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Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones can fly even farther after FAA approval
  • And on top of which, these are definitely noisy nuisances, and as a result people are gonna fuck with them, and it's inevitable that eventually it's gonna hurt someone, which'll cause a huge backlash and expensive lawsuits, etc etc etc.

    The only situation i can see these being even potentially viable is in very rural areas, where delivery routes are expensive, people have lots of open land for it to safely reach the ground, and there aren't a lot of nearby neighbors to annoy

  • Question about Active Noise Cancellation alternatives
  • You're putting the cart before the horse. Tell us the specific situational problem that you're trying to solve. Like what ultimate end result are you trying to achieve.

    That way we can help you achieve what you're actually trying to achieve

  • Would you say Apple is in a slump?
  • From a financial standpoint i would never bet against them, but personally i haven't liked the direction they've gone since Jobs died. But I'm obviously in the minority, because they've sold gabillions under Cook, including brand new product categories like the watch, airpods, and apple music. IMO none of those are particularly special, but whether it's Apple's marketing machine or something i dunno, but the fact is those are all new product categories and they've all sold very well.

  • Apple iPad Pro (2024) review: the best kind of overkill
  • It doesn't have to have software that runs in both. All it needs is a toggle to switch between ipad os mode, and mac os mode. That's literally all it needs. In ipad mode it's just ipad os. In mac mode its just mac os. Mac mode would require a hardware keyboard and pointer device, not touch screen.

  • My experience with a Walmart customer
  • So in order to get a refund, Walmart wants the customer to hold on to a gloppy mess, and then have them personally travel to a store to bring the glop into a brick n mortar location, for a product that they paid to have Walmart deliver to their house, all just for walmart to refund the customer a measly 8 dollars back, for a fuck up that was all Walmart's fault?

    That's insanity.

    In all the other grocery delivery services, when a customer calls in to report that an item is missing or damaged then the company simply refunds the customer for that item, no questions asked. Which is obviously the correct way to do things.

    This person was NOT being unreasonable. If you were the customer service person in this conversation then i would double check that you're actually following Walmart's procedures for damaged inexpensive food items.

  • Apple iPad Pro (2024) review: the best kind of overkill
  • It would be super useful.

    When you want to draw something you go to tablet mode and use the pencil. - When the drawing you made needs some editing that iPad software can't do then you switch to mac os mode and finalize the drawing.

    Do some programming in mac mode because programming on ipad is extremely limited. - Then when you're done coding you switch to tablet mode and relax with some touch based jigsaw puzzle games.

    When you have to use the windows-only programs that work mandates you have to use then you go to mac mode with attached keyboard and run it through parallels. - Then that evening you switch to tablet mode and chill in bed reading a comic book.

    Etc etc etc.

    All the things that are better done on a mac, and all the things that are better done on an iPad, they all have no reason for existing on separate hardware

  • Just got a fantastic gift from my husband :)
  • Very interesting to know, but i just looked it up and it still seems expensive in the long run. Azure's cheapest storage tier is 1 dollar per TB per month. So 5 TB of backup would cost 60 bucks a year, but a 5 TB drive costs about 120 bucks. So after 2 years of cloud backup it costs you an extra 60 bucks a year every year vs. if you just bought a hard drive.

  • Gaming LanternEverywhere

    Which Bluetooth game controller is great for all devices?

    I want to buy a game controller that will work with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. (Big bonus points if it will work with old OS versions.) I want it to be able to physically clip on with my phones.

    (EDIT: If it's a common enough controller then it doesn't need to have a clip for phones because there are probably separate clips i can buy and add on myself.)

    There are so many controllers out there that I'm overwhelmed! What's a great works-with-everything controller?