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Hamas militant group has started a war that 'Israel will win,' [Israeli] defense minister says
  • Hamas mutilated a woman's corpse then paraded it through the streets this morning. I've never even heard of Israel doing something remotely close.

    Bust sure keep doing antisemitic whataboutism.

  • More Than 80 Percent Of Americans Can’t Afford New Cars
  • The thing is that according to liberal ideas, the economy IS doing great.

    Anyone to the left of Joe Biden recognizes that it isn't, but liberals are the majority of the democratic party. To them the "traditional" economic markers are the most important things to track, and those numbers all look good.

    "Liberal" economic ideas have nothing to do with the living conditions of the average person, they have everything to do with the capitalist class being happy and "opportunity" being available to the working class. That's why the economy in the 1910s could be described as healthy even though people were literally forced to live in tenement houses and were being locked into factories. That's also why many liberal economists say that it's possible for unemployment to get too low, because apparently that's considered bad.

    The question Joe Biden is answering when he says the economy is doing well is "are the capitalists happy and continuing to expand capitalism to extract as much wealth as possible from the working class," and right now that answer is clearly yes.

  • Finding sources for niche media - Surround Music
  • Redacted is a private tracker, I've seen a bunch of SACD stuff there. You can interview to get in, they have a website to prep for the interview.

  • Season 2 Finale
  • Me too! I was very satisfied with this whole season, and the finale really capped it off well.

    The SFX budget was REALLY well used here. They've cut down the scale of the battles, but they've made the SFX look crazy good, and I'm fine with that trade.

    Hoppers death was significantly better than in the book. That made me tear up, where in the book I never really cared that much when he died because you didn't get enough time with him.

    Only plot I was frustrated with this episode was Nynaeve, I think she needed a bit more of a role here.

  • Every day we stray further from God's light.
  • Could be worse

    She could add corn to it

  • Don't be fooled Billy, it's not really a job, more of a parasitic relationship
  • Oh wow boo hoo, they have so much risk 😔 they have an entire house that they can sell at any time, who someone else is paying the mortgage of. Oh, the horror! If the market should crash they'll lose the equity another person paid!

    Really the landlords are the victims here, not the tenants paying their mortgage for them plus a little extra for profits. Clearly the tenants have committed the crime of not having good enough credit for a loan, or the crime of not having enough for a down payment, so they aren't worthy of owning property.

    No no it's the landlord who has the real problems, because they could ein a shaky financial situation of "selling the second house iown" if the market dips!

  • London Cop Who Shot Dead Unarmed Black Man Charged With Murder
  • I disagree that this is unambiguous, I was also confused reading this headline. It's odd wording. It may be technically correct but that doesn't mean it's unambiguous.

  • Well let's not do anything hasty
  • You actually believe that? The people who claim that people like Werner von Braun didn't commit any crimes are the CIA and Braun himself. All of the records from Germany were destroyed. It's essentially just taking his word on it to believe he was only involved because "he had to be."

    He was literally a member of the SS, the wing of the nazi government that was directly responsible for the Holocaust. He was photographed repeatedly with himmler himself, in uniform. He claimed that those were just ceremonial photos that he had to participate in the keep his career. He also claimed not to agree with the Nazis politically.

    Why would you believe anything that a member of the SS said? Especially one as important to the Nazis as von Braun was.

    Of fucking course he was never found guilty of any war crimes, the US was actively trying to recruit him. They didn't want to prosecute their newest asset, a man who directly led to the US becoming the globally dominant force it became during the space race. He was useful so the US government deliberately didn't investigate him seriously, took him at his word that he totally wasn't a real nazi, and then used him to invent more rockets for them.

  • Nexus Mods Says Good Riddance to Bigoted Starfield Mods: ‘We’re Not Sad to See Them Go’
  • I love the video of the British dude absolutely losing his shit about it, then picking up the controller and continuing to play

    Like he screamed and cried for 3 minutes about pronouns then went ahead and kept playing the game he was calling evil and boring

  • Malicious Google Search Ads can now fake the displayed URL to push malware downloads
  • Because Google has gotten the law steuctured such that THEY aren't liable for false advertisements they host and serve.

    If I posted an ad that was blatantly false on Google, legally I'm the one liable, not Google.

    It's ass backwards, Google should be on the hook for this and should have to curate advertisements. Especially when so any of them are not just fake but are openly malicious

  • Garry Newman: The new Unity pricing would have cost him $410,000 of lifetime revenue
  • Up until now companies have been getting away with this because of "user agreements." Nobody has had the money and interest to get them in court.

    I don't see any possible way this survives a lawsuit, for exactly the reason you said. This is almost certainly not legal but nobody has had a reason to get precedent to say it until now.

