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  • Introduced, not passed. They are not a terror organization and calling them as such is an attempt to discredit a political movement for the sake of fascists and racists. There have been analyses, reports, and studies that have concluded that antifa is not a major domestic terrorism risk.

  • Next he summoned a lemon
  • Yes as a historical event that happened in English, linguists talk about it's impact and what it was as a cultural moment in the language's history but if you know linguists, you know that they do not care one little tiny bit about prescriptivism or the rules of English. Linguists study how people use language not how people should use language. That's what English teachers are for.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • Then don't provide housing at all, let the market be affordable enough that people can buy housing. All rental companies provide is a funnel to keep the impoverished from saving their money to buy a home they can't fathom according anyways. Same thing with house flippers. Buying a shit hole and giving it a paint job should not make it worth 3x the value you bought it at. Affordable housing is not the job of citizens, it is the job of the government and the government is doing its job making said housing, more attainable through rent caps.

  • Next he summoned a lemon
  • A linguist would tell you that this is a stupid argument to squabble over and pronunciation and rules are less important than how people use the language they speak. Linguists don't correct grammar, pedants on the internet do. And if you want a prescriptivist take on the rules outlining the pronunciation of acronyms, there are none. Every acronym ends up being pronounced the way it gets pronounced by the people who pronounce it. There are just as many acronyms that are pronounced like the words they use to make it up as there is that aren't. You don't say Jay-feg (JPEG) or Skub-ah (Scuba) so you should have no qualms with someone using a soft G in GIF. If you have an issue with a soft G in GIF then you should absolutely have an issue with a soft G in Giraffe or the hard G in Graph. Your rules make no more sense than the coinage of the term deciding how it should be said.

  • Senate GOP blocks bill to guarantee access to contraception
  • What part of my comment was defending child molesters? My point is that legalizing physical castration as a punishment for any crime at all, they have set the bar for what is considered cruel and unusual punishment below mutilation. Since our legal system is based on precedent, that means other forms of mutilation as punishment are now on the table in the courts.

    Also, the absolutely are women child molesters. You can't physically cut a biological woman's balls off. The punishment targets men specifically and does nothing to actually stop molestation in the future. Also, Louisiana has the highest rate of false guilty verdicts in the country and they are the ones cutting men's balls off... Just saying.

  • Senate GOP blocks bill to guarantee access to contraception
  • It's not even about having babies. It's about control in general. Louisiana just passed physical castration as a punishment. Yes it is for one of the worst most disgusting things a person can do to another living being, but it leaves no path for redemption, it is irreversible, it is cruel and unusual, and it is about control. They'll literally cut your balls off in Louisiana for molesting children.

  • 'I'm not going to let you continue': ABC host stops Trump lawyer from lying about Biden
  • I feel like calling George Stephanopoulos an "ABC Host" kinda minimizes the career he's had... He was a white House communications director, then the Senior Advisor to the President of the United States of America.... Then he became a news reporter and eventually a co-host of Good Morning America. Honestly he's a household name in the US.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
    1. The company makes the rules under which you are employed. If you don't like it, legislate against it or find another employer. Also, like I said, there are no 3rd party authenticators that are more secure with entra ID.

    2. Like I said, M$ auth literally does not report location while authenticating. It only pulls location requests when signing in through the app to create the authentication token and even then it is not a requirement. Entra pulls location using your IP address on the device you are signing in with.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • It is using windows hello on compatible machines and through persistent tokens on Mac and Windows machines not compatible with hello. You have to create that token with a known factor such as a mobile device but outside of that, users almost never have to sign in with persistent tokens.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • Ms auth is a mobile only application. Not even available on windows or macOS. The point of it is to provide a second factor of authentication in the for of "something you have". There are a few factors that can be used for authentication. Something you know (password), something you have (hardware like a key or a phone), and something you are (iris scan, DNA, fingerprint, other biometric). Ms auth uses something you have and something you are to authenticate most users. You provide a password and then you prove you have your cellphone and your cellphone checks your biometrics to see if you are you. In that way, it is effectively checking all 3 factors.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
    1. It doesn't change anything for the company with exception to billable IT time used when the authenticator confuses users which is already high with only one authenticator.

    2. It doesn't report location, Entra login reports location regardless of authentication method used.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • I work for an MSP servicing 5k users all of whom I force to use M$ Auth app. Because it is the best Authenticator on the market, their company is paying for it, and because I look at the sign in logs for 3-4 different organizations every day to see literal hundreds of foreign sign-in attempts that fail due to M$ MFA. Yeah fuck monopolistic megacorps but understand when they provide an actual good product that is safe to use and actively protects you as an individual better than anything else out there.

    All that said, the most likely reason is that they don't want to make a document explaining how to set up MFA for each of the dozen+ apps out there and they certainly don't want to talk to users who don't know what they are doing with which ever app their kid set up for them

    I'm sure you know what you're doing better than 80% of the other employees in your office in this regard but I can tell you from experience, when one person gets their way, everyone wants theirs too.

  • Report: Microsoft to face antitrust case over Teams
  • They actually just decoupled teams from o365 in preparation for this exact situation. As of April 30th you no longer get teams with your tenant skus anymore unless you are grandfathered in to the older skus that bundled it.