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Bank of Canada reduces policy rate by 25 basis points to 4½%
  • The policy rate is sitting right around where it was prior to 2008. In the years that followed, the economy went nuts, and a big part of that insanity was masked by the essentially free money capital was able to get from lenders. Venture Capitalists managed to gain immense influence over so much of our daily lives, and employers masked their ever growing share of the pie with ever cheaper and lower quality consumer goods that got cheaper relative to overall inflation.

    Rather than fix the underlying problems, they're signalling that they want to go back to sweeping them under the rug.


  • I might as well post the comment here now
  • There's value there, it's just not in convincing the person you're responding to. Speak to the other people reading their bullshit. Nonsense starts to look legitimate if it's not challenged.

  • From 'quiet quitting' to 'coffee badging' — why employees are less interested in work
  • Employers lost their minds when they saw their office employees comfortable and happy. They realized that WFH gave them just a little bit of control over their day, and that meant the employers haf just a little bit less.

    Then they tried to strong-arm them back into the office, and a lot of people quit. Those who did not were less than enthused to be there, and many people were completely burnt out from the pandemic. Employers returned to offices having lost their most productive people, and having angered a significant number of those who stayed. Many disgruntled workers talked about cutting back their work activities, since they rexognized that their efforts didn't eben earn them the trust to work without their boss standing over their shoulder, let alone more tangible bemefits.

    Around the same time, reports of a completely separate phenomenon - one where employees gradually disengage from their jobs as they search for a new one - came out. These were based on corporate research that showed you could predict who would tender a resignation days or even weeks before they did so. This phenomenon was given a name by the report's authors.

    Once that name got misapplied to the former consequences-of-employer-actions, bosses got talking, and people who are Very Serious Business People Who Are Very Serious Abpit Business went into action to do what Business People do best: talk confidently about bullshit and things they know nothing about.

    The result has been a "-gate" like meme of reproducing and evolving names for things that people with too much time and money believe are keeping them from owning peoples souls.

    Because "you need to name a problem to solve a problem".

  • Pluto's not coming back, but astronomers want to redefine planets again
  • It may be better than an arbitrary cutoff, but I will die on the hill that it's still the wrong way to look at a taxonomic system for non-fusors. Using system dynamics to classify parts of a system is all well and good when you're, well, disecting systems, but this was about defining individual bodies.

    Using extrinsic contexts rather than intrinsic ones is how you define dolphins as fish.

    Spherical due to being in hydrostatic equilibrium is all we need. But that raised tooany questions about the accuracy of system models for system modellers.

  • “We need to consider alternatives to dark matter that better explain cosmological observations” (see comments for discussion)
  • The problem being that none of the alternative models have good explanations, either.

    It's not like astronomers like dark matter. Most kind of hate it. But every time people try to sell alternate models, they spend their time trying to find examples that raise corner cases for dark matter while ignoring the fact that their favourite models also don't address the issue.

    Which, you know, is acting in bad faith.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • It's got plenty of latent sexism, much of it carried in the bestiary, and inherited from the original monster manuals. The fact that you don't see it just means it doesn't exceed your own internalized sexism.

    Which is fine. We've all internalized sexism, racism, and other prejudices. But you not being able to see it is not the same thing as it not existing, and declaring it absent because you don't see it is probably not wise.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • No, this isn't the casual sexism of the 70s. This is deliberate, rabid, reactionary misogyny that he felt OK to publicly publish:

    I thought perhaps these folks were right and considered adding women in the ‘Raping and Pillaging[’] section, in the ‘Whores and Tavern Wenches’ chapter, the special magical part dealing with ‘Hags and Crones’, and thought perhaps of adding an appendix on ‘Medieval Harems, Slave Girls, and Going Viking’.

    That's specific, and directed hatred. Dude was engaging in standard Incel bullshit.

  • D&D Creators shouldn't take offers from Hasbro. Plus: Thoughts on other RPGs, hostile comments!
  • Ronald does tend to mix in his "flamebait" bit with actual pointed content, which isn't always welcome, but there's something to be said for actually spotlighting the kinds of things people say to content creators.

