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Any ideas of communities that we could reach out to suggest them to move to lemmy?
  • Laaate reply, but: 1) it seems to me there's a big bloc of users who truly despise Reddit, and would go anywhere else but back, 2) there seems to be a pretty big bloc of users who are comfortable with the size and nature of Lemmy, and don't want to go anywhere else AFAIK.

  • c/Heathcliff Reminders, house keeping.
  • This is a Heathcliff group. Not a me group.

    This is a distinct problem I've discovered as someone who aims to post daily in my Euro-comics community-- that while it does gradually increase the subscriber count, it also (speculating here) tends to create a userbase that's content to sit back and let someone else do the work.

    So, psychologically and motivationally, I'm thinking it might even *discourage* contributors, especially since I try to research well everything I post, and usually post multiple images. Not unlike how you always add the reference comic as well as frequent bonus content... plus the funny comments, of course.

    In other words, the two audiences are getting quality stuff without needing to lift a finger. Where is their motivation supposed to come from, daggit? So far I can't even get assistants, which is some bonus discouragement.

    I'll check out @[email protected] "FediGrow" again, and meanwhile, I've added this sub to the sidebar of my community, which might give it a little boost at some point.

  • Andrew Wyeth, "Two If By Sea".
  • Round House, an octagonal building Wyeth had constructed; in which Betsy Wyeth now archives her husband’s works. “One if by land, and two if by sea” references Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Paul Revere's Ride."

    So if I understand correctly, this building has nothing whatsoever to do with Paul Revere's Ride, or related architecture. Interesting building, tho!

    @lars@[email protected] @[email protected]

  • Lemmings of ...uh... Lemmy who ate ramen noodles dry, whaddup wit dat?
  • chicken powder separately

    Unfortunately, the ones around here aren't all that great. Going by a ramen packet right now, it looks like this "Maruchan" version probably has more spices and dehydrated veggies than the straight chicken powder. Also, methinks the OXO cubes would be pretty hard to sprinkle over popcorn(!)

    That said, there's all kinds of great popcorn toppings (store bought and homemade), so I don't suspect it's a big problem.

  • The art of Sheyenne Smith (8 pieces)

    That's Black Bittern above, which represents the bird.

    Sheyenne's from Alberta, Canada, and their art reminds me just enough of certain Euro art that I think it's worthy to be added here.

    [!]( We stare into each other's eyes

    [!]( Banana Deer and friends, from the game Fin Fin: On TEO, the Magic Planet

    [!]( Ocean Procession

    [!]( This Moment in Time

    [!]( "Fast Food!"

    [!]( Kestrel

    [!]( Snake in Grass (can you spot all the bugs?)

    Oh, and they are also known as "Uzon":

    ***On the Road to Imladris*** (after Tolkien) (5 pieces)
  • Well said, and thank you, Nacktmull.

    @RootBeerGuy@[email protected] :
    First of all, my sincere apologies for the insult. There was no excuse for that, and if you like, please read the edits above which contains the 'missing info' which we seemed to miscommunicate upon.

    So, to be clear-- RBG, you did nothing wrong, my insult was uncalled for, and indeed, was a blow to this sub.

    I don't want to get too much in to excuses, but I have a major new health event happening on top of an existing one. I was having some wine that day to console myself, and... yeap, not good. :S

  • ***On the Road to Imladris*** (after Tolkien) (5 pieces)
  • Dude, I laid out my whole thinking, above. I explained the whole matter, and linked back to the discussion, as with the URL.


    This is specifically where I should have suggested that you read the final link in the OP, which contains a loooong discussion between myself and another person at the time. I felt bad about posting the original lighthouse which I concluded was actually AI, and he was arguing that we should allow AI as a natural progression of art. I reluctantly agreed to leave the door open, and then followed up with Nacktmull IIRC.

    Dude, if you're not happy with that, then fick dich. Don't you dare scold me for me upon my sub/community.


    I am leaving the original insult above as a lesson to myself, and offer my sincere apologies to RBG and the community. More in a fresh comment below...

