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GDP per capita progress in South America
  • I wonder what is driving Chile and Argentinas growth?

    A bit surprise about Argentina since I heard they had problems with the economy for a long time. And well Chile as well since in many aspects it is a poor country, with big inequalities.

  • suggestion: option to hide NSFW in main feeds but not when browsing NSFW channels
  • Wouldn't disabling Global setting which make all settings account based solve this... Account 1 - Hide or Blur NSFW Account 2 - Show NSFW

    Also I think that when having the Blur NSFW on, it blurs NSFW on Front/Local/All and when going into a Community it shows on blurred.

  • Back button action

    I know there were complaints about how the back button made the app behave but damn don't I miss having it open the drawer.

    I been using the app all summer and now it's programmed in me that back button on main = drawer, instead now I'm closing the app constantly.

    A setting for back button behaviour would be great, that way everyone can customize however they want it.

    Also a padding setting for the swipe area to open the drawer would be great.


    Get error no routes for location

    Description: When opening the app I get the following error.

    > Exception: no routes for location: https://>

    I can't move on from here, just close the app. There is a Home button below the error but it doesn't do anything.

    What I did: I had set /c/coys as default on favorites thinking it might sort the favorites list how I wanted. When it didn't I couldn't un-default (is that a word 😛) so in all my brilliancy I unsubscribe to /c/coys and then resubscribed.

    What I tried: I cleared app cache, did not help.