    Sunlight and disinfectant and all that.

  • How some federal employees are pretending to work using 'mouse jigglers'
  • I've been saying this for a while now, but AI articles read like bad high school essays. "State your thesis. Write a paragraph that echos your thesis. Say something that may or may not be related to your thesis. Finish by repeating your thesis."

  • pathfinder Kichae

    Dr. Dhrolin's Dictionary of Dinosaurs for Pathfinder 2e

    Dr. Dhrolin's Dictionary of Dinosaurs is a monster book for D&D 5e written by paleontologists Drs. Nathan Barling and Michael O'Sullivan is gettinf a Pathfinder 2e conversion.

    The book features realistic dinosaurs and paleontologically accurate (as of 2023) background information, as well as artwork by paleo-artist Dr. Mark Witton.

    I'm maybe a little too excited about this one. I was a dinosaur kid growing up.

    Buried somewhere in the announcement post on reddit is some really interesting creature adjustments coming with the book. u/Linda_Zayas_Palmer, a former Paizo developer who consulted on the conversion, dropped this:

    >Roughly 4 level -1 adjustments, 20 level +0 adjustments, 75 level +1 adjustments, and 20 level +2 adjustments. > >So it's going to be a massive toolkit for GMs. > >At level -1, we've got things like thin dermis, which includes vulnerability to slashing damage. > >At level +0, we have things that you might be looking for to change your creature's habitat but that aren't going to make significant difference to their power level. Concepts like wader, which helps with moving through shallow water, and pneumitisation, which makes your creature a bit faster at the expense of making them easier to topple over. > >At level +1, there are tons of examples. Some of them are more defensive, like a bony frill that can be raised defensively. Others grant new Strikes or reactions, ranging from the realistic, like adding a horn attack, to the fantastical, like a dinosaur with web-shooting spinnerets or the ability to shoot off psychic mind rays. And others do a variety of other concepts that I'm not previewing just yet :) > >At level +2, we start getting into concepts like super-tanky creatures with thick armoured plates and creatures with neurotoxic venom.

    You can find the original announcement here:

    pathfinder Kichae

    Verdant Sorcerer Bloodline PF2e Scribe

    Create and format documents and homebrew content for Pathfinder Second Edition. (This website is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Inc.)

    u/MeiraTheTiefling on Reddit has released a homebrew Sorcerer subclass for feedback and testing:

    >I try to keep my homebrew as close as possible to official design standards, so feedback is always welcome! > >FAQ: > >Q: Can I share your content or use it in my games? A: Absolutely! Please credit me as MeiraTheTiefling when sharing with others. Also, if this ever hits your table, I would love it if you reached out to me eventually to let me know how it plays :) > >Q: When might the Thornmaw Snapper make saving throws? A: Any time it makes sense, e.g. if it's affected by an indiscriminate AoE (like Howling Blizzard) or a reasonable creature-targeting ability (like Ignition). If there's any doubt, the GM has the final call. Note that its Tendrils never make saving throws, as they're only affected by attacks that deal damage. > >To check out my other work (mostly 5e homebrew as of now), visit my Homebrewery page!

    pathfinder Kichae

    PaizoCon Presentation Recaps

    The-Magic-Sword from, like, all of the other Pathfinder forums was live-recapping the PaizoCon presentations. Linking them below:


    Godsrain Panel

    Starfinder 2e Panel

    pathfinder Kichae

    Expectations for Player Core 2?

    With Howl of the Wild released, the wider community seems to be turning its attentions to Player Core 2 now. The new hotness is "what do you expect from {class} in PC2?"

    So, what does the Threadiverse expect from the classes in PC2? We know Alchemist, Champion, Oracle, and Sorcerer are all in line to get some kind of meaningful touch-up.

    • One of Oracle's class features just got generalized to the whole game
    • Champion needs adjustments to account for the removal of alignment. And with the Guardian seemingly stepping into the non-religious defender role, the Champion could see its theming further narrowed.
    • Sorcerer needs some of its bloodlines to be reflavoured to disentangle it from the OGL
    • They said they wanted to make Alchemist not suck-out-loud for players who don't have the most mastered of system mastry.

