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Anon goes to the gym for the first time
  • You'll be fine, rock gyms tend to be a super welcoming place, regardless of age or experience. Things like arthritis and age will affect your ability, sure, but not enough to prevent you from doing it at all - you just might not be able to go as often or for as long as others 🤷‍♂️

  • Climate crisis with Poison Ivy
  • He's not directly responsible - removing him from the equation doesn't change anything. It's not like he's a machine and turning him off stops the emission. The companies will still run and nothing will have actually improved.

  • Well I think I'm gonna use straw from now on in my garden
  • The fact that you think that is whining after someone had to play the well actually game on a post about gardening tells me all I need to know about you and I thank you for sticking your head up so I can block you. At least lemmy does blocks right.

    Nobody did this. Someone corrected you because you were wrong, and you proceeded to throw a fit instead of just taking in new information. Nobody was insulting until you started acting like a fucking toddler.

  • So I got hit with Microsoft's Windows 11 nag screen...
  • Not OP, but just to serve as another data point: mostly just exhaustion. I am a full-time software developer, so I just really don't want to deal with configurations and set up complex systems at home. That's why I haven't gotten into any smart-home stuff, either - I just don't have the bandwidth to deal with the issues that come along with the space.

  • Well I think I'm gonna use straw from now on in my garden
  • Plus, please go have a drink and a smoke because you are nit picking where there are no nits nor need to be this pedantic.

    The person pushing their specialized, incorrect definition says we should stop nit-picking, y'all. We just need to agree with whatever he says, no matter what

    Also, are you incapable of having a conversation without having to be "right" all the time?

    You're one comment deep and are whining already. Get a grip, yo.

  • Jon Stewart slams corporations taking advantage of Pride
  • Just a reminder that they do this because SO many dumb motherfuckers lap this shit up. These are billion- (trillion-?)dollar corporations, they wouldn't do it if it wasn't profitable.

    If you don't like being pandered to, stop supporting companies that do it... except then that would be seen as anti-LGBTQ, so good luck with that strategy!