  • Garry Newman: The new Unity pricing would have cost him $410,000 of lifetime revenue
  • The obvious rebuttal to that is that it is in the financial interest not to detect false installs because the developer will owe them money for those. Why would ANYONE trust their word on this?

  • Chemical fertilizer is a climate disaster. Can high-tech biology fix it?
  • OK this article is infuriating, as is the product it's hyping up.

    If 2.5% of our emissions is going toward feeding 4 billion people then I'm totally fine with letting those emissions continue. This isn't a thing we need to "solve," this reeks of a capitalist looking at graphs of our emissions and going "we could cut emissions by 1% here and not have to actually change our habits at all!" This isn't the problem causing climate change.

    The energy sector accounts for over 70% of our emissions. Instead of trying to stop emitting less than 1% by pouring money into genetically manipulating plants to need less fertilizer, why don't we instead cut 30% or more by replacing coal plants with solar, wind, and nuclear power?

  • Zelensky dismisses compromise with Putin, pointing to Prigozhin’s death
  • Is the "commie" in the room with you now? This is an unhinged level of angrv to get over a really quite tame comment.

  • Zelensky dismisses compromise with Putin, pointing to Prigozhin’s death
  • In what universe have corruption and lying not been rampant in "the west" over the last hundred years? Did you just pull this comment out of a book titled "Red Scare Propaganda?"

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • And don't forget the colonies of puerto Rico and Guam

  • Are artificial gems as cheap as they say?
  • My fiancee and I both got artificial sapphires in our engagement rings.

    Real ones were nearly double the price.

    You wouldn't know they're lab grown. They look great.

  • Wheel of Time Season 2 - First 3 Episodes Discussion Thread [Spoilers all Books and Show]
  • Oh no I think that's VERY deliberate. If you haven't read the books and don't know about Selene, it's 100% their intent that you buy into her. It makes her big reveal MUCH more impactul.

    In the book it's more obvious, but it's still not clear who she is. She is clearly not just some random noble woman, since she shows up in an alternate reality. But she is trying to make Rand think she really is just some helpless noble woman, and while the audience thinks something is up, Rand doesn't.

    Making it less obvious something is up for the audience is a good move IMO

  • What was the worst bastardization of a classic book into a movie?
  • Appendices to LOTR*

    They legally cannot use the silmarillion

  • What was the worst bastardization of a classic book into a movie?
  • Hard disagree here. I'm a rabid wheel of time fan who has read the books at least 6 times.

    Ir would be downright impossible to "stick to the source" for book one (or really, any if them) and have it be good on film. It just wouldn't work on film, there is too much going on. The story would feel like it drags and is being forcefully stretched out, because the book is rather repetitive. That repetition works in a book because you are getting to read the characters inner thoughts, and in paper it adds tension that, for example, Rand and Mat are unsure whether the next place they stay will be full of dark friends.

    But after the third time they get chased out by dark friends a TV audience would be like "OK they did this already get on with it." Repetition on TV gets boring FAST.

    And the magic system is all kinds of messy in the books. They're diving into it a bit more now, but it's still got Tobe simplified for screen. You can't convey characters thoughts on screen, which basically neuters the whole system. The book is VERY exposition heavy, and that gets boring real quick on screen. Look at the LOTR theatrical VS extended editions. There is a reason that Bilbo talking about Hobbits at the beginning got cut. I like that scene, but it also is too much exposition to drop on the viewer right after the intro, which is also exposition. EOTW is like half exposition, and most of the books are at least a third exposition. That all has to get cut or reworked to be actually fun to watch without being super preachy. It's

    Listen to Brandon Sanderson talking about the adaptation of Mistborm he has been working in for ages now. He has said that he had to make big, fundamental changes to the characters and story to make it work on film. He said his first draft was closest to the book, and that it was quite bad.

    The biggest fuckup season 1 of the show did was not including the prologue. Idk why they cut it, it's such a good intro. Besides that, I thought they did alright. Season two has been much better so far, and has shown that they really do understand the core of this story and all of the characters in it.

  • Wheel of Time Landrin201

    Wheel of Time Season 2 - First 3 Episodes Discussion Thread

    The first 3 Episodes of the show were released earlier this evening. This thread is for discussion of all 3. Book and show spoilers may be posted unmarked in this thread.

    No spoilers for episodes past episode 3 may be posted here.


    What is Safing Portmaster, and should I use it?

    Hello! I stumbled on a post a while back about privacy tools. I can't seem to find it again. I had bookmarked a few sites it linked to and finally got around to looking at them

    One of those websites was Safing. I hadn't heard of it before. The website says that it's a firewall tool, but I can't seem to figure out why it's better than the Windows default firewall. Does anyone here use it? What does it provide that Windows doesn't have built in? Is there an avantage to using it if I have a PiHole on my network/use a VPN? Is it meant to be a single-machine firewall or a whole-network firewall?