    But what does this mean exactly, in your estimation?

    Personally, I'm seeing people starting to get hyped, and I think they're all going to be sorely disappointed by the scope of any updates in this release. I'm expecting modest changes to the chases of Oracle and Champion, some tweaks to TEML progression for Alchemist, and no chassis tweaks at all for Sorcerer, with Oracle and Champion getting additional feat support in War of the Immortals.

    pathfinder Kichae

    New Errata Released

    Paizo Design Manager Michael Sayre just dropped some long-awaited errata on us, marking a return to the 2022 plan of regular errata updates.

    The current release includes errata for Guns & Gear, Firebrands, Rage of Elements, and Howl of the Wild, and a promise of another errata drop in the fall/winter period.

    pathfinder Kichae

    Surprise! Pathfinder: Dragon's Demand CRPG Kickstarter Page Found

    Over on the 2e subreddit, u/EzekieruYT let everyone know that they'd stumbled across a pre-launch Kickstarter project called Pathfinder: Dragon's Demand. Speculation swirled for a bit before former Paizo Marketing Director Aaron Shanks chimed in to quietly announce the title, and confirm that it's being built on the 2e ruleset.


    No details have been announced yet, and the studio behind it doesn't have a deep catalogue, so who knows what it'll actually look like in the end. People are getting hyped for PaizoCon, though.

    pathfinder Kichae

    Saving Throw Survey Results! How Good are We at Guessing Saving Throws?

    How Good are We at Guessing Saving Throws? An analysis of quiz results, and what they mean for Recall Knowledge checks.

    How Good are We at Guessing Saving Throws?

    u/corsica1990 has posted the results of their survey from last week, asking if we could identify creatures weakest saving throws from their art alone.

    The slide deck (linked in the title, above) gives the creature description, the actual save values, and the number of responses for each save, as well as brief commentary reflecting how much more difficult the majority response would make the fight for cases where the we collectively got it wrong.

    Their thread on Reddit is available here:

    Their original post is over here:

    pathfinder Kichae

    Legend of Zelda Monster Core for PF2e PF2e Scribe

    Create and format documents and homebrew content for Pathfinder Second Edition. (This website is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Inc.)

    u/Vorath on Reddit has a Hyrule bestiary on Scribe to go with u/Tragedi's player and GM documents.

    > I present to you, The Legend of Zelda Monster Core! > > > > And its supplementary bestiaries (all linked on the first page of The Legend of Zelda Monster Core) > > - Ancient Guardians of Hyrule (dedicated to constructs): > > - Bestiary of the Ocean King (dedicated to monsters of the sea, rivers, and lakes): > > - The Book of Blins (dedicated to blin variants of all kinds): > > - Dangerous Flora of Hyrule (dedicated to the plant monsters of Zelda): > > - The Dead of Hyrule (dedicated to the undead): > > - Denizens of the Depths (dedicated to monsters that dwell deep within dungeons or the depths of Hyrule): > > - Dinos and Dodongos (dedicated to reptillian monsters, from dodongos to lizal): > > - Fauna of Hyrule (a catch-all for animals and beasts that don't fall under the other bestiaries): > > - People of Hyrule (dedicated to named and unnamed NPCs): > > - Skyward Threats (dedicated to monsters of the sky):

    Original Post (Reddit):

    pathfinder Kichae

    Paths of Hyrule (formerly Adventures in Hyrule) 1.3 for PF2 Released

    u/Tragedi, the creator behind the Legend of Zelda conversion for Pathfinder 2e Paths of Hyrule, has released v1.3 of their player and GM resources, and announced that v1.4 is currently in the works, building off of Howl of the Wild content.

