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Inside Mike Johnson's Ties to a Far-Right Movement to Gut the Constitution
  • Honestly, I'm down to rewrite the Constitution. It should be done every couple decades. It was never intended to turn into this pseudo religious text we have now, where the founding fathers are idolized instead of being viewed as other dudes.

    That said, this isn't the guy that should be doing it.

  • YouTube's plan backfires, people are installing better ad blockers
  • This isn't "backfiring" though. People who were already blocking ads are the only ones doing this. If there's even a small portion of people who gave up and just started watching ads/got premium, that means YouTube won. The only way this could really be considered to have backfired is if people were stopping using YouTube entirely, which isn't really happening.

  • What happened to online computer games?
  • A good chunk of games DID change with it. The Unity engine makes it very simple to design games for Web. But it's also easy to make those simple games for mobile instead, which has fewer restrictions abd is more prolific. In fact, a good chunk of the bigger flash game companies migrated to mobile. There's just little demand for a web game when I can create a mobile one, monetize it more easily, and reach a larger audience by making it for mobile instead

  • fixed rathermaybes terrible meme. Edge is actually good
  • It's distinctly fine nowadays. Old Edge was absolute garbage, modern one is a Microsoft version of Chrome. The problem is that I don't want to swap one mega Corp for another, I want to have a good product. It's very rarely going to be the best browser for any user, and if I were going to default to recommending one to non-tech users, I'd still rather just say Firefox.