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Who do you favor for the final on sunday?
  • Actually, I was thinking and maybe the high serve % against Rafa and set 2-4 today, is more to do with not having to take as much risk with his serve, due to a recovering Rafa and sick Rund. So it might be an output not an input. Hope so, as Alcaraz will be able to put pressure on his serve. I am saying 55% Carlos wins tomorrow.

  • A cool guide to soldering
  • As mentioned, you need the pad to be hot for the solder to wick onto it. There is missing info in step 1. Step 1 should say to have a slightly wet iron (solder on the iron). You used this molten solder as the heat transfer medium. Hold the iron so the wet solder on it is touching the pad and lead. This gives more surface area for the heat to travel from the iron to the pad. A dry iron touching a pad will have poor thermal connection, so the pad will take a long time to heat up.

  • Reserve Bank considers the digital dollar: 'NZ's money must innovate to stay relevant '
  • Wtf are you on about? Proof of work is to keep the distributed ledgers honest. You need it if you are running a trustless system. If it is a central ledger, which it will be if a government is running it, then there is no need for proof of work.

  • Binance was slapped with a $4.3 billion fine because it let groups like Hamas and ISIS receive funds: Treasury Department
  • We only know ftx was stealing due to a run on the exchange. Binance could also easily be in the same boat, we just don't know, as they have not been tested for there liquidity. Also it turns out ftx pretty much had the money, but it just was not liquid.

  • Noahed doco

    I just finished watching the noahed doco on you tube. It interviews each player of each match during Yannik Noah's road to winning the French open in 1983. Really good watch. I recommend.