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Google Play services updates for Android Lollipop end
  • never fixed until Android 6 Android 9


    It wasn't until my Xiaomi Mi 8 that I could use my phone without babysitting wakelocks. My nexus 6P still had them, and the consequences were quite annoying thanks to the SD810...

  • Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • The problem I have is that this covers a very niche use case for me. I want it to be a tablet - lightweight etc, but not be constrained by mobile apps. I don't want iOS' version of lightroom, I want to have Darktable and Rawtherapee and a full fledged Visual Studio code, and well, you get the picture.

    I don't need a laptop because I also have a MacBook Pro - I went this way because Apple's processors are too far ahead to ignore. So I can take AMD but my opinion is that intel's offerings are just not competitive and I'm not buying any of them.

    This leaves me with very few options - I'd be keen on buying an AMD-powered Ubuntu tablet but they don't seem to exist.

    And also my surface works perfectly fine, so spending a non-trivial amount of money and ewaste just to change OS seems rather silly. I'm sticking to that one for now.

  • Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • That's a nice project, but the last update was from 2 years ago and it needs way too much work to be close to usable. Windows 11 might be getting ads but at least audio works...

    To be Done:

    Support for Audio Subsystem #21
    Support for LTE/Modem #22
    Support for Webcams #23
    Support for External Display Ports #27
    Support for Suspend #29
    Support for TrEE Services #37
    Support for Sensors #38
    Support for GNSS/GPS #39
    UEFI ResetSystem() crashes #41

    Various other issues can be expected, see the issue tracker for details.

  • Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • If only I could install it on the Surface Pro X...

    Damn, they worked so hard to gain goodwill in the last few years and it seems they've set out to destroy it in record time.

    WSL and WSL2, Android Apps, working with Qualcomm to get their ARM computers to a credible state, the new Powershell and the push to open source so many things...

    And in the past 12-18 months they've been crashing and burning, either backtracking on those things or by starting new initiatives to become scummier and scummier. TPM, Copilot, the ad situation, abusing their position of power with office/teams, the giant safety holes in the Recall feature... But it seems every day there's something new in the news. It's never ending.

  • Las Vegas' dystopia-sphere, powered by 150 Nvidia GPUs and drawing up to 28,000,000 watts, is both a testament to the hubris of humanity and an admittedly impressive technical feat | PC Gamer
  • Take a train instead of a flight. Cycle to work or take public transport instead of driving. Install a heat pump or solar in your house. There are a million things people can do to cut down their emissions that can be as effective as becoming herbivores, depending on each one's personal situation.

    Plus, I don't have the numbers in my head but I'm pretty sure a locally grown fillet of chicken is more environmentally friendly than an avocado that has travelled across the Atlantic, so "buy local" would be probably better advice.

  • Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks
  • Maybe we need to rethink economics in a way they don't require an endless growth of the population like we're a cancer to the earth. Maybe Bezos could pay a bit more than 1.1% in taxes, an extra 1% would free a cool couple of billion for retirement. And so could Musk, and same with the companies, a bit from Amazon, a bit from Microsoft, and the rest of S&P500...

    I'm all for a bit of population decline. The system needs to crash to get rebalanced.

  • How to make an EV tire that won’t pollute the environment
  • In a car with ABS, two sets of tyres with different grip will have a different point at which tyres lock up, with grippier tires locking up later and ABS letting the brakes bite harder before acting.

    Now a harder question is whether a tyre with less rolling resistance will be less grippy. All things equal, yes, it will. Tyres grip by deforming and creating friction in the contact patch, and the point of these tyres is to reduce friction.

    To make up for this, manufacturers use clever designs (e.g. where tyres can deform more under certain conditions) so that they can retain characteristics similar to tyres with more rolling resistance. Of course, everything in engineering is a compromise, which means that A) these tyres are more expensive because of the additional complexity and B) the design and materials science can only go so far and they have indeed slightly less grip; otherwise all the tyres would be like this.

    As an anecdote, Toyota sold the GR86 with Michelin Energy Saver tyres fitted as standard (in Europe at least) for "grip" reasons: they allowed the car to drift at really low speeds (some car journalists commented that it was remarkably easy to take roundabouts sideways at legal speeds).

  • MultiVersus is a Smash Bros. clone that feels like a smartphone game, spoiled by its monetisation
  • Oh boy. £120 to just unlock the base characters or "dozens and dozens" of hours of grind for each of them.

    We'll see how this goes, but I see this going the way of Suicide Squad. I wonder when, if ever, Warner Bros. Is going to learn that players are actively pushing back against corporate greed and live service games are already way past the limit of microtransactions that players deem acceptable.