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Shout Out to Blue Maga
  • were your political beliefs as concrete and nuanced when you were that age as they are today

    …yeah. To be fair, I'm 22, but I've been in the board of a local political party for over 3 years now. You could maybe make that argument for 16, but honestly, even then I was at political demonstrations.

  • What if I told you...
  • Wait what? How is Gates seen positively? Microsoft was the worst tech company under him and did so much awful stuff

  • Uncle Mike rule
  • Desantis didn't ban enough books /s

  • desperation rule
  • Their whole point is that they know that delivering this message (that the Google AI says only bad things about Firefox) is the intention of the image, but they don't believe that this is what the AI actually does for a neutral prompt without seeing the prompt themselves.

  • Bringing it Back for Honor of the British Elections
  • That's true for American "centrists", but not for some European centrists. Centrists here are often either conservatives that are pretty left relatively to their party or social democrats that are pretty right relatively to their party, meeting somewhere in the middle.

  • Left out Trump's name on case I need to reuse this one
  • Well, that is the original definition how the terms first, second and third world originated. But in modern-day use, they mean something different.

  • Who here likes Ratatouille?
  • This is just so wholesome :)

  • Bringing it Back for Honor of the British Elections
  • I don't think Poland is accurate tbh, but otherwise, really accurate and scary

  • Danny Trejo rule
  • Why?

  • French parliament elections: Left projected to win most seats, ahead of Macron's coalition and far right
  • This false horseshoe is so dumb. Although Melanchon has some problems, especially his views on Ukraine and Russia :/

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • Well, the one to the right (probably) isn't a tankie though, but I approve their actions

  • So apparently Macron's gamble did pay off
  • After the European elections in which the far right in France got a really high proportion of votes, Macron called a snap election, meaning that the parliament has been reelected. Many were shocked about this as Macron apparently expected the people to now "face the consequences" and "stop protest voting" as he shows what this could lead to(?) but people called it unresponsible to expect that now they would get different results in the national election.
    Anyways, against expectations the left was the surprise winner of this election and not the far right (which is better than most expected). But as @[email protected] points out, it's also not really what he (probably) wanted (getting a majority himself -> he's center to center-right).

  • Ampel plant schärfere Regeln für Bürgergeldempfänger
  • Ja. Eigentlich kann ich dem allem nur zustimmen.
    Ich denke trotzdem, dass die FDP der Kern der Schuld ist; schon bei Koalitionsbeginn war imo klar, dass wirklich linke soziale Politik und ein richtiger Ersatz von Hartz IV so nicht möglich wird (zumindest gesellschaftspolitische Verbesserungen). Aber natürlich kann man nicht einfach alle Schuld auf die FDP schieben; es ist einfach traurig, was vieles passiert.

    Aber gerade das stärkt doch meine Aussage. Ein Faktor, warum auch alle Parteien nach rechts rücken, ist, weil die AfD das Overton Window so stark verschieben konnte und Aussagen, die noch vollkommen undenkbar waren, inzwischen okay sind. Man muss, wenn man sieht, wie viel schlimmer noch jede Alternative wäre, auf jeden Fall irgendeine der "linkeren" Parteien wählen. Denn die CDU und AfD - Fans wählen sowieso, und es ist hoffentlich jedem klar, dass das noch viel schlimmer ist und verhindert werden muss.

  • Ampel plant schärfere Regeln für Bürgergeldempfänger
  • Es gibt keine Stimme mehr von mir sollte sich das nicht ändern.

    I'm sorry, aber genau damit stärkst du die bedrohliche faschistische Bewegung. Wenn es Macron gegen Le Pen steht, ist auch nicht links, trotzdem muss man dann Macron wählen, um Le Pen zu verhindern. Und ich sage das nicht als Unterstützer dieser Entscheidungen, oder dieses Kurses. Aber genau dieses "Es gibt keine Stimme, wenn ich keine gute Option habe" führt dazu, dass die schlimmsten Optionen noch weiter wachsen.

  • Ampel plant schärfere Regeln für Bürgergeldempfänger
  • Ich werde keiner dieser Parteien jemals wieder meine Stimme geben. Und habe auch keine Ahnung welcher anderen.