  • ***On the Road to Imladris*** (after Tolkien) (5 pieces)
  • Well, Tolkien was an Englishman, so yeah.

    Otherwise, yes-- haha, EXACTLY.

    Which is why I specifically WROTE WHAT I WROTE, above.

  • Well... at least Pif is safe!

    "I'm fearing the worst, but hoping for the best!"

    I mean, seriously-- walk in the water, and... suffer the consequences?

    Oh, HEY, my old 80's favorite:

    Opening pages to ***Modern Speed*** by "Blutch," i.e. Christian Hincker
  • I always forget there’s someone behind the performer, so...

    Part of the process then, my friend?

    You're getting smarter & wiser, and I'm getting older & more dull, lol.

  • On the Road to Imladris (after Tolkien) (5 pieces)

    Imladris was also known as "Rivendell" in the J.R.R. Tolkien mythos. Interestingly, both The Hobbit and LotR used this Elven refuge as a key staging-point, but somehow it felt like I was discovering it afresh, each time. (are you taking notes, George Lucas & Disney?)

    I'm also a little sheepish to admit that all the lovely pieces here are, to the best of my determination, AI-created. So what the hey-- let's empty out this drawer and move on. Now, the reason I chose to lead with this one is because we'd been sorta talking about Tolkien's stuff recently, and the above piece reminded me a lot of his early illustration work (yes, he was also a pretty-decent artist who worked in a 'turn-of-the-century' style).

    Okay then, the following might be a bit random, but--

    [!]( Now where might that be..?!

    [!]( Another stained-glass style lighthouse, sorta-kinda.

    [!]( As someone who used to sail a bit, I love these. Of course, being AI-generated, there are a slew of similar pics out there, for better or wurst.

    [!]( San Francisco streets, credit to MidJourney specifically!

    I'd say hold on to your hats, though! In retrospect, there's a bunch of art here that helps explain its origins, but in future? I would say all bets are off. \gulp Hello, @[email protected]!

    Opening pages to ***Modern Speed*** by "Blutch," i.e. Christian Hincker
  • I love dancing too, and was impressed by how realistic the two people were portrayed in these frames, even if it was also slightly hilarious due to the guy's age and cranky nature.

    I've added two links to Blutch's stuff in the third paragraph.

  • Opening pages to Modern Speed by "Blutch," i.e. Christian Hincker

    Welp, I had something of a personal catastrophe this past weekend, but am finally recovering. I must say, though-- when there are little gaps like that, it sure would be nice if one of the readers could step in and post whatever.

    Okay, enough whining.

    So, I just finished re-reading the first color work by the fascinating "Blutch" [BDT], made in 2002. TBH, I feel like I need to re-read it a couple more times to get a better sense of it, but for now I can say that it's a surreal series of interconnected scenes that have a movie-like touch, not unlike the work of David Lynch or Fellini, perhaps.

    Two women are the lead characters, with the one above ("Lola") struggling to deal with her merciless dance instructor, her absurdly eccentric father, and of course, a big galoot of a celloist chasing her skirts. Oh, and also Renée, the other lead, an obsessed writer who wants to do a book about Lola. The overall tome however is really about the absurdness and even scary sides of humanity, as reflected nicely in the drawing style. Blutch is definitely NOT after pretty, conventional LC here!

    Here then are the first six pages of Vitesse Moderne:

    Btw, I find some major similarities between Blutch's work and that of the great Frederik Peeters of Switzerland and Grégory Mardon of France. All three seem willing to look at the human beast straight in the eye and give you notes that you might not have thought about or wanted to see in comics. In conclusion, I don't know if I'd call this book a 'classic,' but it's a mature work, worthy of many re-reads, that might just feed some part of your soul (or intellect).

    A Better Friend - Okunade Olamilekan (b.1988) 🇳🇬
  • Oops, pardon my rambunctiousness, there!

    So, over here I try to casually aim for one-post-per-day on my little startup anti-Reddit community (EGN+), which... oh, bother, it's still too much work for me, daggit! (I have CFS/ME)

    In addition, I feel like I need to explain every little thing. Which is probably a sensationally idiotic goal, right? *gulp*

    I think your method is more practical, frankly.

