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Why doesn't the military do this? are they stupid?
  • Laser tanks are impractical. What if the enemy wears mirrored shades? That laser goes right back and kills you instead. You don't want your 100 million dollar tank to be taken out by a pair of Ray-Bans.

  • Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.
  • The amount of work actually doesn't matter (except when it does; especially the EU may consider it). The specific wordings might matter but that's not immediately obvious. A dictionary is at least close enough to mere database that its protected status isn't automatic. The more selective the dictionary is the more obviously it is protected since the selection process is an expression of creativity.

    Fake entries are definitely used in practice, most likely because they move the dictionary from "probably protected but the court would have to decide" to "definitely protected".

  • LGBT rights White House picket, 1965
  • I wasn't trying to make the point that he or the Mattachine Society didn't matter. I merely find it very amusing that after a long and meticulously crafted campaign to make gay people as inoffensive and nonthreatening as possible, the thing that accelerated gay acceptance was when the exact opposite happened and people started showing that they didn't have to be nonthreatening.

    The combination of a quiet composed voice and a loud angry one was more effective than either would've been on their own.

  • LGBT rights White House picket, 1965
  • And then the patrons of a mob-owned bar in New York decided to handle things a bit differently, much to his chagrin. Even more to his chagrin, they turned out to be extremely effective.

  • hamachi alternative
  • You could try Tinc but it's fairly involved to get running. Pretty nice if you have a root server and want to get several people wired up, though. There are probably easier solutions for your use case.

  • Harry Kim and the Prisoner of Upward Momentum
  • I mean, Tom Paris is a convicted terrorist and has abducted and mutated his captain in order to have sex with her. Successfully. And that's just who immediately springs to mind.

    Starfleet is a wild bunch.

  • I left a satirical comment under an insane Christian article and they ate it up
  • True, but in Republican circles that man has a reality distortion field that makes the one Steve Jobs had pale in comparison. Trump could tell them he's the true god and Christianity is a lie and they'd scramble to find a way to rebuild their world view around that.

  • I left a satirical comment under an insane Christian article and they ate it up
  • My guess is that when they say "Christian" they don't mean "following some version of the Christian faith" but "a Christian fundamentalist who wants to enforce their specific version of Christianity as the state religion".

    I'm pretty sure that no American president to date is sufficiently Christian for them, nor is e.g. the pope.

  • Gaming vs Regular Distros
  • Yep. I run Garuda and the main pull is that it's a more user-friendly Arch with a lot of stuff I want to use preinstalled. I don't really care about how XTREME it is or whether I might potentially get 1 FPS more.

  • Privacy tool
  • All other things aside, which Logitech mouse are you talking about? Both my G Pro and my G 305 work out of the box. Logitech also advertises them as ChromeOS compatible and AFAIK the Logitech wireless dongles are USB HID compliant so seeing a Linux straight up refuse to interact with them sounds very weird.