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Netanyahu aims to trap west into war across Middle East, warns Iranian diplomat
  • Most of that 1 billion is on the American taxpayer. This is why you don't have universal health care. You need to spend billions, so Israeli military bases don't suffer from the consequences of attacking an Iranian embassy.

    The US government has promised to continue this line of spending.

  • Gaza war protesters shut down Golden Gate Bridge, block traffic in other cities
  • Pissing people off is irrelevant. You're irrelevant. You will not be swayed. You have demonstrated that after 6 months of innocent deaths. Even if 100,000 children die. 1 million children die. You're selfish and lazy.

    This is direct action, it's about adding a financial cost to the government's direction. They've decided supporting a genocide is more financially beneficial than pursuing justice. If we shut it all down, they'll change their tune.

  • Gulf states warn US not to launch strikes on Iran from their territory or airspace.
  • That just sounds like cowardice and laziness. There are lots of people doing things, and you can't come up with even the smallest bit of effort.

    Attend a protests. They're usually on the weekend. Tell other people you went to a protest. It signals that it's okay to talk about Israel and their crimes against humanity.

    Change doesn't happen easily, but it snowballs over time. Do something! I'm doing it right now.

  • Iran launches drone attack against Israel as Biden rushes to White House
  • This is all due to the breakdown of norms by allowing Israel to do whatever it wants. Respect for American soft power is non existent because of the double standard with Israel, Russia and the Middle East. Now American citizens get dragged into another war that they don't want by the ruling class.