  • Bonjour monsieur, comment allons-**nous**, aujourd'hui? :-) [mature]
  • O-kay, so I get to have a day off sometimes, and then some asshole comes along and says: "No, no, you should feel less godly about that," completely proving my point.


  • A Better Friend - Okunade Olamilekan (b.1988) 🇳🇬
  • Omigosh, you just made my day, crafty. !

    We've talked about art before, meh, eh!

    (fellow artists talking about art, lol)

  • Bonjour monsieur, comment allons-**nous**, aujourd'hui? :-) [mature]
  • One of the most infamous, absurd scenes across MP.

    Remember what the Red-badge of NSFW was for, maties..?

  • Why are many people in America so politically unaware?
  • No no…we had it fixed for centuries

    I really don't understand you there.

    No, in fact the very founding of the USA was arguably done primarily so that the ruling class could disregard the respectful boundaries that the English imposed to avoid strife with Native Americans and other colonial powers, which incidentally tended to curb our exploiting the land willy-nilly as we've shamelessly done since. It also locked out women and slave voters, preserving a classist system.

    Since then there's been various periods of little / negligible useful social policies, as well as periods in which the ultra-wealthy and common capitalists were UNCHECKED in their ability to thoroughly exploit people and form monopolies, etc etc. Seriously, if the Roosevelts hadn't come along, those things might have progressed scarily unchecked.

    So, no-- I certainly don't see evidence that our form of democracy was 'fixed for centuries.' No, the fact is it's been a shaky, wild, perilous ride from the day one.

    ...the 1964 presidential campaign, as that’s the markings of the first ever attack ad.

    Maybe in terms of TV, but TV is just a natural extension of media, and media in the States has been used since... at least the early 1800's? to completely slag-off or outright attack enemy candidates. Indeed, it's been a perfect blood-bath of disinformation at times, which doesn't even address all the nasty, vile tricks used to disenfranchise, or outright turn away undesirable voters at the polls. Which yes-- includes outright violence against undesirable voters across centuries in the States.

    So, yeah... that all happened.

    Altho I DO agree with you that somewhere between 50-70yrs back, the USA has been outright under attack by right-wingers, paving the way for fascism. Basically attacking most of the progress made under FDR and even Republican presidents like Ike.

  • The Decomposition of Rotten Tomatoes: The most overrated metric in movies is erratic, reductive, and easily hacked — and yet has Hollywood in its grip.
  • People glom onto the only entity bothering to do benchmarks/reviews/ratings/whatever, or at least the only popular one, even if the system is totally bogus.

    I don't get any of this, really. MetaCritic and IMDB are also huge, and use alternate weighting systems, I believe. You can also just google the movie and underneath the 'big three reviewers,' there'll be a bunch more quality review sites, like NYT, The Guardian, Ebert's site and so forth.

    So for anyone who wants to get a spectrum of opinions, it's really not that hard. Not unlike how one should get reliable news.

  • Time's Up: Biden Won't Withdraw, He Can't Be Removed, and His Reelection Appears Sunk
  • RFK Jr

    He's also anti-vaccine and a conspiracy theorist disinformation-spreader. You know... a complete lunatic, and pretty much the last person to lead the Democratic Party. No surprise he went independent, then.

    Anyway, Biden's administration record has been superb (r/WhatBidenHasDone), so no matter his age, he obviously has a great team working for him. America better hope to hell he wins, or the ship is sunk.

    @[email protected]

  • If anyone ever asks you about sails
  • Thanks for checking that out! On my end, I found this version of "spank":

    Which of course is different from the other meaning, to "punish by swatting."

    As for an example, from Tintin's Secret of the Unicorn:

  • A Better Friend - Okunade Olamilekan (b.1988) 🇳🇬
  • Wow, I've made some decent paper pixelations before, but they took forever, and are simply not as good as this.


