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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl — The Time of Opportunities Trailer
  • Yeah, I think Exodus made quite a unique blend of linear and half-open world gameplay. It is still very much different from the openness of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but a Metro game with that much of a different atmosphere could only be done in that way while being as good as it is. Hacking through the vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl was quite hard after that, and not having the time to try to manually mod such an old game on core mechanics was something I didn't have time for then. Finding OGSR was right at the breaking point for me about the series, but I'm glad I've found it even if it took 3 tries.

    Link is what I remember downloading back then (should be a "standalone" file meaning it has all the game files, exes etc and won't need any vanilla installs at all). For the other 2 games, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, I went with the big community bugfix mod called SRP only iirc. For Clear Sky and Gunslinger for Call of Pripyat, both of which being smaller in scope but good enough for the latter games than needing OGSR-equivalent for them.

    There is also a whole lotta different "game" called Anomaly that is basically a tremendous engine upgrade by the community and an open mod ecosystem, which you keep adding to build something yourself. It is a hassle, as much as modding Skyrim with 200 mods, but Anomaly is quite the technical improvement on the base games. It is rather storyless and with bits of "go here, meet this person, go here and fetch this", kind of thing making the whole progression. And yes, it, too, has curated modpacks, one of the biggest ones being G.A.M.M.A with its own setup of mods on a tidy Mod Organizer profile, with the options to add or remove mods yourself.

    I apologize if this turned out to be an overhaul/modpack advertisement. There surely were many more overhauls I tried briefly before settling on these, so when you have the time, go ahead and try. Hope you'll have quite the nice experience to overcome the difficulty in adjusting to such an old gem's quirks.

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl — The Time of Opportunities Trailer
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an open world game whereas Metro is linear. As such, there are many differences between the two:

    • Open, outside maps vs literal underground metro tubes.

    • Almost no stealth (bonked) vs split into stealth/combat gameplay.

    • Regular, duplicates and misc and survival inventory management with wide variety vs limited choice and specialized upgrades.

    • Wonky but unrestrictive vs fine-tuned but channeled.

    • Simple but great story (rather small scale and non-heroic, like the inspiring book "Roadside Picnic") where you wake up and try to find an #1NPC called Strelok to kill him vs journey of a hero through the gutters in a post-apocalyptic world.

    • Anomalies crancked up to 11 and are a core part of the gameplay vs anomalies are rather world-building elements.

    • Extensive modding (Oblivion-era game still keeping its modding community alive and theiving with tens of complete overhauls and completely new games, few-click-install modpacks and complete modding frameworks) vs out-of-the-box and as-is experience.

    The similarities are:

    • Great storytelling. Both do good storytelling that hooks the player, although with different types of stories.

    • Good character writing. Metro has memorable characters with names and actions attached, while S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has no name loners and misers that will leave you with great campfire/guitar memories and novel-like stories.

    • Excellent environment design. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. are older games so graphics are rather worn out compared to Metro, but the environment design is so good that places hook you up anyway.

    I have simply glossed over the Metro parts because you already know about them. So don't think I'm thinking less of them. On the contrary, as someone who played all Metro games on their authentic experience difficulty first, played Exodus when it was released, then later a couple years ago struggled to start playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. due to how old and what a slog it was unmodded. Even though I am still fond of the games from my childhood and can play them despite (actually sometimes thanks to) their old graphics and rough mechanics, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. took me 3 attempts and finding OGSE/OGSR (Old Good Stalker Evolution/Remastered) overhaul to enjoy them in 2021. And boy, what an enjoyment that was, taking up about 300-400 across all 3 games.

  • Doom: The Dark Ages is introducing big changes to combat because id Software came to one core realization: "Every projectile mattered in the original Doom"
  • Tbh, even letting the platforming aside, the difficulty levels were pretty glossed over in Eternal.

    Choosing hard for the pushing yourself for fast paced gaming turned the health of every enemy to 11, making some weapons pretty useless instead of leaving them satisfying gameplay parts. Enemy animations were rather broken, too. In 2016, you could see every attack being prepared no matter how quick they were. In Eternal, it felt like playing an online game where animations were simplified and as if you were playing through a tick rate game where the game skipped cues for next enemy movements. A scrawny, naked possessed taking several melee hits wasn't fun at all.

