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What would you do with your time if you didn't have to work to meet your food, housing, and healthcare needs?
  • I’d travel way more. I’d visit friends and family and hang out with them, which is almost impossible right now because everyone’s trying to work and and survive. I would probably consider having kids. I can’t justify a child in my current financial situation.

    Id still do the same work I’m doing now most likely, but I would cut back workdays to maybe 3 days a week at most. I’d cook more.

    I’d definitely be less stressed. I wouldn’t have to worry about rent or my electric getting shut off.

    Idk, I would do everything I think this life was meant for compared to the hellhole we are in currently.

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • Similar problem for me as a lawyer. I can have a case that keeps me up at night stewing and trying to think of a solution, but I feel it would be ethically irresponsible to bill them for 5 hours when I’m not “technically” working on their case.