  • If anyone ever asks you about sails
  • Question, if I may: in some sailing / pirate works I've read, a ship has been said to be making a "spanking pace."

    Any relation with that back sail there?

  • Art-process of the Snake-Lady, by Béatrice Tillier

    The finished work was designed for the box-cover of the anthology series Norman Stories and Legends.

    Béatrice shared these pieces on her FB page, and I upscaled them and stitched the one together above. I really like 'before and after' works like this.

    [!]( Whoops, the upscaling kinda borked up her mouth, but overall it's much clearer now.

    [!]( Some Lady of the Lake vibes!


    I haven't read this series yet, or anything by Tillier so far, but I like her art a lot. Hopefully more later.


    Party of Three, from LotR (Oscar Chichoni)

    Many people seem familiar with Lord of the Rings via the Jackson movies, but there's a much longer tradition of artists depicting scenes from the books. Plus of course, two TV / movie series that bring some great voicework & songs (Rankin-Bass' version) and fascinating animation (Ralph Bakshi's), despite their overall flaws.

    But in terms of alternate illustrators, check out the Brothers Hildebrandt, for example.

    Personally, I'm enjoying this Argentinian master's version because the characters are no longer as wholesome-looking as in other depictions, giving the scene slight horror overtones. The ammonite is a nice bonus, too!

    Some more Chichoni art here:


    Detail from The Deluge, by Gustave Doré

    > Based on the story of Noah's Ark, this shows humans and a tiger doomed by the flood, futilely attempting to save their children and cubs. Full version here.

    It's a wood-engraving from the mid-to-late 1800's, evidently finished by Adolphe François Pannemaker, one of Doré's assistants. I love the fine line-work here, certainly reminding me of figures on currency.

    > Doré (1832 – 1883) was a French printmaker, illustrator, painter, comics artist, caricaturist, and sculptor. He is best known for his prolific output of wood-engravings illustrating classic literature, especially those for the Vulgate Bible and Dante's Divine Comedy. These achieved great international success, and he became renowned for printmaking, although his role was normally as the designer only; at the height of his career some 40 block-cutters were employed to cut his drawings onto the wooden printing blocks, usually also signing the image. > > He created over 10,000 illustrations, the most important of which were copied using an electrotype process using cylinder presses, allowing very large print runs to be published simultaneously in many countries. --WP


    The "J-corner" (i.e. "Street"), by Spanish artist "Alariko"


    "Hehe, nice try, buster" (full story linked) (Cornette & Oiry)

    It's from the superb, two-tome series Through the Walls, by Jean-Luc Cornette & Stéphane Oiry.

    So this is just a ramble, but in terms of the thumbnail, I really liked the transition between the 'dinner and the road' just above, plus the theme-shift from red to yellow to blue/green, again above.

    Indeed, overall across the series I found that there were light, playful (yet somehow precise) touches everywhere. Almost like a chortling intelligence at work, just playing little sandbox games for us to enjoy, haha.

    Oh rabbits, and I'd completely forgotten about Stéphane Oiry in terms of his art projects. In fact, he's one of the two geniuses involved in perhaps my favorite GN of all time, i.e. Maggy Garrisson.

    Alright, alright, let's read the story, chapitre deux:

    ------> <------

    Btw, the writer Cornette is another good one to follow. We should really get to more of his work, too.


    The various ways George Lucas (allegedly) riffed on Valérian & Laureline:

    Oh it's ON, baby!!

    Nah, it's mainly just a silly goof-con, in which case almost every sci-fi series one might possibly imagine has plainly borrowed from earlier ones in one way or another. At least, I THINK so.

    That said, I seem to recall Mézières being pretty upset about this at some point. In any case, he passed on a couple years ago, so hmm...

    EDIT: Whoops, pardon. This specifically appeared in the annex of the Cinebook edition of v2, The Empire of a Thousand Planets. There was a text accompaniment that I could post, if necessary. It was pretty rubbish, frankly.


    Splash panels from Purple Heart, by Warnauts & Raives

    Altho these don't have the precision line work of LC art, I did find them pleasing in other ways.


