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Anyone drink tea? Have suggestions for a simple recipe?
  • Presuming you are using just standard black tea, tea bags this method is sure fire, Not all tea bags are born equal though, so worth trying a few to find your brew. Milk or not, sweetening or not is at your own discretion really, though some teas benefit from additions, some not. Enjoy your tea journey.

  • alleged third kit for 24/25

    ! Love this one. Away kit looked horrible, new home kit was decent

    Connect A Song JimmyChanga

    Blue in the title for Coltrane, noel fielding in the video for boost connection

    Timing, I guess. As going to post as mighty boosh link, then Blue train was posted before I go to it, this still works though by title

    Connect A Song JimmyChanga

    Ruby Soho - Rancid

    Title of track is the connection


    inflation got me like (rule)



    Favourite beans

    From a question earlier about your favourite local coffee. The Dark Lochnagar from Ballater roaster The Roaring Stagg is my go to and favourite flavour, pretty amazing value too Glen Lyon are from a bit further afield but makes a lovely cup too though, a not more premium in price


    Slains Castle, Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire

    Remains of "new" Slains Castle in Aberdeenshire.


    View from top of Slains Castle's ruins

    The former home of The Earl of Erroll and inspiration (at least partially) for Bram Stoker


    goodbye DeGea De Gea confirms departure from Man Utd

    Spanish keeper David de Gea confirms he is leaving Manchester United this summer after 12 years, saying "it's the right time to undertake a new challenge".

    So long and thanks for all the saves