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Last time I checked Jesus Christ was not a real person
  • That is not necessarily true, there are scarce but nonbiblical references to Jesus. Such as the execution of James described in Antiquities references him as “the Brother of Jesus, the one they call Messiah”.

    I’m hardcore atheist myself, but you are damn right Jesus The Christ is a fabrication like Santa Claus. I’m just saying there is nuance.

    Also interesting note is Rome loved crucifiying people for Sedition.

    Turns out walking around saying you’re the King of The Jews isn’t cool with the Roman nobility, and guess what he wasn’t the first it to do it either. They crucified someone around 4BCE for the exact same thing


  • Last time I checked Jesus Christ was not a real person
  • True, but scholars do have Roman records of a Jesus of Nazareth, that matches the description of Jesus and his followers. This is a man though, but there is relative proof of a guy that did exist.

    Also there are lots of early depictions of Jesus with a wand, and if you are interested in a detailed secular history I recommend the book Zealot By Reza Aslan.

  • Yes, yes we do.
  • I mean it seems the same as it ever was to me, newly single younger Millennial here and I’m seeing a Gen Z woman.

    Seems the biggest change in the last 4ish years is there are a lot more ethical Non-monogamy people, but I’m wondering if that’s just a youth culture thing.

    The woman I’ve been seeing says that she is ENM, but all her actions indicate otherwise to me. Which I don’t mind, Im not really non-monogamous, just pretty open and flexible with things. Also below age 25-30 have a lot more “doesn’t want kids” vibes going on

  • TIL about "Dubbing", the practice of removing part of a farmed birds earlobes or other parts attached to the head. It is usually done without any anesthetic
  • The why:

    Dubbing is sometimes performed to limit damage caused by injury or frostbite. Dubbing for some breeds has become a tradition and is required for some birds to meet breed-specifications.[3] Other reasons include removing combs which have become so large they prevent the bird from taking food into its mouth or making the head so heavy it sinks into the bird's chest.

  • Microplastics found in every human testicle in study
  • This is just not true, it’s 4 companies driving almost alll climate impacting technologies, human population has been stabilizing across the board and human race is projected to peak at 10 billion.

    We have the resources to accommodate that number. It’s our technology, not the people and it’s fucking corporations.

  • Name a Superhero you just can't stand
  • I’m a big fan of Supes myself, but it depends on who’s writing him and what the goal is.

    He is at his best when it’s a problem he can’t punch away, it’s about courage, and honor of defending others. Superman without powers is still the same stand up powerful character, that is crux of what makes him interesting.

  • Byron Looper - Obsessed with his political career, he legally changed his middle name to "(Low Tax)" and murdered his election opponent
  • What an absolute psychopath, he planned to murder his opponent before he even started to run in 1998

    He stalked his opponents farm, shot him in the head and then decapitated him.

    A farm hand had seen him earlier driving near the farm, and later after the murder saw a picture of him on the news and identified him as the killer.

    He went through 6 lawyers trying to delay the trial.

    Was sentenced in 2000, and then died in prison in 2013 after beating on a pregnant counselor.

    He was found dead in his cell two hours later, autopsy report listed it as a heart condition.

  • Country
  • I thought that the irish were always considered white but faced discrimination due to their nationality itself, along with religion, and typically being poor, more like being viewed as a “lesser” category of whites

    Interesting, the basis of that is so strange

  • Former Sheriff's Deputy Chase Blackwell murdered Unnarmed Isaiah Winkley and has denied release of the bodycam footage

    This is former Hancock County Sheriff Deputy Chase Blackwell

    Chase Blackwell was a sheriffs deputy in Hancock county, Mississippi. He murdered a Florida college student named Isaiah Winkley outside of a home in Perkinston, Mississippi. He was only 21 years old. He was unarmed and was shot 5 times.

    They have not released the body cam footage to anyone and Chase Blackwell resigned from the Hancock County Sheriffs department for “some personal issues within the office”. They have denied the families claims to see the body cam footage period.