    Ich weiß, dass es echt kacke ist, dass ich das sagen muss, aber bitte wähle (zumindest bei den Wahlen mit 5%-Hürde) eine der großen Parteien der linken Hälfte (also Linke, Grüne oder SPD). Es ist wie in den USA: Wenn man aus Idealen gar nicht wählt, dann kriegen die anderen nur noch mehr Stimmen. Und je stärker FDP, CDU/CSU und AfD sind, desto schlimmer wird diese Situation. (Mal ehrlich: Auch wenn es beschämend ist, dass das jetzt so geändert wird, geschieht dies natürlich primär aus Druck der FDP. Wär diese für die Koalition gar nicht notwendig gewesen, würde es anders aussehen. Trotzdem verzeiht das nicht, dass die anderen Parteien sich nicht stärker dagegen einsetzen.)

  • It's the (Rule)!
  • you're right.. heh >.<

  • It's the (Rule)!
  • my keys D:

  • Rule
  • Artichokes + Pineapple is a great combo
    I don't know about anchovies though (am vegetarian).

  • Rule
  • People just say that when they've been told that and are too afraid to try it out because they might like it. There's literally nothing wrong with it, pineapple on pizza tastes awesome, as does kiwi. A sour component is just really nice.

  • Rule
  • I always have several hundred to a thousand tabs open 😭 help me

  • Europapa got the 2. place in its semi-final

    Europapa got 182 out of 216 possible points and scored the second place in the second semi-final. Only a bit less than Israel, this would have probably meant a top 5 placement in the finale.


    Eurovision 2024 Grand Final Live Thread

    Just like with the semi-finals, this is the live thread for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. As there is (to my knowledge), no Lemmy equivalent to, the best alternative is refreshing the website about once after each song. This should still be okay for now as this community is relatively small. Sort by New to see the newest comments or additionally click on the Chat button to break the replies apart and even show the newest replies.

    Thanks to @[email protected], there are some links for the Grand Finale: The Grand Finale Livestream on YouTube:

    National broadcasts:

    • German broadcast:
    • Swedish broadcast:
    • Finnish broadcast:

    Perhaps one of these might not be geoblocked, but not guaranteed)

    And some background information:

    • Final running order:
    • Backstage at the turqoise carpet:

    Joost Klein Thread | AVROTROS releases statement

    As there are so many posts about this topic and it's getting a bit out of hand, I'll create one central place where we can talk about this stuff and share updates. If there are very big updates, I might create a new post as the new megathread but for now, please don't create new posts for updates but post them here as comments.

    Latest news: AVROTROS (the Dutch broadcaster) released a statement. The full statement is in the comments but roughly, they state that against made agreements, Joost Klein was filmed directly after getting off the stage and getting to the greenroom. He indicated he didn't want to be filmed, but this was not respected, leading to a threatening movement from Joost towards the camera, but he did not touch the camera women. This was the whole incident leading to the investigation by EBU and police, according to them.


    Joost Klein will not perform in the Jury Show Dutch singer Joost Klein kicked out of Eurovision Jury Show, but not yet the Final

    Dutch musician Joost Klein was barred from taking part in the Jury Show at the Eurovision Song Contest on Friday night as the result of an altercation that took place earlier in the day. The musician representing the Netherlands in the competition may still be allowed to take part in the Grand Final...

    Dutch singer Joost Klein kicked out of Eurovision Jury Show, but not yet the Final

    According to several news outlets, Joost Klein will not perform in the Jury show of the ESC for the Netherlands. It’s still open whether he will perform in the Grand Final or not.

    A Dutch article additionally states that > Joost Klein is not allowed to participate in the jury show of the Eurovision Song Contest. The investigation into the incident that came out earlier on Friday has not yet been completed, AVROTROS reports. Klein does not miss out on any points: the professional jury assesses his performance in the second semi-final.


    Eurovision 2024 Semi-final 2 thread

    As there has been some interest in a live thread such as the ones on r/eurovision, here is the live thread for the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Sadly, I didn’t find any Lemmy equivalent to But as this community is still pretty small, I think refreshing the website once after each song should be okay. Sort by New to see the newest comments or additionally click on the Chat button to break the replies apart and even show the newest replies.


    Choose your Semi-Final 1 Qualifier!

