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favourite drink
  • Honestly, the amount of upvotes that comment has already for a non furry community is slightly concerning..

    Just how many cat people are on Lemmy? 10%? More?

  • average furry emoji rule

    Y'all don't want to see the Telegram ones

    favourite drink
  • 😻

  • Queer furry space rpg rule.
  • Wish I had that style

    And was a cat

  • favourite drink
  • Oh I don't need to be drunk for that

  • TIL elephants call each other by name and respond when they hear others call their name

    "That name is really hurtful you know"

  • 58 percent in new poll say they’re living paycheck to paycheck
  • In New Zealand there is no such thing as a low COL area, and where there is, it is a small village in the middle of nowhere that has literally no job openings available.

  • 58 percent in new poll say they’re living paycheck to paycheck
  • 73% of households report they are personally doing "Okay or better" financially.

    I call absolute bullshit. There is no way that could possibly be representative.

  • Samesies.
  • Based

  • Leaky bags
  • Tf is an eco-shop?

  • Leaky bags
  • It's just giant piles in warehouses.


  • Leaky bags
  • Why not a recyclable cardboard tube like oats come in sometimes?


  • Back when AAA game developing was a fun process
  • Note that what you are reading was heavily edited. There was a time when it was even more crazy.

  • Those were the days
  • Nah.

  • me_irl
  • That good, huh?

  • In response to the moderation polemic: beware of bad faith agents!
  • .ML already defederated from my instance, they did my work for me

  • Can't be thanked enough
  • Correction: your city has trashcans everywhere

  • Graphics rule
  • You wanna play UT99? Sure!

    Just have a cd drive

    And have kept the CD from 1999

    It's only older than my partner

  • Thank you for your service
  • By several dollars too

  • Furry Jimbo

    Any ongoing furry podcasts around?

    Looking around for a furry podcast that still releases episodes, or a furry adjacent podcast that a weird furry like me might enjoy. The Dollop, Hardcore History and Written in Uncertainty are all I listen to and they are great for history and Elder Scrolls enjoyers, but some variety would be awesome :3



    Taken straight from 196, the most based community


    Shout Out --> Wander

    Just wanted to shout out @Wander for running the tech for all this, and all the work he does for the community, running admin and fostering discussion. Having a place for both adult furry art (nice posts everyone) and adult furry discussion is exactly what I was looking for in a local server to call home.

    Cheers Wander and everybody else here, you all seem like pretty cool people <3