    Help with GPU selection

    So I have a kind of interesting situation going on here. I recently replaced my gaming rig's 2080 with a 4070ti that I picked up at a good price. Then, I put the 2080 into my home server and got it up and running with plex.

    Now, it has always been my intent to put that 2080 into a computer for my fiancee after we get married sometime in the next year. So, that leaves me with a conundrum: when I pull the 2080 out, I'll need a decent GPU to replace it with for the plex server to help with transcoding. That's why I'm here

    What GPUs should I look at? I don't want to break the bank and would prefer to stay under $600 when I do this, if possible. I'm not getting a Titan X which I keep seeing recommended, I can't even get one of those for my own gaming rig let alone for a plex server that only we and a couple of friends use. I'd like something that can run up to 4 4K transcodes at once- I don't think we'll ever get more than that running at any given time since most of the use this server gets is in the same house via direct play, no transcoding needed.

    Any suggestions?


    I have been having ALL of the possible issues with NextCloud AIO and I'm about to give up completely if I can't get it working soon

    I've NEVER had this many problems with a docker container before, this is getting WAY past the point of being ridiculous.

    I'm trying to set up the nextcloud AIO for docker behind NGINX Proxy Manager. Right now, I have everything set up such that I can go to the URL that I set up and get to a nextcloud page.

    But the only page I can access is an error page that looks like this:


    I have no idea how to fix this. I've already set 'maintenance'=>false in my config.php file. I'm completely at a loss here, I can't do ANYTHING else in nextcloud other than look at this stupid error page. The AIO documentation is completely worthless here, it doesn't give any guidance. And google isn't helping either, every thread either says to add the above to my config (which I obviously already did) or just restart apache (which I've also done). I'm getting seriously annoyed with this and I'm about to give up altogether unless someone here knows how to get past this stupidity.

    Edit: Okay I've done something REALLY stupid now. I figured I could just re-install nextcloud to see if I could fix this. So, I removed all of the containers, deleted the data and database folders, re-made the folders, and re-deployed everything. Now NOTHING works and I can't get nextcloud to re-do its initial setup. But it looks like now maybe it is? IDK I'm lost here, I'm annoyed and it's late and I should probably stop.

    So apparently nuking everything and letting nextcloud re-install itself fixed this, somehow. I have no idea why.


    Firefox is badly broken for me, and I've never been able to figure out why

    I switched back to firefox last week because I wanted to get away from Chromium. I was previously using Brave.

    I have been having a MULTITUDE of issues with FF this week, and if I can't figure out how to resolve them I'm going back to Brave. I've tried everything I can think to do to fix it, and nothing has worked. I've never seen any of these issues on any other browsers, this is 100% a firefox problem.

    I'm on the latest build of FF on Windows 10 and have the following plugins:

    • Bitwarden
    • UBlockOrigin
    • Simple Login
    • Multi-account Containers
    • ProtonVPN
    • Old Reddit Redirect
    • RES
    • Enhancer for Youtube

    The issues I'm having:

    1. Occasionally FF just hangs, won't respond to inputs, and the only way to recover it is to kill the process via control panel. When FF crashes like this I NEVER see the crash reporter, it's like FF thinks nothing happened and everything is fine.
    2. Sometimes my tabs just don't work. Like, I'll open a tab, type something in to search it, and it just hangs. I had this problem for YEARS when FF was my daily browser before switching to brave 2 years back because it got too annoying. This issue is COMPLETELY RANDOM, and happens within 1 minute of making a new tab- sometimes it will happen when I first try to navigate anywhere inside the new tab, sometimes it happens after I'm in a website.
    3. Sometimes FF refuses to start. I'll turn the computer on, click FF, and nothing will happen- then I'll go into control panel, kill the FF process, and try again until it works- usually when I do this the browser crashes at least once when it starts.

    I can't make any sense of why this browser is so unstable for me, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than it was last time I abandoned FF. I actually have FEWER addons than I did when I used FF as my daily driver before. If I can't figure this out this time I'm just not going to look back.

    I have tried:

    1. Safe mode. This seems to fix it for a bit, but eventually either tabs stop working or the browser crashes. I'm pretty confident this is NOT an issue with any of my plugins- I'm using either official FF ones (multi-account containers) or very reputable plugins from good sources.
    2. Turning on/off hardware acceleration. This has no impact whatsoever
    3. I have repeatedly deleted all cookies, history, and cache, and reset the startup cache.
    4. Clean install FF
    5. Refresh FF
    6. Last time I tried to fix FF before switching to Brave, I found that having the FF Profiler running AT ALL TIMES actually seemed to make things a little bit better- but the profiler never once turned up anything useful.

    I'm at my wits end here. I really want to be able to move off of chromium but FF is so incredibly annoying to use in its current state that I simply can't do that until I find fixes to these issues. Has anyone here got any clue what else I can do to try to diagnose this?


