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Nintendocore (satire)
  • Haha embrace it :)

  • Where to Start With Ursula K. LeGuin?
  • A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan

  • Making friends [Field Explores]
  • Either way I'd probably say no thanks, I'm good. But if I were to accept it, sealed reduces suspicion by 20% because tampering is still possible. Purchased reduces suspicion by 97.3%, but randos don't randomly buy things for other randos, so I would be looking for the person filming the tiktok prank or brace myself for the evangelizing that comes with the free drink.

  • Get Your Glad Rags On (satire)
  • Mix between spectators and creepers: creepshow

  • Making friends [Field Explores]
  • If a rando offered me a drink I'd expect to wake up missing my kidneys.

  • Get Your Glad Rags On (satire)
  • The toe cap and contrasting colors do give spectator vibes, but the sole is thick like creepers:

  • Random act of kindness
  • You can actually see homeboy squatting behind the door through the windowpanes 🤣

  • Crustpunk (satire)
  • Just looked em up. Sound hilarious :)

  • A cool guide to Pets : Fun vs Effort
  • This whole graph is wack except friend's dog.

  • Fixed Gear Hipster (satire)
  • I randomly stumbled across it. It's truly biting satire, though some of it hasn't aged well.

  • Irene (by Chadian Xile Chao)

    cross-posted from:

    > Artist: Chadian Xile Chao | danbooru

    50 pocket square folds
  • Put something in the pocket before you put your pocket square in. I've used a paper napkin before when I had nothing else on hand 😋

  • Icon redesign
  • Sure, just playing with it

  • Icon redesign
  • Looks great! What if you simplified it even more? (apologies for the hack job, I did this on my phone)

  • A fungus is turning cicadas into horny zombies — but don’t panic
  • Their attempts at reproduction, doomed from the start, only fuel the virus’ spread, a group of scientists at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History told NPR in a statement.

    Is this a fungus or a virus?

  • Wrong answers only: what would you call this style?
  • Mission Failed Successfully :)

  • Wrong answers only: what would you call this style?
  • Mission Failed Successfully

  • Cyberpunk Jilanico

    We're all just characters in someone else's cyberpunk story

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    > (title added by community mod) > Pirated for Alt Text > > Image description: the yaer was Two Thousand and twenty-four. I took a puff of my Electronic-Cigarette, inhaling the vapours. my mobile terminal buzzed in my pocket, a flat slab of microchips and glossy touchscreen. I ignored it....... probably another Electronic-Mail > > --- > (Originally published on 2024-05-23) - Click the Fedi-Link to visit.