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Minnesota panel chooses new state flag featuring North Star to replace old flag seen as racist
  • Other states that just lazily slapped their seals on to a blue background take note and get to fixing them up please.

    As a Virginian, I take slight offfense at this! ^but ^yeah ^our ^flag ^is ^just ^the ^state ^seal ^^on ^^a ^^blue ^^background

  • Black man choked and shocked by police died because of drugs, officers' lawyers argue at trial
  • The police in America are very much not trained for anything.

    Police in some countries are required to obtain at least a four year degree and attend a two year police academy before they can start.

    Contrast that to the city I used to live in where they had a written test to be a police officer. A written test where they had to reduce the math competency portion from a 4th grade math level to a 1st grade math level due to too many candidates failing the test. Other than that, the only other requirement is a two year degree that is very generic

  • Why? Are we not doing enough?
  • Same here. I like the idea of Lemmy but the decentralization makes it really difficult to find the content I want. Reddits centralization, while causing some problems, definitely made it easy to find communities. That lack of ease is what makes Lemmy not as easy to use for new people.

  • Presenting my prize nug from my latest grow!

    Grew some Purple Lemonade Autos from Fast Buds. This was the top bud from the main cola. It measured two inches across and three long and was very dense.


    [BUG] Logging into an account with a default instsnce other rhan treats the instance as a remote instance

    Scenario (steps to reproduce)

    1. Log in to sync with an account with a home instance other than

    2. Note that the instance shows as a remote I stance in the sidebar.

    3. Attempt to upvote a post on the home instance.

    4. Receive a "Post not local" message.

    5. Clicking through the message to upvote, or even see comments, works but the upvote doesn't seem to stick.

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.08.31-14:10 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    View type: Slides

    Device: t2q Model: samsung SM-G996U Android: 13


    Sync cant see all phoro albums on phone

    Not sure if they're is a self or security feature I missed, but sync can only see the favorite, camera, screenshot, and download albums on my phone. I can find photos from other albums by using the photos tab but it is harder to find them as it is all pictures on my phone.

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.08.12-23:05 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    Ultra user: true View type: Slides

    Device: t2q Model: samsung SM-G996U Android: 13