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The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion
  • I've been playing a lot of Satisfactory recently. Seeing things swoop around is kinda interesting. Funnily enough I think the movement in the game is what I like the most, its so fluid!

  • From the wreckage - Sam Hulick (Mass effect)

    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Man that's a loaded question. Easiest answer is yes, however sprinkle additional infighting of political parties within.

  • Mass Effect | N7 Day 2023 Official Teaser Trailer
  • I just realized I wrote Krista lmao.

    Peebee was also pretty grating but I kinda started later on. I just didn't like how much of a boy scout Kosta was.

  • Mass Effect | N7 Day 2023 Official Teaser Trailer
  • Oh Andromeda was ok, different sure but not bad at all. Except Krista g'damn he was annoying.

  • Someone said they wanted to see what my daily rash looks like on here 💀
  • This made me itchy. Still hot though.

  • short people rule
  • My 5'5 ass: "phew"

  • Just booked a week-long trip to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving!
  • Congrats on the trip! I live in PR and it's a lovely island hope you get to experience the best of it and are left with some good memories.

  • Gargoyles Live-Action Reboot Officially in Works at Disney+
  • I wonder how they're gonna tackle the gun episode lmao.

  • The Toxic Avenger Teaser - Eyewitness First Look (2023)
  • Lol what is this true? That was pretty campy I love it!

  • Severe bug with save file
  • Indeed, I'm gonna edit the post now with what I think broke the save.

  • Severe bug with save file
  • Yeah I think I'm gonna have to start manual saving after certain quests. But no, I'm not using any mods. Ended up rolling to a save I had backed up way back, lot of lost progress but it is what it is.

    I'm gonna edit the post to add what I think was the thing that started this bug.

  • Severe bug with save file
  • you can have more than one save per character and it seems that going back to a WAY old save fixed it, kinda ashamed that I didn't even think of this before lol but man it sucks that save was like 100hrs old and I reverted back by 20+ hours

    edit: Also thanks for reminding me to rollback at least it's not a complete loss for this character.

  • Severe bug with save file

    Has anyone else had issues with there save files? Recently, after performing a save of any kind (quick, normal or exit save) and reloading said save I've been getting teleported back to what I assume is the center of the cell. It's been incredibly annoying and really I don't even want to play the game anymore.

    Obvious troubleshooting I've done:

    -reboot game

    -reboot PC

    -verified game files

    -reinstalled game (worked for the first quick save then reverted)

    -created a new character (worked fine on that character reverted back to my original save and issue kept happening)

    Is my original save now cursed?


    Well, I had found an old backup that I made and was able to recover the character, however with a lot of lost progress but better than nothing.

    What I think broke my save was setting down the big landing pad with shipbuilder module. After doing this the game started behaving weirdly mixing the cargo from my ship and the outpost. The gas, solid and warehouse cargo also stopped transferring items and lost all fill progress showing a grey led icon.

    It might be a reach but after that was when I started seeing the game just lose it.

    Any sci-fi with aliens where humans are not the less advanced race?
  • Considering I'm in my umpteenth play through; I feel like Mass Effect fits into this. Humans and other aliens are more or less on the same technological level.

    There's a little more depth to it but it's something you can find out more while playing. There's also some comics about it.

  • What anime will you never skip the theme on a rewatch?
  • Definitely Jujutsu Kaisen same as the outro way too catchy.

    And even though it's a Netflix anime, Super Crooks what a hot banger of an intro!

  • Good afternoon I choose violence.
  • Ok but what about cold pepperoni pizza with a nice cup of coffee in the morning? Thats good right?

  • Whatchu got
  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • And all was right with the world.