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Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • Damn dude that link fuckin DESTROYS every braindead "b-b-but STEAMS MONOPOLY!!!" arguement I've seen uttered by idiots who want to bring late stage capitalism to the PC marketplace just so they can pretend they stood up to a company

  • Jack Black cancels Tenacious D tour and places future projects on hold after Kyle Gass comments on Trump
  • I'm talking about Kyle Gass here, was it him or Kathy Griffin that did the effigy? That's a lot more than making a joke about a possible president thats more than likely going to fuck up the entire world hadnt dodged a bullet, but again, if it wasnt, and were just talking about a joke, Once again its not inappropriate enough to end an entire lifetime relationship over, especially after he apologized and owned up to it being inappropriate

  • Jack Black cancels Tenacious D tour and places future projects on hold after Kyle Gass comments on Trump
  • I get that its a heavily inappropriate thing to say right now, but at the end of the day it's an edgy joke, and while ending the tour because of security concerns (and pr concerns) makes sense, cutting all professional ties with the guy seems a bit extreme, especially since he's already apologized

  • He will weep.
  • "There has been a lot of shit on Twitter and Tumblr outright calling for genocide of cis people. Forced sterilization. Saying that if you are a cis white male you inherently are a bad person. A rapist. Etc. Etc"

    Believe me I know how crazy people on twitter can get, and I've definitely seen those crazies in action. But they are going to act crazy towards their chosen scapegoat for their problems regardless of the word we've chosen to describe those people.

    "It’s bullshit lashing out, and doesn’t truly amount to anything. That said, it can wear on you to be vilified for what you were born as, for things you can’t control."

    I 100% understand and empathize with this and will not argue or counter it in any way. I mean no gaslighting and I apologize if it feels like what I said was heading in that direction.

    On your last point: for a while Negro WAS the appropriate word to use, and now it's Black (or if you're American "African American") and while it isnt appropriate anymore, we have a word that is that fills its usecase. People dont Identify as Cis (and on that point most dont identify as trans), they identify as Male/Female/etc, and cis and trans are categories based on whether your identity matches your sex or not. As of right now, cis is the word we have for when it matches, we dont really have any other words in common parlance that describe that in 1 word, and further the extreme end of Tumblr and Twitter doesnt care which word we use when they dehumanize the percieved majority, they are going to continue being assholes to those they dont feel dont place on their oppression heirarchy regardless of the word we use

  • He will weep.
  • Oh! Thanks for the clarification! I guess I'll honor you being the bigger person by stopping being an ass... wait, on rereading the conversation, are you actually agreeing with me? If so I entirely misread your position. Anyways, I guess my point was, Cis and Trans arent the identities themselves, but the categories of Identity. Most people dont identify as either cis nor trans, they Identify as Male or Female or etc, and its whether or not that identity lines up with their sex that puts them in trans or cis category. Right now cis is the best word we have for "shit matches up" as its the latin opposite of the word trans. The twitter/tumbler sphere that likes to go particularly crazy towards the perceived majority isnt particularly attached to these words when they use them to attack and dehumanize, all they really care about is you're lack of position on their oppression heirarchy

    aka: Getting pissy about the word cis is a very small hill to die on considering most cis people dont consider cis part of their identity. Its the people they perceive using the word thats the issue, not the word itself, and we cant transition to a new word until we have a new word for it

  • He will weep.
  • I might take a while to respond to this since I'm at work and theres a lot to respond to, but unlike the other commenter who just lashed out, I actually intend on responding to this, it just will take a while