    For example, I liked the historical context --all those little details-- as well as the lush, varied and warm color schemes.


    > New York, 1950s. Josuah Harrison, a former member of the 101st Airborne and decorated with the prestigious Purple Heart, works as an investigator for a law firm. In fact, he mainly works for James Layton, the former commander of his company. Josuah is tasked with finding out who is blackmailing a real estate tycoon. Ronald Husler, a handsome self-made man in his forties, is in fact the victim of blackmail linked to his wife's troubled past. --BDT


    This excellent series is four tomes long, with "Raives" (Guy Servais) handling colors, but also collaborating with the writer Éric Warnauts upon the art, an unusual but fruitful arrangement, Belgian-style.


    Book two is mainly set in Hawaii, and in my mind the above was a great little M\*A\SH tribute. :-)


    The series distinctly reminded me of Fabien Nury's fabulous "Silas Corey" and "Tyler Cross" works. The strong plots, stylish art, measured pace, frequent danger and historical context were things the series all had in common.


    The Knight Bus, by Mary Guo

    Alright, this one's a little bit of a stretch to be posted here, but what the hey.

    > Knight Bus: a magical bus that appeared whenever a witch or wizard was in urgent need of transportation, all they had to do was stick a wand arm out at the curb for it to instantly appear. Distinctive in appearance, the Knight Bus was purple and triple-decker with seats during the day and beds at night., covering the British series Harry Potter

    In Mary's tribute here, I can see a couple anime and gaming characters.

    Her site:


    Trying to use PayPal to do a Ko-fi donation...

    After being helped several times with my various community issues by our kind site-runner, I would like to make a useful donation at this time. Oy, but there seems to be a problem:

    Now, I use an add-on in Chrome called "uMatrix," which is a script-blocker. This add-on forces me to hand-enable whatever necessary java-scripts there might be on sites, but it's not perfect. Okay, fine, so in Ko-fi's case, I wound up having to turn the tool completely OFF in order to get to the final payment-step, for anyone reading who had issues with such.

    Now, to the final step: My donation / pay options are evidently these: iDEAL, Bancontact, Przelewy24 and EPS.

    New problem: I have utterly no idea what those are. Is there a way then to donate via PayPal, perhaps?

    EDIT: Sorry, I guess this should have gone in "Support." Please do move as necessary.


    BIG community update for July '24:

    Long overdue update, baby!

    So... wow. Step-by-step, we’re on our way. And wouldn’t you know it, our one-year anniversary is coming up on August 1st. For a little background– we were founded directly in response to Reddit cracking down on 3rd-party app creators, which was the beginning (or possibly continuance) of Reddit essentially monetizing its volunteer labor. More on all that in the FAQ's comment section.

    So what's new, matey?

    • Matey, the Resources page has been updated with lots more info and links, specifically to help future posters.
    • Some of the older posts had lost their lead-images due to server ("instance") glitch. They've now been fixed.
    • Some of the older reviews still lack internal picture content. I (Johnny) work on that when I have time, such as by adding new content to the Hilda review (
    • The site's been added to the Wayback Machine tracking. Hopefully if something happens to me, or the FV, the community can carry on somewhere else, preserving the best content.
    • More clickable #tag searches have been added in the sidebar. The searches will by default search this specific community here on this instance, but you can adjust those factors as you like.
    • The banner! Its resolution is higher now, noticeable perhaps if one zooms in.
    • There was a linked-image issue the past few weeks that was frankly driving me up the wall, but fortunately, with the help of our instance-runner, the bug now seems squashed. A bunch of recent posts have now been fixed so that images will appear right in the body of the post, without needing to click a link, altho just to be cautious, I’m now adding the Imgur links underneath as a failsafe.
    • One of these was a temporarily-deleted POST that’s now been fully restored, dedicated to the art of Alexander Petela, celebrating PRIDE month. I feel bad that more people didn’t see it, so check it out if you like. The art is pretty gorgeous and unique IMO.

    I'm a newcomer. Any advice?

