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Yer Ma
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Camels replace cows in Kenya due to climate change
  • When I was in Nairobi last year I noticed a lot of butchers were pushing camel meat. I tried some for a dinner I was hosting and it was okay. I asked some of my relatives that live there if it was normal to eat camel and nobody would give me a straight answer lol

  • bore e all us


    Tumbleweed Noises...

    I think we are alone


    They Way We Weren't

    Aka: Beef Skellington


    I didn't like discovery very much

    Just want to see if I get banned agin


    First run


    "Cheaters never prosper" is a lie that a cheater probably came up with

    Who else would try to convince others that Cheaters never succeed in profiting?


    Is there any way to block entire domains?

    It is exhausting having to individually block communities when often I want to block all of the communities of a domain. Is this possible or will it be possible eventually?


    Can you remove excess padding from titles?

    It seems like suddenly many posts have ridiculous padding in the title bar (or whatever it is called), I cannot seem to find the correct option in the app.

    Edit: fixed after updating to 0.1.1