    On easy, it is not even Doom.

  • 210 Palestinians reportedly killed during Israeli hostage recovery operation
  • With one, you have to be cautious against infrequent exaggeration. With the other, you have to work your way through their constant denial. Both are not on point in scale of truth, and both can be used to completely subvert it for some intended purposes, but I think one is closer to the truth more frequently and by a lot than the other.

    You can definitely pick the exaggerating side to start with, then work your way to the truth as much as you can from there and you'd be closer to it than starting with the other one, having a lower rate of going astray.

  • TBH 6 was kind of a downgrade from 5
  • Have you tried Googling everything and spending tens of hours making optimal progress flowcharts that require hours to read over instead of playing the game?

    Or, you know, just pour everything into science and forget don't dare about getting distracted by other game mechanics.

    s/ in case.

  • Rabbi coming thru with the language of fellow nerds to put things into context...
  • I don't see anyone handing weapons for use in retaking ancestral lands with no strings attached to native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Uighur Turks, Normandy Britons, Anatolian Greeks... wait they did the last one just a century ago.

  • Russian woman traveling to the US through Mexico complains that everyone hates Russians.
  • It is one thing to make an enemy in a state power, it is another to disagree and try to put it behind yourself. You can say many of the Russians in Russia are complicit in this war even if they are not directly supporting it, but many more are just some people making a living where they are born and where they usually have no easy access to leave or not be a part of.

    Don't make this topic more harmful nationalistic one more than it already is. Warring states, propaganda brainwashing and violent bigots are one thing and should not be given the benefit of the doubt. The civilians that have no overt or willing part in it but caught in the literal or political/social crossfire are another thing and what makes war worse than hell because you one can't separate the two easily, but one must try.

    Edit: Also your rhetoric is the same one Putin has been using for a decade in the annexed and occupied eastern Ukraine. "They are all Nazis over there" is one easy step towards the horrors of war.

  • MRW I got my first Raspberry Pi
  • First have some fun with it as a mobile thing, then if you get bored, definitely turn it into a permanent PiHole local network wide adblock and telemetry block (for vendors you don't want, at least)

  • Russian woman traveling to the US through Mexico complains that everyone hates Russians.
  • That this lady had no part in it and is actually trying to leave their country because of it, even leaving their families behind. Notice how she says Russians in Russia are always angry and she's looking for a calmer place to live in. The main reason for their complaint is that even though they left all the angry Russians behind, they are now facing a not-so-much bigoted and racist behaviour in a place they hoped to find less aggressive life.

    And here we have these guys in the comments foaming "FAFO" in their mouths without any indicator that this Russian person has anything to do with the Russian government or ultranationalist populace, where she left behind, any more than the peace-loving U..S. citizens' being complicit in the mess their military-industry run government's actions.

  • A heat dome will send temperatures into the triple-digits across the West as fires burn
  • From summers when we slept under quilts to ones we can't even sleep almost naked in spring/fall, just in 15 years. From 2 weeks of snow each month on December, February and March to a day of light snow for 3 years and one medium snow once a year, if it comes once again.

    Yeah I'm definitely not optimistic about the next 15 years, let alone thinking of raising children beyond that.

  • Surf Dracula®
  • My dude, don't slander Dragon Ball like that. There is a fight in every episode. Or more like there is half a fight every episode. Okay maybe one tenth of a fight every episode, but at least it is not about exposition or flashbacks. Dudes fight and dudes get more opportunities to fight. Maybe just hold a finder above the "skip 10 seconds" button for the long shots.

  • I am genuinely confused by hexbear's opinion on the Ukraine war
  • The link you have provided with that title and thumbnail (written "Deal with it") is no better than the Hexbear or Russian MOD propaganda you are belittling. Sounding cool or assertive while "shutting up" a (main) discussion point will only resonate with the same type of right-wing nationalist people in your own circle, while you are criticizing the same group albeit in another circle.

    I wonder if you ever considered the same adjectives can be applied to you from others' perspectives at a glance.

    Note: Not implying any stance here on my part. Just pointing out what can be drowning the discussions while everyone points fingers at someone.