    What backup service do you use?

    I just got my home server up and running and was wondering what you guys recommend for backups. I figure it will probably be worth having backups on cloud servers tjay are external, are there any good services yall use for that?

    Wheel of Time Landrin201

    Wheel of Time Season 2 Trailer (Spoilers All)

    Lots to talk about in here!


    Everything has LEDs now and they drive me nuts

    Why does every small appliance or useful home electronics item have the BRIGHTEST LEDs in them?

    I bought a new fan for our bedroom Sunday. It has 4 speed settings, and LEDs to display which setting you're on.

    Just like every other electrical device in our bedroom, I had to cover the LEDs with electrical tape because they are TOO DAMM BRIGHT. That one light was more than bright enough for me to see in the room with all the lights off.

    I can't sleep well if there's a lot of light like that, especially blue light, and it's like every fucking electronics manufacturer used the same extra bright blue LEDs.

    All of our power strips have them. Same brightness.

    The fans have them.

    Don't even get me started on digital clocks and the plague of bright LEDs that they bring about

    Many charging plugs have them built into the plug itself.

    Even some fucking light switches have them now!

    I have about 6 different things in our bedroom that have electrical tape over their completely unnecessary LEDs.

    Why has this become such a common thing? Is this really something most people want? To have a room that is never actually dark even with the lights turned off?

    Wheel of Time - TV Show on Amazon Prime Landrin201

    The Wheel of Time Is Getting an Animated Prequel Film Called The White Tower The Wheel of Time Is Getting an Animated Prequel Film Called The White Tower - IGN

    iwot productions and Squeeze Studios have announced The White Tower, an animated The Wheel of Time prequel movie that will follow a young girl with a special gift who must rise up against an evil that threatens everything she loves.

    The Wheel of Time Is Getting an Animated Prequel Film Called The White Tower - IGN

    Curious to see what this will be about; I'm not going to judge it too hard until I see it.


    Dune: Part 2 Trailer 2

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals Landrin201

    Aethelflaed on her throne

    She loves this cat tree. It's in our kitchen next to a window, she sits up there whenever we are cooking or eating.

    Wheel of Time - TV Show on Amazon Prime Landrin201

    Natasha O'Keefe is officially playing Lanfear!

    I think she's a solid choice, curious to see how she does!

    Wheel of Time Landrin201

    How WOT fans recommend the Wheel of Time

    Wheel of Time Landrin201

    Things that Wheel of Time Fans Never Say

    Birding Landrin201

    Another Outing at Occoquan Bay NWR- Saw the Eagles!

    I spotted the fledgling Bald Eagles this morning, there were 2 in the nest I saw. I'm told there are 2 other nests on the property all with fledglings. I didn't see the adults, except for maybe at a distance- but there are so many ospreys that at the distance I was dealing with it was very hard to tell. !

    I also saw a Brown Headed Cowbird: !

    And got some great pictures of a Great Blue Heron: !

    There were also some nesting Red-Bellied Woodpeckers: !

    Judaism Landrin201

    Shabbat Shalom!

    I suppose if you're more orthodox then you won't see this until after Shabbat, and that's fine. Is anyone doing anything fun tonight and tomorrow?

    We didn't go to services- my Fiancee and I are both feeling a little ill, so we didn't want to risk spreading anything. Tomorrow I'm going to set up a new bird feeder post so I can hang more feeders and hopefully attract more birds!

    Birding Landrin201

    Many Birds in Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Preserve

    I took a hike there this afternoon to look for Bald Eagles. I didn't see the eagles (thought I heard them!) but I did see a lot of other stuff! I didn't get any pictures of Ospreys, but I saw at least 6-7 of them. Here's the highlights.

    The main picture of the post is a Great Crested Flycatcher. He landed on a tree like 20 feet in front of me, and was very polite as I took a couple of pictures.

    Here's a Prairie Warbler doing what I'm pretty sure is a mating display:


    Here's what I'm fairly certain is a female Blue Grosbeak. The pictures I got show the blue patch on her shoulder, and that yellowish streak in the wing:



    I got a picture of what I thought was a tree swallow, but when I looked at it in Lightroom I realized that it was actually a Bank Swallow; I wasn't expecting to see any here but the band around its neck is clearly visible, and the spot on the belly is barely visible in the photo.



    Can we change the "post" icon?

    When I make a new post in the app, the icon to click to post the post is a plus sign. Can that get switched to the paper airplane icon you see in most other social media apps for posting something? I think that's kind of become the standard...

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals Landrin201

    His name is tiger and he is a log

    We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. You've seen 3 of them now.

    Birding Landrin201

    Northern Cardinals, Springfield, Virginia

    We have a LOT of cardinals around our house, here's a few pictures I got of them over the last few days.