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Reddit CEO slams protesters, says he'll change site rules
  • A lot of mods already opened back up. Reddit wont have to do nothin the way things are going

  • What is your "last online N years ago" story?
  • Met a guy on discord and we played dnd a while. He got in a fight with some other players and left. I don’t know where you are now, Typeloser/Nihil, but I hope you dealt with your terrible insomnia

  • Lemmy Guide For Reddit Refugees
  • I cant tell all my friends “the lemons gather”

  • Beehaw* defederated us?
  • Would be nice if there was a Link funciton. Not just on lemmy but on the fediverse as a whole. That way, you can create an account anywhere and "link" it to other instances so that everything is mirrored. That would mean that each time you post something it would have to travel toward all the instances

  • What are your cycling plans for this summer?
  • Wait until the sun stops trying to kill me and go biking

  • rule ones
  • Furry_irl

  • ich😭iel
  • Beiden

  • Just spent my lunch break giving my wife a buzzcut because she mixed up thinning scissors and normal.
  • First time I cut my own hair I just ended up terrible. I had to go to the barber and get a buzz cut to bury my terrible mistakes

  • What is the most WRONG thing a teacher, professor, or school book told you?
  • Fun story! A while ago a sort of mexican version of The Onion came around called Deforma (a parody of popular newspaper "Reforma"). Their breakout article said that Mexico's national anthem was acquired by the chinese government, and as such would no longer be public domain. It's a bonkers story, yet a lot (And I mean a lot) of people bought it, including a significant portion of my teachers. I think hearing my maths teacher complain about it is one of my core memories now

  • What‘s keeping us from promoting Lemmy on Reddit?
  • I mean. Is there really that big of a difference? they All run on activity hub

  • why do people like beer?
  • Well, craft beer is special but I wouldn't say it's representative of "liking beer". I like cheapo beer, and I like craft, it's just that each one has a different vibe

  • First active day on the fediverse after 11 years on Reddit, and liking it here!
  • Never experienced that. I joined more or less just before the AMA drama, and Pao. I really do Hope Lemmy takes hold. After all, ask threads get better the more varied the people participating

  • Bucket of cute!
  • They will 100% bite you if you get near tho

  • Lemmy devs be like
  • people will get extremely political just about anywhere

  • A dragon's hoard
  • Would be a fun concept to run. A town owned by the dragon. No idea if you kill or help it by then end tho

  • Obsession
  • Frogs rule tho

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Just like on askreddit. “Not an X but…” I mean. Im from reddit too, so no complaints

  • The blackout is starting to have a financial impact on Reddit, but we must stay dark!
  • I definetly didn't write clearly, sry :p

    I meant that everyone on this thread is already on board. I just hope people actually stay in Lemmy

  • Furry James_Harmony

    Dab on them redditors

    Welcome to Lemmy! I'd like to chat and know some new furries so please do send a message :3 also on as @GoatJamesAz