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How do you contribute to OSS?

So I've come to the point where I've wanted some to see some features on the software I regularly use and I feel confident enough that I can pull it off. However, once I start getting into it, it all becomes so overwhelming that it's hard to get anything done.

For instance, on more than one occasion I had trouble getting the projects to build on my machine (eg., unsupported OS, lack of documentation, etc.) and it left me unable to write a single line of code making the experience frustrating from all the time wasted that I had to move on.

Other times, I recognize some the patterns and get the general gist of some snippets, but the overall code seems so convoluted to me that I don't even know where to start to analyze a solution, even though if it'd probably take ten lines to implement.

For context, I've been more of a hobbyist programmer for the great majority of my life with a bit of schooling. I do have various finished apps under my belt so I'm definitely not new. But I have no reference for how long a feature should take to implement in someone else's code for the average Joe who does this for a living.

So I'm left wondering: What advice do you have that could make this all more accessible to someone like me? Do you have a general strategy to get started? How long does it take you from start to finish? And if you run into issues, where do you seek help without nagging the devs about their code who may take too long to respond to be of use?

Many thanks for the feedback in advance!

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Pekinwoof hates bottoming 😫
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Any fun builds for URF this season 14?

I've played a bit of ad LB in other seasons and I want to try it out again. I remember I've also faced an obnoxiously unlikable Ivern, and a bursty ad Neeko that was good. Do you have any fun builds for this round? I'd love to try new stuff out.

offbeat Lemminary Alabama station in disbelief after 200-foot radio tower stolen

Radio station WJLX can no longer broadcast its AM programming since the incident.

Alabama station in disbelief after 200-foot radio tower stolen
Technical problems with the Auto Mod message

I'm trying to figure out why my comment was removed and it just so happens that the Auto Mod message isn't working as expected.

My issues are:

  1. The link to the comment does not work, it gives a "Server error." page and that's it.
  2. I can't submit a report because it gets stuck on a loading.
  3. What an unhelpful message from the mod. I need some answers.

This is the image attached to the only comment that I can't find in my comment history:


And, well, I do take offense that this is getting removed because I \wipes tears with a hamster\ worked so hard to superimpose those words on it and crop it and save it. It was so sad, you guys. 😥

But joking aside, is there a way to submit a proper bug report to fix the link and button on the message so that I can get at these mods' homophobic wigs? I couldn't find a better place to post this, so any info would be much appreciated.

UFO believer Ashton Forbes falls for $3k scam with fake evidence

Ashton Forbes, a healthcare IT consultant turned UFO/UAP proponent, gained attention for promoting videos claiming Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared due to alien interference, despite evidence debunking the footage. Later, Forbes fell victim to a $3,000 scam involving fake evidence supporting his beliefs, but continued to assert a conspiracy against him.

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I'm kind of done with dating, but I don't want to be. Anybody else?

I've been dating since I was 16 and the longest relationship I ever had was a year where I felt relatively comfortable. Nowadays I feel like I have to sleep with an eye open, so to speak, because my trust in others is gone. Too many heartbreaks, too much cheating, manipulation, dirty lies, and disappointments. Just all-around shittiness for nothing to show.

And despite all that, I'm still hopping on dating apps and meeting people on outings to find that someone. I want to believe that I can find someone compatible who I can trust. But even if I put my biases aside it still feels like a lost cause.

Does anybody have a similar experience? Has anyone gotten over this? I need some hope or advice, guys.

Advice: How tf do you play against tanks in ARAM?

You go in blind, you get a mage and no matter what you do, if the enemy team is half competent, they steam roll the mages even if you have an adc that just tickles them.

What is your strategy? I can't seem to beat them. I just got beat by a full tank LUX because our team lacked damage somehow even though we itemized against her and some off tank Yone. And these are off-meta. The meta ones are even harder to beat.

What do I do? Pls halp.

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I was here.

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