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Marshall Stack
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Oklahoma state superintendent orders schools to teach the Bible in grades 5 through 12
  • @HogsTooth
    Well that was a total misunderstanding of my post.
    The idea is to come up with an ethical dilemma, apply critical thinking, and then show how crap the biblical approach is. With the examples I cited, I'm amazed you think this is teaching the Bible as fact. More like proving it wrong ethically & logically using itself as evidence.

  • Oklahoma state superintendent orders schools to teach the Bible in grades 5 through 12
  • @Stopthatgirl7
    I actually wouldn't mind kids being taught critical thinking, ethics & the Bible as a subject.
    Start with an ethical dilemma, apply critical thinking to it and then overlay an appropriate Bible passage.
    Could cover original sin, lots daughters, midionite genocide, slavery, creation of hell, eternal torture for a finite crime, 10 commandments etc.

  • Driving past a church and their sign hatched a plan.
  • @Adalast
    Exodus 21, 20-21

    20 “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.

  • "If Christianity is man made, why does everything about it go against man’s desires? Atheists can't answer this question" ...but they Can
  • @ekZepp
    I have a desire not to be tortured for eternity in a hell created by the being who is demanding I love it unconditionally, without credible evidence of it's existence. All because this being loves me & wants to forgive me for the sin of being descended from a woman who used the free will she didn't have to not be tricked by this beings lie into not eating a magic apple.

    Fortunately, this is over ruled by my desire to live my life without being sucked into believing illogical bullshit.

  • Church attendance is dropping all across America. It's long overdue.
  • @tygerprints @Lanky_Pomegranate530 @CaptainSpaceman
    Well said. I'm from '64 so a very young boomer but strangely my younger brother is Gen X ???

    Say what you want about boomers but they were the first en masse to:

    1. Reject mainstream religion.
    2. Stand up for the environment.
    3. Address animal suffering.
    4. Stop using violence to discipline children.
    5. Take steps against racism.
    6. Establish women's rights.
    7. Recognise alternative sexualities.
    8. Improve the workplace.
    9. Resist unjust war.
  • Church attendance is dropping all across America. It's long overdue.
  • @tygerprints @Lanky_Pomegranate530 @CaptainSpaceman
    There seems to be a trend of generating hate & prejudice between generations recently. Just blame all the ills of the world on previous or subsequent generations.
    Imagine the outrage if comments made about generations were made about races or LGBT people.
    If you were born into the life of the target of your hate, would you be so different?
    We need more empathy & reasoned dialog in the world, not mindless division.

  • Church attendance is dropping all across America. It's long overdue.
  • @CaptainSpaceman @tygerprints
    Religion is not really a problem outside USA.
    'Not saying all Americans are religious, but the majority of Americans are and they are the reason western religion is still afloat.'
    When Americans all die out then religion will fade away too.
    Is there a word for negatively judging all members of a demographic according to a stereotype of that demographic?

    This comment contains irony & may be harmful to those allergic.

  • To all the ex-theists in this community. What drove you to leave your religion?
  • @Lanky_Pomegranate530
    I was raised in a somewhat skeptical environment but had been drawn to Christianity by a charismatic bullshit artist.
    A new girlfriend was interested in me & asked me to explain my beliefs. As the words were coming out of my mouth, I felt like such a gullible, credulous moron. Something about saying it out loud rather than just thinking or hearing it popped the illusion. Like waking from a weird dream.
    Unintentional street epistemology. Still together 37 years later.

  • CNN: Atheists are still reluctant to ‘come out’
  • @ChunkMcHorkle @Lanky_Pomegranate530
    35 years of faith must have been brutal mentally.
    I'm Aussie so religion is not much of an issue here but I deal with it by separating the person from the faith if possible.
    Belief is not a choice & I'm not convinced by biblical evidence. Feigning belief would not fool God if he exists.
    My christian friends agree to disagree & we move on to other topics. I will not be the angry atheist they need me to be to reinforce their negative opinion of atheists.

  • TIL that the Big Bang Theory was first proposed by a Catholic priest
  • @metaStatic @i_have_no_enemies
    LeMaitre only took it as far as the universe expanding. He just reversed the expansion to conceive the starting point which was disparaged as the big bang. I'm not sure he had the tools or ability to work out singularities. I may be wrong though.
    Einstein made the mistake of inventing the cosmological constant to make the universe a steady state against the evidence he was seeing.