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"Do you know how many spells are just recycled incantations?"
  • Still better than the spell that needs to be cast at local noon. They synchronized those by having each monastery create and then destroy an invisible copy of the sun whenever they cast it. You don't want to know how expensive to maintain that is.

  • EA studios 'hunger' to start using generative AI 'as quickly as possible,' says CEO
  • Besides, LLMs struggle with retaining contextual information for long and they're pretty dang resource hungry. Expect a game with LLM-driven dialogue to reserve several gigs of VRAM and a fair chunk of GPU processing power solely for that.

    And then you still get characters who hallucinate plot points or suddenly speak gibberish.

  • KDE Plasma needs stability
  • Mind you, the real winner is of course Android. It has a consistent, easy to learn interface and a wide range of applications that integrate nicely.

    And we don't need to speculate; it has already won and is the true face of Linux for the masses. Plenty of young people don't even own traditional computers anymore and do everything on their smartphone or tablets.

    And that's why this entire discussion is really just a form of fan wank; we don't need to find a unified UI for Linux because it has already been found and has a massive market share. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

    Everything else can be as complicated, janky, or exotic as it wants because it doesn't matter.

  • KDE Plasma needs stability
  • Honestly, if you want one simple DE for everyone it should probably be XFCE. Dead simple to use, feels vaguely familiar to Windows users, not overly complicated.

    KDE is heavily customizable, Gnome is very opinionated, and tiling WMs don't adhere to orthodox UI patterns. Those are all suboptimal if you want something usable by the absolute widest range of users.

  • So what's changed Microsoft?
  • Given that I literally said I personally encountered this problem: Yes, it does. It's mostly just an annoyance that goes straight onto the "Windows Update jank" pile but I have wasted quite a bit of time helping people deal with connectivity issues that could down to "tinc_vpn" getting automatically renamed to "Network Connection 7".

  • So what's changed Microsoft?
  • Tinc gets broken by Windows updates every once in a while. The problem is that the update sometimes renames the network connections and Tinc needs the connection to have a specific name to work.

    That's the one I personally ran into several times now.

  • Helldivers 2 now delisted in 177 countries
  • And even if we accept that it was always intended to be PSN-only and they decided to launch before PSN integration was done, the fact that multiplayer is entirely dependent on them providing a service is troubling. That's how we lose games.

    I can still launch Rainbow Six 3 and play multiplayer with my friends because it has the server built in and allows direct connect via IP address. You can't do that with a live service game; once the official servers are down the game becomes (partially or completely) lost media.

  • Linux Mint looks to fork more GNOME Apps because of libAdwaita
  • Gtk and QT weren't consistent but there was a Gtk style that used QT as a rendering backend, which allowed you to get some semblance of consistency. Then they came up with Adwaita, which doesn't really allow that anymore.

  • Linux Mint looks to fork more GNOME Apps because of libAdwaita
  • To be honest, I'm kind of afraid that Linux will go the day of Windows with zero UI consistency because of apps that can't be themed to even look vaguely similar or may even take over the window decorations.

    I kinda liked it more when gtk-qt was still a thing and you could actually get a semi-unified look for the while environment.

  • How many of you have something with a belt drive? What do you think of it? Any regrets?
  • When I bought an e-bike for my commute I decided to splurge on one with a belt and I regret nothing. You spend less time messing with it and the bike is a lot nicer to work on when you don't have to worry about getting grease all over your hands. If I was to buy a regular bike I'd see if something with a belt was available within my price range because I like it that much better.

    Mind you, I had that bike for less than two years at this point. I don't know how a belt behaves in the long run.

  • What is Windows 11 'AI Explorer'? Everything you need to know about Microsoft's upcoming defining AI PC feature (including it always watching you)
  • Kernel-level anticheat and DRM are killer features, like it or not. People don't care how invasive they are, they want to play League of Duty. If Linux can't do that then it's not good enough yet as far as they are concerned.

    Meanwhile the only thing keeping me from switching to Garuda on my desktop is that the GPU is wonky and misbehaves even worse under Linux than it does under Windows. Screw competitive online games.