    > Formerly known as Adventures in Hyrule, Paths of Hyrule is a massive total conversion homebrew supplement for PF2e that I've been working on for the past year or so. It currently features 19 feature-complete ancestries, a slew of new backgrounds, animal companions, specific familiars, spells, class feats, subclasses, deities, archetypes, and items. Needless to say this project is a massive undertaking that aims to provide you with all the tools you need to run fully Zelda-themed campaigns regardless of your preferred Zelda game or era.

    Paths of Hyrule Player Core 1.3: Scribe, PDF

    Paths of Hyrule GM Core 1.3: Scribe, PDF

    Pathbuilder Pack:

    Tragedi's Discord Server:

    Original Post (Reddit):

    pathfinder Kichae

    A Family of Heroic Homebrew Rules by u/AvtrSpirit

    u/AvtrSpirit over on Reddit has released some interesting homebrew rules for defeat, Hero Points, and martial attrition using the Wounded condition. I thought they were worth spreading around some.

    The comments on Hero Points in particular made me realize that many tables are much more stingy with HPs than I would have expected. Players love Hero Points. Are y'all not just handing them out like candy?

    Heroic Defeat:


    Original Post:

    Anti-frustration mechanics + MCDM's victories and recoveries:


    Original Post:


    Survey: How Easy is it to Guess a Creature's Worst Saving Throw? Saving throw quiz!

    For each question, you will be shown a picture of a PF2e monster. Without looking it up, guess that creature's WORST saving throw. The purpose of this quiz is not to educate, but to test player intution and determine the value of Recall Knowledge checks. Thus, it is important you do not cheat! Go w...

    Saving throw quiz!

    cross-posted from:

    > u/corsica1990 over on th'other site posted a survey a few days ago, trying to figure out how easily people could intuit creatures' worst saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex, or Will) based on just the creature's name and bestiary art. > > How'd you do? Also, will you, too, forever have nightmares about jellyfish clam squids? Because I ain't ever unseeing that.

    pathfinder Kichae

    Survey: How Easy is it to Guess a Creature's Worst Saving Throw?

    u/corsica1990 over on th'other site posted a survey a few days ago, trying to figure out how easily people could intuit creatures' worst saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex, or Will) based on just the creature's name and bestiary art.

    How'd you do? Also, will you, too, forever have nightmares about jellyfish clam squids? Because I ain't ever unseeing that.

    pathfinder Kichae

    Thoughts on Guardian?

    It's been a little over 24 hours since the Battlecry playtest dropped, and while opinions on Commander are overwhelmingly positive (seriously, I think people might be disappointed when it goes to print; the class is borderline OP, and this level of excitement's going to invite a closer look by the designers), peoples thoughts on Guardian are...

    Well, let's just call them extremely polarized. Like, many people are reacting to the class like it shot their spouse or something, and I'm more than a little bit surprised.

    Personally, I see a lot to like in the Guardian. Even some things to love. Like the Commander, it's a class built for managing and controlling a battle field. The Commander is all about empowering the PCs to do more in a round, while the Guardian is focused on restraining enemy options. They're both classes designed for facing larger groups of creatures, and leveraging pre-firearms infantry tactics and maneuvers.

    Without actually playing it yet, I suspect the Guardian could use a little bit of a survivability buff, while also being concerned that Taunt doesn't provide enough of an incentive shift to pull a mob off of a squishy ally. But it seems very well suited for forming and maintaining a proper front line (as opposed to a martial morass).

    It makes me wonder what else is coming with Battlecry. Coming off of the War of the Immortals, are we getting proper troop combat or something?

    pathfinder Kichae

    We Be Goblins Free! Conversion Guide Released

    It truly be Christmas in April!

    User u/Urumii has released their 2e conversion guide for We Be Goblins Free! This is just a conversion document, not a rewrite (due to copyright), but it should help anyone wanting to try out the third (fird?) installment of the We Be Goblins series.

    They also have guides for the first two adventures in the series, linked below.

    We Be Goblins Free

    Direct Link:

    Original Post:

    We Be Goblins, Too!

    Direct Link:

    We Be Goblins!

