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The UN Human Rights Council finds Israel guilty of war crimes against Palestinians. #Gaza
  • No. The only organ that can make "binding" decisions is the security council. Unfortunately all decisions (except for administrative questions) need the approval of china, russia, the UK, France aaand the US. So I doubt that tha the US will ever sanction Israel because it would mean they are admitting to supporting war criminals.

  • a cool guide of foods
  • People in Japan did not eat salmon sushi because it was considered unsafe. The type of salmon caught by Japanese fishermen is not fit for raw consumption. That's why salmon sushi only got popular when Norwegian companies exported the fish.

  • 2024 European Parliament election in Germany
  • There is CDU and CSU. Together they form the Union. CSU is only active in Bavaria, but they are even more conservative than the CDU. Both would cooperate with the far right tho so we can sink most of Germany

  • politicians
  • We still don't know if Hitler's party burned down the Parliament or if it was a convenient coincidence for him. All we know is that there was a fully worked out bill on the president table just a few hours later which uses this extreme circumstance to break the law (and eventually establish a dictatorship). Seems awfully suspicious

  • Polisci
  • As someone who spontaneously decided to study history / political science instead of physics, although I have been preparing to be a physicist the entire time, I can proudly say: At least I am happy. I spend most of my time doing fun and fulfilling things, instead of showing up at uni at 8 in the morning and arriving home at 8 in the evening just to work on homework. All my friends went into mint and they are stressed, don't have time to do anything and just seem the worst i have ever seen them.

  • Anon is a mastermind
  • Do not ever do this to your local Fastfood workers they will make sure to piss in the oil for you. I gladly put in a little extra work for nice customers, but this is the absolute worst you can do to a McDonald's worker. Life hack tho, you can just dunk some of the fries you prepared already into the oil again and it will wash if the salt and make them seem fresher for a few seconds.

  • Academic Rizzlers
  • German chancellor Olaf Scholz wrote about how we are in a time of change cause the power structures of the world are shifting. He called the chapter about Russia "the empire strikes back".

  • How to bypass Wi-Fi limitations

    Hey everyone, I live in a dorm like apartment where my Internet plan is part of my contract. I have a monthly data limit which just isn't enough for me. Buying additional data is stupid expensive. I found out though that your used data is only calculated once you disconnect from the internet completely. So my idea is to get a small device that is constantly connected. I could use an Amazon echo / Google home, but I'm not comfortable with the idea of having one. Could I just hook up something like a raspberry pie to the Internet and how would I go about ensuring that it has a constant connection? Thanks for your time and sorry for the long post.