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Bethesda Game Studios workers have unionized
  • Unions don't work without a central state.

    If there isn't an organization larger than a corporation making it keep to a line, a corporation will end up as a monopoly. If a line of work for certain skills is completely monopolized by one company, a union can't ever get bigger than them to enforce anything. Its a stalemate that the company can end by training scabs and a union can't end at all. That's assuming the company doesn't just start murdering Union heads which is probably the first thing they'd start to do without an organization larger than a company to call on.

    Of course, maybe we could unionize everyone into a people's union, for the purposes of having a bigger entity than a corporation that can defend the people. Pay some Union dues to them to get some police-equivalent people to make companies toe the line. But corruption exists and while the USA isn't really for the people today, that is pretty much how the USA started.

    Unions as we know them rely on regulations like anti-monopoly laws to exist.

    Although for the record I don't hate anarcho capitalism, I just think it's more of an ideal. A more realistic but comparable system would include a government to protect union rights and prevent oligarchical behaviors while still being mostly hands off on an industry with a Union, letting the union enforce safety and related guidelines.

  • [BLC] Perch Protection
  • Can't use stifle. Gifting seems like an activated ability but it counts as an extra cost that you pay by "promising a gift". The promise itself does nothing, but its then a status the card is aware of (the "gift was promised"). When the card is resolving, it checks that status and does whatever the gift is.

    So the actual "opponent gets another turn" part of the card that we'd wanna counter, that's part of the spell itself, after the gift was paid. If we could counter the act of gifting without countering the whole card, the result would be that the gift was not promised, and we still wouldn't get the benefits of the gift.

    In short, no.

  • [BLC] Perch Protection
  • This will be better in commander I think, where the 4-person game will mean the extra turn can be used by the gifted player to attack someone besides the caster. A way to protect yourself for a bit and set up an enemy for a fall. Especially when neither the caster or the gift receiver is in the lead.

  • [BLC] Octomancer
  • Gifts are predefined, so instead of this being broken down like "Gift a [creature type], it would actually break down into " Gift a [predefined gift category], otherwise we'd be able to make Card creatures instead of drawing.

    As Octopus is a predefined gift category meaning a blue 8/8 Octopus token, and isn't a creature type in this instance, just something using the same English word as a creature type.

    As a sidenote, reminder text doesn't count as far as I know, so I think AE could make the card "remind" us that its a blue 8/8 goblin or zombie, but that reminder edit wouldn't be passed on to the gift token itself.

  • [SPG] Frogmite
  • To breathe probably.

    Frogs breathe through their skin in air or water, but that's slow. If they need higher amounts of oxygen than their skin can provide, like if they're exerting themselves a lot or in water with less oxygen, they need their air-only lungs.

    So frogs can breathe underwater and drown from lack of air, like some Schrödinger's amphibian.

  • Live bullet found in prop holster of actor Jensen Ackles on ‘Rust’ set, crime scene technician testifies
  • Yeah in my mind it'd be a "blank-only" gun, a movie prop. Which is well within the budget for movies like this, I mean they have a dedicated armorer. Resizing a barrel isn't uncommon, based on Wikipedia searches, so while it might be a hassle, it could definitely be done within a reasonable timeframe and cost, and avoid any mechanical issues with the gun, but would be pretty high on the list of things a movie would cut corners on if it decided to.

    Which is what I gather happened here, anyway, so maybe this IS standard practice.

  • Linux for iPod?
  • The right app could make it into a security camera or a WiFi remote. A quick search suggests you could jailbreak it, although I'm not up to date on what that would offer you.

    I'm not sure what prevented Delta from working, since it says it supports iOS 14 or later on an iPod touch. Maybe a factory restore or similar would let you take that route anyway?

  • Mike Lindell officially loses all his lawyers in $5M 'Prove Mike Wrong' cyber challenge
  • I don't think its that rare, but its not common. Usually it means that the client is breaching their agreement. Often that breach is in the form of they lied to the lawyer. Lawyers have confidentiality, so the only reasons to lie are external to the case itself.

    Could also mean Lindell stopped paying them, probably for money troubles.

  • Mike Lindell officially loses all his lawyers in $5M 'Prove Mike Wrong' cyber challenge
  • I'm not sure but the mandatory arbitration lindell himself put in said to pay the guy, so it was as rigged as lindell could get it without it being illegal, and they still felt it was well-proven, and lindell should pay.

  • Soaring the Skies (by Theo_tries)

    I've seen this a lot sorting by All and this is the closest I got, I wanna contribute.

    Edit: added source, definitely should've included it in the first place.

    This is a wither skeleton skull, a cauldron and some trapdoors to look like wings, and it floats because most everything does in Minecraft, but this lil' guy is definitely trying the hardest to stay in the air.