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Alex Jones’ personal assets to be sold to help pay Sandy Hook debt as judge decides Infowars’ fate
  • LLCs can be pierced once it is proven in court that personal assets were purchased from LLC money. I’m not a lawyer but from what I have heard, you can not use LLC as your personal slush fund and hide behind limited liabilities of LLC

  • Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion pill mifepristone
  • Don’t be fooled by this decision. Christofascists in SCOTUS are waiting for repubes to pass legislation that will ban these meds after which the same SCOTUS will rubber stamp the law.

    Vote because your democracy depends on it

  • This satire will be lost on them
  • Remember when all the democrats lined up at the courthouse to spew lies and slander about the judge, jury, and called it a rigged judiciary system?

    Yeah, do not let any mainstream media assholes do the tried and tested “both sides are the same” bullshit.

  • Over Here
  • It’s right there in the name - Anti-FAscist. If someone thinks AnTiFA is bad, check if they’re waving fascist flags before engaging in any debate with them in a good faith.