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United Airlines passengers to see targeted ads on seat-back screens
  • In my experience yes, but some planes ive notice they turn back on each time there is an announcement, so depending on how many it can be annoying. Eother way advertising is a cancer that plagues our lives more and more.

  • Trans joy story time + emotional dissonance + advice sought
  • I’m not sure if I have any specific advice but I feel like it should be okay to be overwhelmed with joy when someone goes out of their way to support you. I know it would be great if all the world would just treat it normal and you could be your authentic self but thats not the climate right now. So when you get support it feels like such a big deal, not to mention that you haven’t been able to for mid 30s years. Lots of people talk about regret for time missed.

    Plus I would take any chance to be exuberantly happy you can get, I feel like that must never be wrong.

  • Tesla Tells Cybertruck Owner Coolant Leaks Aren't Covered By Warranty After Only 35 Miles
  • Yes we do have laws, and probably would have ended up in a lawsuit, however, reading the article sounds like this is (so far) one case and though the service center tried to get out of it originally did end up taking care of the issue. Still super shitty that they denied it at first

  • Finally came out to my mom yesterday.
  • Hey that’s awesome that the talk went well! I can understand the mixed feelings in then just knowing and waiting for you. It at the same time… it can be frustrating thinking you might have been hiding it or that you were building up to nothing. But that sounds like it might be a really good outcome?

    Honestly I’m really hoping my parents respond the same way but I don’t think it’s likely.

    Anyway that’s exciting that you are making moves to the person you want to be! I’m currently avoiding telling people because I’m afraid of the reactions hah.