    Welcome, welcome! ^^ Feel free to simply enjoy the new posts as they're published! But more than that, feel free to keep paging back through the archives or use the tags / search. As of the moment, there are over 360 postings to enjoy.

    And of course, feel free to create your own topics, share your favorite stuff, discuss various comics, or just ask questions from the knowledge-base of our members.

    Volunteer opening: News Reporter

    I (Johnny) spend most of my 'BD time' reading, researching and writing, but what I'm not so good at is keeping up with the latest news. For this reason, we could use someone to keep an eye on the latest Euro comics news and post some interesting bits from time to time. If someone's willing to do that on a regular basis, it's worth a mod position.

    There are many good sources with news (we have a ~dozen listed in Resources), most of which tend to get updated on a ~weekly basis. It's a job that probably only requires 30-40min per week. About one post per week of something interesting would be ideal.

    Volunteer opening: Archivist

    Proof-checking and fact-checking are needed on older posts that contain significant text content. There are no doubt some spelling, grammar and phrasing errors here and there, but probably even more needed is to: 1) properly organise and supplement our "master list," and 2) yell at Johnny for not including enough picture content in whatever posts that seem long and dry, with only text. If that makes sense.

    Indeed, I'd say the "master index" greatly needs to be updated with new content, which should probably become a new, pinned post created and maintained by the future archivist. This is also worth a mod position.

    Job opening: Publicist

    I make a point of dropping semi-regular links to our content on Reddit, while not trying to go overboard. What's needed far more than that is posting our content around the web to appropriate communities in a non-aggressive, friendly way. I'm talking about Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, and other major sites, as well as various BD communities and wherever else seems receptive. Not in a spamful way, but simply in a 'hey, here's some cool, recent content,' such as the reviews. Maybe 1-2 links per week to each type of site.

    Since this strikes me as a pure service, I'm thinking it's probably appropriate to PayPal such a publicist per link generated, or something like that. Anyone interested, feel free to message me about this.

    Final thoughts

    Averaging over a post per day for an entire year is not something I thought would be \remotely possible in the beginning, yet it somehow happened, with huge thanks to Nacktmull, and with proper thanks to a handful of others.

    Still, to be clear-- ultimately, the goal here is to create a self-sustaining community in which the mods do not themselves need to create the lion's share of the content. TBH, I’m not a big fan of administration myself, and would prefer to be just a content-creator, at the end of the day.

    Now, yes-- I realise those are goals for down the road, when the community is bigger, but I also happen to think they're good, healthy goals. So I want to let everyone reading know that we really \do need more regular posters, even if it's only to post on an occasional basis, such as once per 1-2 mos. Every little bit helps, hey?

    Thank you for reading

    I hope it wasn't too hard to get through all that, and I also hope that you might consider my requests. They are sincerely intended for the good of the sub/community, not just me personally.

    Now, if you liked the artwork (by Simon Stålenhag), here's a big, bonus gift:


    From The Pond, by Dutchman Erik Kriek (more info inside)

    Kriek's a super-illustrator who works in a variety of styles and formats, but some of my favorites are these 'woodcut-style' pieces with their limited color palettes. For a nice big intro on Kriek and more sample pics, see:

    As for this particular work, it's his latest, and one can see a load of sample pages here. That's in Castellano, so hit your translate button!

    > After the tragic loss of their son, Huub and Sara move into an old, isolated family home in the Veluwe woods. They hope to put the grief behind them and get their lives back on track. But is it really a good decision? > > In the forest, at the bottom of their garden, there is a mysterious pond, filled with stagnant black water. The waterhole is surrounded by old beech trees with strange markings carved into the bark. > > Sara hopes to rediscover her taste for creativity, and paint new canvases in this new environment. She abandons her psycho-medical treatment to achieve this. When she discovers old sketchbooks left by Huub's great-uncle, she gradually sinks into darkness... --BDT


    Sad Elizabeth, by Jacques Tardi (see notes)

    She was a bull mastiff, kept by her owner, a guy who arranged hits on other people, who was also terrified of any and all retribution, hence Lizzie's official purpose.

