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Fruitecake uses mental gymnastics to explain why Atheism is a religion
  • Esp when you're walking by the court minding your own business, and they keep throwing it at you, insisting you play for your good, put statues of Jordan in courthouses, make you swear on your favorite team in school and courts and try to pass laws to make the rest of life just like basketball.

  • I wonder if the snake could open the little door.
  • I've never had a snake, though I did help take care of one we had in our HS biology classroom. I know feeding them frozen mice is common, and some people thaw them in the microwave, but it makes sense a snake this large would need something more substantive than a mouse.

  • The last time you had a panic/anxiety attack, why?
  • Started on Friday... still coming in waves. I had a breakdown a few weeks ago... just pushed myself too hard for too was probably building up for at least a year. Went to the VA (veterans affairs, for those not in the US, the VA is the sole source of health care for many veterans in the US), and they started making adjustments to my anxiety and depression medications which eventually precipitated into a ER visit. A few days later, they got me hooked up with the mental health clinic where I talked to a provider about going on short-term disability while we're messing with my medication doses until I feel normal again. He says something along the lines "sounds like a good plan, sned me the paperwork."

    Queue up to Friday, I get a call from the insurance company saying they got the paperwork from the provider, and it recommends I go back to work. Now I'm out of PTO, disability is denied, and I'm trying to decide whether I lose my job or go back to work on while tettering between "extreme anxiety" and "drug-induced haze" from all the new prescriptions.

  • 'I'm not going to let you continue': ABC host stops Trump lawyer from lying about Biden
  • 1 hour of testimony in a simple divorce proceeding for a blue-collar worker is the result of dozens or hundreds of hours of working with the attorney on documentation and preparation. I imagine it would be an order of magnitude more work if it's the POTUS suing for defamation. It also feeds into the "both sides" narrative to see Biden sitting in a courtroom, same as Trump. It doesn't matter that Biden's not the defendant, and it doesn't matter that it's a civil matter instead of a criminal one because the footage of Biden in a courtroom is more than enough to sell that story to the sycophants.

  • I Am A Transwoman. I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out.
  • It's the only way to defeat the labrenthine security measures that keep people from going into the wrong bathroom.

    I remember once at a Cracker Barrel shortly after we had our first kid, my wife was in the ladies' room trying to change a bad, bad diaper. We were expecting a 3 Mile Island, but this was Chernobyl. She hollered for help.

    I panicked for a moment but remembered my training. I only just made it past the cross-cutting grid of lasers using some parkour, the riddle guards where one always lies, and the other always tells the truth, and the spike pits with swinging vines over them. I definitely don't remember just fast-walking in there, eyes to the floor, loudly apologizing to nobody in particular.

    Once containment and remediation were complete, we enjoyed our meal without incident. The child was especially fond of apple butter.

    If I had known I could have avoided all that by simply attending decades of therapy, being abandoned by my family, going through painful binding, and multiple reconstructive surgeries which I had to save up for and purchase myself because they weren't covered by insurance and taking handfuls of pills everyday to try and regulate my hormone levels for some semblance of peace if a body I knew wasn't actually that would have saved me so much work.

  • Where do you go maintenance?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post or not, but I got a 22 Audi plugin EV a few months ago, and it's coming due for inspection/maintenance. Should I trust a "normal" mechanic with it or pay more to take it to a dealership?



    They even make pants outta this stuff!


    Nebraska governor changes mind; to participate in summer EBT Nebraska governor opts into summer food aid program after changing mind

    Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen said Monday that the state will seek federal summer grocery aid for 150,000 low-income children, reversing his administration's controversial decision to pass up on the funds.

    Nebraska governor opts into summer food aid program after changing mind

    A sliver of good news and a reminder that talking to your elected officials CAN make a difference, even if they're generally horrible people. Mr. Pillen realized that hungry kids were actual people after talking to some and decided, "Nebraska needs to do better." No shit Governor, but thank you for not digging your heals in this time and being willing to take free money from the feds to feed hingey children.


    Seducing Woods

    I'm just watching the series through the first time, and it occurred to me how funny it would have been if Zoro was with the team that went to Big Cake Island and, no matter what, he was unable to get lost in the woods.