    Direct Link:

    pathfinder Kichae

    Spaerna by ForesterDesigns - Pokemone Homebrew for PF2 ForesterDesigns (@[email protected])

    Attached: 2 images A #Pathfinder2e conversion of my older #Pokemon #MagicItems, with a #Mightyena #spear to help you do hit after hit! #Pathfinder #PF2e #PathfinderRPG #PathfinderArt #Paizo #Nintendo #TTRPG #Homebrew #FantasyArt #ItemArt #NintendoSwitch #TableTop #TableTopGames #PokemonArt #Pokem...

    ForesterDesigns (

    @[email protected] has a series of Pokemon inspired DnD magical items that they've been porting to Pathfinder 2e, and they're on the Fediverse! You can follow them from Mastodon, Akkoma, Pelroma, Friendica, Hubzilla, kbin, GotoSocial, Misskey/Foundkey/IceShrimp, other Misskey forks, etc. etc. Most Fediverse platforms that allows you to follow users, and not just groups.

    pathfinder Kichae

    BattleCry Playtest is Live! Pathfinder Playtest | Paizo

    Pathfinder playtests give you the opportunity to participate in finalizing rules and new materials, including new classes, spells, ancestries, feats, and more!

    Pathfinder Playtest | Paizo

    Paizo has released two new martial classes for testing!

    >Commander > >The commander is an Intelligence-based tactician with unparalleled authority over the battlefield! But they’re no slouch in the fight themself, being trained in martial weapons and all armors, so if you want to lead your fellow adventurers to victory, be sure to playtest the commander!

    The Commander is a support martial class that buffs the party using Tactics to grant 2+INT party members extra reactions. They also buff nearby allies with a fear-opposing aura.

    >Guardian > >The guardian is a Strength-based protector who excels in the use of armor, both for their own benefit and the aid of others. If you are the type of player who enjoys keeping others safe from harm, be sure to playtest the guardian!

    The Guardian is a pure martial Tank, with some features that seem to be similar to Champions without the magical element. A defensive expert, focused on redirecting damage away from allies and towards themself, they have abilities that buff ally AC, and nerf enemy attack bonuses against allies while buffing those bonuses against themself, incentivizing enemies to attack them first.

    pathfinder Kichae

    Commander Teased on Morning of Play Test

    Michael Sayre shared a Commander ability to turn up the hype on today's play test. As a utility guy, this looks pretty awesome.

    What's everyone else think?

    pathfinder Kichae

    Converting Magic Items from Other Systems

    Golarion is a high magic setting, and that's reflected in PF2s rules for magic items. Unlike in 5e, where magic items are often wondrous and a little bit game breaking, they're expected to fit within the players' power curves.

    But there's such an incredible depth of magic items made for 5e (and older editions, of course), that porting them to PF2 is always a temptation.

    So, how do you go about doing it? How do you make sure they're balanced? How do you translate their effects? What requires investment? What's better off as a Relic? How do you handle Trick Magic Item? And how do you measure the impact at the table?

    pathfinder Kichae

    How does your table handle Secret checks? Do you like them?

    I have very mixed feelings on secret checks. One the one hand, they make a lot of sense, they seem like they really help roleplay and being in character, and they generate suspense and uncertainty.

    On the other hand, I like rolling my pretty math rocks. I'm a minor dice goblin, and my expensive RNGs demand to be rolled!

    Which is fine, I'm the GM at my table, but if I were on the other side of the screen, I think it'd drive me a little crazy.

    I also know that they're a controversial topic more generally, and some players have really, really strong negative reactions to them.

    So, how do you feel? Does your table use them? If not, why not? If so, how do they feel? Do you have anyone at the table with very strong feelings about them? If so, how have they articulated those feelings?

    pathfinder Kichae

    Pathfinder Actual Plays - What's Good?

    I recently came across Mortals and Portals and was instantly hooked. I just caught up to where they are (save for today's new episode), and it's left me with a bit of gap.

    So, what else is good? I'm currently also caught up with Rotgrind and Rotgoon, which have been really good, and are better demonstrations of PF2 game systems.

    So, what's good? What's everybody stealing ideas from listening to?