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Communism life expectancy
  • Communism is literally workers owning the means of production.
    Worker co-ops have the workers owning the means of production.
    Richard Wolf is a professor of economics. He talks a lot about the different ways a state can be communist. I'd recommend checking him out. (Misspelled his name in the above comment)
    The main way he advocates is with democracy at work.

  • Communism life expectancy
  • You might want to check out Robert Wolf. He's a big advocate for worker co-ops, which are a type of communism. Of the cooperative principles, #6 is cooperation between Co-ops. It doesn't get much more mutualist than that.

  • White House assessing if Israel violated "red line" with Rafah strike
  • I'm optimistic about the protests as well.

    What's the difference between what's going on now and carpet bombing? 60% of buildings in the strip have been damaged by bombs. Sources from december are saying that it's the most destructive bombing campaign since the second world war. Gaza is already being carpet bombed.

  • White House assessing if Israel violated "red line" with Rafah strike
  • Wow.
    Can't put any criticism against Biden here...
    We're clear that every Republican candidate is worse than the last. Voting biden in 2024 will help the short term. You're going from crisis to crisis. It's by design. Can't put the neighborhood fire out if you're always worried about your house.

  • White House assessing if Israel violated "red line" with Rafah strike
  • How would Trump be worse for the Palestinians?
    Would Bibi bomb even harder? Because he seems to be ignoring international pressure now. Would Trump give even more bombs to Bibi? Because there doesn't seem to be a handle on the throttle now.
    Trump moved the embassy. Did biden move it back?
    Trumps despicable. There's lots of reasons to prefer biden come November, but how is biden better on this issue?

  • “NATO is good with computers! WAAAAAAHHHHHH”
  • Purely speculating here:

    The patriot act made it so that the US government had ownership of any data that passed through US land. Is this just a way for the US to monitor all traffic going through into and out of Russia?

    It's actually a big deal inside any privacy space outside of the US. For instance, any healthcare data in Canada can't go through the US. Same thing for EU countries. Bigger corporations like MS know this and have data centers available for those countries to access within their own borders.

  • Cannes crowd boos Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis
  • Fair.
    I've found a lot of gems with 60% ratings. Usually the type that's really well crafted, but requires people to watch and pay attention. The first thing that comes to mind as an example is the first season of the witcher. It was all laid out to understand, but you had to pay attention to the name drops. 68% critic score, but I thought that first season was excellent

  • Cannes crowd boos Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis
  • I've seen very few critics opinions that I've agreed with, and fewer I disagree with but voice their opinion in a way that isn't purely subjective.
    Just mentioning because I'm seeing a horrible amount of journalist and journalist adjacent professionals doing very bad work.

  • Nice Guy
  • As others have said, the analogy is wrong, but for different reasons than what I've seen.

    A better analogy is an abusive relationship. There's your partner who beats you regularly. You're often left bruised. You talk about leaving and the response is 'the other guy will break your arms, and unless you agree to stay with me, they're moving in and they will break your arms. I'm still punching you, and there's no chance I'll stop, but I'm better than that person.'

    There is a cycle of abuse. Look it up. There's no way to make an abusive relationship better. There's very little chance that a person will change while they have power over a victim. Power gives up nothing without a fight.

    The abuser might change, but only after reflection and a loss of power.

  • X now treats the term cisgender as a slur
  • It sounds like your reasoning is similar to how a lot of people feel about the word 'moist'.

    I wouldn't be happy if the descriptor for me was viscerally hurtful to myself.

    I think the big difference is the world we live in. Lgbtq+ are being targeted by rightwing fucks all over the world. Talking about how you don't like the word sounds a lot like 'Im just asking what a woman is'. It's not exactly transphobic, but those phrases are often used by people trying to legitimize their hate. For example, take a look at JKRs change in rhetoric.

  • (Spoilers) A kaido/big mom theory


    Big Mom will be back because her dreams been killed. Every other villain that has had their dream destroyed has come back.

    Kaido is dead. Not coming back. His dream was fulfilled by having luffy become joyboy during their fight. He probably died with a smile on his face.