera operator, after he asked not to be filmed, repeatedly (there were not supposed to be cameras at that point, so the request was not unjustified). There was no physical contact.

    Here’s the source (in dutch)

  • iPadOS Identified as Digital 'Gatekeeper' Under New EU Tech Rules
  • Maybe technically, but in reality there's just very few "good" tablets when it comes to hardware. Samsung has a few, but the rest's just plastic trash.

    No proper hardware, no sales, no tablet android users, no android apps for tablets.

    I don't see how this would fix that.

  • Game devs praise Steam as a 'democratic platform' that 'continues to be transformative' for PC gaming today
  • Epic's at a 25% cut now? I thought they still were at 12.

    I remember Sweeney trying to convince users games would be cheaper because of the lower cut. Of course every publisher just pockets the difference and gamers are stuck with the garbage launcher.

    Not to mention them paying for exclusivity to indie studios, only for the indie studio to make way more money once the game released on steam, despite the cut.

  • Game devs praise Steam as a 'democratic platform' that 'continues to be transformative' for PC gaming today
  • The app store is the only way to get apps on ios, whereas steam is not the only way to get games on PC.

    It's the biggest one, yes, but no one HAS to use it. It does hold some power by virtue of having the majority of the gaming population as its user base, but no other storefront has even tried. The only one that has any value over steam is GOG, the rest are objectively worse.

  • Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it
  • How? The sublinks devs started the project just because they didn’t want to work on Lemmy for whatever reason. If they did, they would have worked on Lemmy. It’s either Lemmy AND Sublinks, or Just Lemmy with the same developers.

    Having multiple implementations is a good thing, regardless of what language they use. They all implement the same protocol, should be (mostly) compatible, and can learn from (and compete with) each other.

    Look at other OSS. There’s so many Linux distributions, Why doesn’t everyone just work on a single one?

    Because everyone has a slightly different view on things. This makes the OSS community stronger.

  • Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it
  • I have seen people wanting to do Java, and while I personally prefer rust, I do see why.

    Outside of the entire Sublinks discussion, it’s important to note that Java is not just Java anymore either. Kotlin offers many of the same advantages syntax-wise that Rust does (including the lack of null), and has access to Java’s excellent ecosystem.

    Ultimately, it is up to people to decide what they want to use. Regarding of your opinions on Java or Rust, it is a valid choice either way for this type of software. It’s a personal choice.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • I’ve never really seen this in (Java/Rust/PHP) backend personally, only in client-side JS (the CORS preflight).

    It’s a security feature for browsers doing calls (checking the CORS headers before actually calling the endpoint), but for backends the only place it makes sense is if you’re implementing something like webhooks, to validate the (user submitted) endpoint.

  • Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it
  • Even if that were true - does it matter?

    Java is a perfectly valid choice for something like this.

    Yes, Rust is “faster”, uses less memory, etc…

    Java is fast enough, though. It offers a fantastic ecosystem and, seeing as these projects are ran by volunteers who do this in their free time, there’s a lot more people willing to chip in some work.

  • France votes to ban ‘forever chemicals,’ exempting frying pans
  • Hey, it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood corporate shill, telling you to not buy any more nonstick cookware because I love Tefal so much. More for me!

    But seriously, I’m not disputing that the chemicals you listed are bad, just that the coating itself doesn’t affect you.

    PFAS bad, but only there during production. PTFE fine, and that’s what’s on your pan. PTFE does not get into your blood. Any PTFE you consume comes back out, because it is not PFAS.

    TL;DR: use pan until pan bad, then buy pan with no PTFE.