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Choice posting
  • The linked comment offers three options and I bet it's right:

    Warning that this topic draws a lot of insane people with genital mutilation fetishes. Any of the comments advocating for circumcision are either men who were circumcised against their will, women who circumcised their children and haven’t accepted the truth, or weirdos who want others to suffer.

  • Android has a "Ctrl+Z" feature, the keyboards just dont support it
  • With an OTG connector you can just plug a keyboard into your phone. You can do stuff like alt-tab to switch between open apps. And if you plug in a mouse, a giant cursor appears. It's kinda cursed but it works.

  • Virtual Reality Klear

    Pistol Whip custom maps are getting good

    Old Money by myself and Kapsyloffer. Hope you like it!

    Virtual Reality Klear

    Tea for God is out now on Steam, Oculus and Quest App Lab!

    The game uses impossible spaces to let you simply walk around the game world using your feet, teleporting or stick movement (though the later is an option if you really want it). Really cool concept - highly recommended!

    Launch trailer

    App Lab



    Anyone want their reddit post/comment triple gilded?

    Just nuked my 9 year old profile and noticed I still have 1700 coins from various gildings in the past. Just 100 shy of platinum, but I can give out three golds still.

    I figure spending these coins doesn't hurt anything. Does anyone has some idea what I could gild with them? Highlight some protest post, maybe?