    In any case, I hearken to her sad, expressive face.

    So, she and her 'human' appear in one of the stories of the utterly superb Streets of Paris, Streets of Murder collection by Jacques Tardi and the late, great, Jean-Patrick Manchette, one of the great crime-novelist writers.

    Part of the reason I'm posting this is because Tardi often drew human faces with little more than 'slanting lines' to indicate mouth and eye regions. For example, here's one his most famous characters:


    (they even made it in to a film, daggit!)

    And another from the 'murder' series: !

    See what I mean about the facial expressions? So there's the irony, if you follow me, hmm.

    By gosh, though! Tardi was no chump. He could change it up however he liked to suit the current work, as with Les Tontons flingueurs, which apparently involved an angry Rowan Atkinson as lead mafioso:



    Quickie-sketch of Bianca and The King of Feather Hill, from the delightful, page-turning Bird-King series.

    Whoa...! I just read the first two ~150pp tomes, and was thoroughly blown away by how much better this series was than I was expecting.

    For the record, the artist "Crom" is an Englishman, and the writer, I must admit... evidently American. Still, I think the sidebar addresses this kind of situation fairly well!

    Right then, our main characters begin as "Bianca," and her forge-master "Thonir," who unknown to her happens to be her own uncle. He's of a parallel race to man, who have a special ability for forging, creating artifacts out of gems & special ores, and even harnessing magic to some extent. But he's decided to shield young Bianca from almost all of that, plus much of their family history, thinking it temporarily for the best.

    Here's a sketch-sheet of these two: [!](

    (true confessions: she vaguely reminds me of the wonderful "Nimona" character)

    Now, one of Bianca's favorite getaways from laborious forge-work is in visiting the ruins of Feather Hill, which was completely decimated by the regional wizard-lich for refusing to ally with him, formerly.

    Here's the moment Bianca first discovers the "Birdking's" decrepit remains: [!](

    I don't want to give too much way here, but the Birdking is not nearly as 'finished' as he looks right there, which might remind some American fans of Walt Simonson's cool "Undead Thor" series.

    But actually, these tomes mostly remind me on the whole of two other classics: Jeff's Smith's Bone and the absolutely ingenious (but tragically shortened) Ogre Gods.

    Oh, and here's one last little sketch I liked, vaguely Mayan-style or something? !

    Anyway, here's 16 more pages from the first book to look at:


    Link's Path (Mathieu Bablet)

    I understand he did this piece as sort of a love-letter to videogames from his youth.

    Another closeup: !

    And the overall piece, The Journey Begins: [!](

    More explained here about this project:


    Chienbleu and the Sunday Poshies (Rebecca Dautremer)

    Loved that famous Seurat painting, what was it again..? (I'm getting old, memory bumbling itself away)

    Anyway, this is by new-to-me-artist / storyteller Rebecca Dautremer.

    This next one's a bit scarier, The Chickens Must Have their Say: [!](

    And of course, who could forget Oh, and here's Anty!: [!](

    And... interesting interview with her HERE. It's in Castellano, so please hit the translate button.

    Dans tous les cas, regarde:

    0 communities locked out of various Lemmy / FV search results, plus image-sharing still broken since June ~9th:

    Yes, I'm the very same moron person who accidentally deleted his community, then had it restored by our excellent admin / site-runner a month or two ago. Yup!

    Now for today's stupid-idiot complaint:

    Around June 9th I found that I could no longer display images in comments & posts. The specific problem seemed to stem from some broken code that was being auto-added, namely:


    IIRC my co-mod opened a thread on this stuff around a week ago." And... in the words of the kids? "Shizzle's still broke." I.e., the code still doesn't work, and still breaks every attempt to share images.

    But sadly, there's more. Namely, it seems that communities are no longer showing up in one of the significant FV search engines, i.e. ""

    For example, one of our biggest communities here on, i.e. "movies" is now totally missing from the results. So, (currently) every time people look for stuff on search engines like that, communities will be invisible to them.