    Credits to u/UsernameVeryFound on Reddit


    Germany's entry be like

    Original post on Reddit


    Eurovision 2024 Semin-final 1 thread

    As there has been some interest in a live thread such as the ones on r/eurovision, here is the live thread for the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Sadly, I didn't find any Lemmy equivalent to But as this community is still pretty small, I think refreshing the website once after each song should be okay. You can click on the Chat button to sort all comments by newest, even replies to other comments.


    General Eurovision discussion thread

    I think it makes sense to have a general discussion thread to build this community and for you to be able to interact more with each other and talk about stuff.

    You can write about all kinds of Eurovision related things here: What are your current favorite songs? Which one grew on or off you recently? What are your staging suggestions? What are your rankings? What are your predictions? Have fun talking about the songs :D


    Second release of the day: Europapa (Joost Klein) for the Netherlands

    The Netherlands just released their song for the Eurovision song contest 2024: Europapa by Joost Klein.


    Switzerland released their Eurovision song: The Code by Nemo

    Switzerland has released their song for the Eurovision song contest 2024. What do you think about it?


    Switzerland released their song: The Code by Nemo

    Switzerland has released their song for the Eurovision song contest 2024. What do you think about it?


    Croatia sends Baby Lasagna - Rim Tim Tagi Dim to the ESC

    Tonight, Croatia decided in their national selection (Dora) to send the song Rim Tim Tagi Dim by Baby Lasagna the the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The song has already been the favorite in the odds and by fans and elevated Croatia in the odds.


    3 Eurovision songs in my top 5 most listened songs of 2023

    I am using to track what music I hear and they provide many detailed statistics to how much I listened, and it turned out that place 1, 2 and 4 of my most-listened songs in 2023 were Eurovision songs. (And the third place being by Måneskin is even ESC-related as well). I thought that's worth to be shared here :D

    What ESC songs did you listen most to in this year? Have there been ESC songs in your most listened songs as well?




    Back to the rules (+ trans rights!)

    I noticed how there's no Spronkus Kronkus at 196 anymore at all, and since they were the original reason I discovered 196 back on Reddit, I thought it would be nice to get back to them and post them for once. :)

    Art is by u/Nate_Meowski on Reddit (I don't know if they have a Lemmy account).


    How to easily play Windows only games on macOS

    I just found this community, and in case anyone here has a game they really like and really want to play, but sadly doesn't have a macOS port and is just Windows only, this might help.

    The best option you have is wine-crossover. While the Wine website currently doesn't offer a macOS build, the main macOS Wine maintainer has published the Open Source version wine-crossover, which works amazingly well and can even translate Direct X, meaning that video games work with it. Just use brew install --cask --no-quarantine gcenx/wine/wine-crossover to download it. It will then just be a regular program in your programs folder called Wine. And if you double-click on any .exe-files, it will open them with Wine, translate them in realtime and execute them. Then you just need to download the Windows version of Steam, just open it (with Wine), download the Windows game, and voila, you can easily play it :D This is e.g. how I played Will You Snail (which is a really great game, but sadly only available for Windows) on macOS without any problems.

    This works with most games, and as I said, I personally often use Wine to play Windows only games (or even games whose macOS versions are 32bit, which my computer can't run anymore). However, if a game has too high graphic requirements for your computer to run, or does not work with Wine (which can happen with e.g. some games that use custom DRMs), then another alternative I know is Nvidia GeForce Now, a could streaming service which allows you to use your own bought games (e.g. on Steam) and play it on a remote computer. It is free to try, although you can only play an hour at a time with the free tier. I've used the free tier for years (I mostly played in the middle of the night, so there were no waiting queues), and I even often played games that had a macOS build (like Planet Coaster), but which were too large to fit on my disk space. So this is definitely something I can also recommend and it's a good way to play even the most demanding games without any graphical problems. The downsides are the limitations of the free tier (although the paid tier without queues or the one hour limit is also worth it you really use the service), and that you need at least a medium-well internet connection for it. Also, they sadly don't have the full Steam catalogue but just a very big selection of games.

    So yeah, those are the tools I usually use to play games that don't have a macOS build on my macOS computer. I'm glad if this helps anybody else and have fun playing! :D

    me_irl Korne127





    Noa Kirel's Eurovision incident


    They're awesome and make many other funny things like this one, so check them out if you like this. :D