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  • Edit: Assuming they follow the law, they don’t use your point of sale donations according to this article

    Half errant OG statement: It’s absolutely a tax write off for them. It’s a double bonus for them because they can choose which charity it goes too as well.

  • Games to replace Total War: Warhammer 3 with?
  • Age of Wonders 4 has been entertaining me alongside TWW3 recently. It’s a 4X turn based strategy game with dark fantasy elements from Triumph Studios and published by Paradox.

    It has some pretty good customization elements and I’ve been enjoying playing the different types of empire combos. There’s also an Lovecraftian eldritch horror DLC coming out this month.

  • France bans Israel companies from annual Eurosatory arms fair
  • This is humorous to me because they’re banning Isreal from a “War” convention for doing the thing that almost always comes with war, genocide, and what Israel argues it is doing, war.

    It’s more complicated than that I know, but something about this is making me laugh.

  • Trump’s Outreach to the Libertarians Was an Absolute Train Wreck
  • I’ve read the guy you’re responding to and don’t understand where you’re coming from. What made you think OP doesn’t think they deserve better than a two party system? That seems like a heavy assumption.

    Are you morally grandstanding about how shit the two party system is? I think we all agree it’s shit, but it’s (currently) backed up by a US social contract (the average citizen agrees to the authority of the system), has a monopolization of violence behind it, and is the system that exerts power on people in and outside of the US.

    Not participating in the system with the monopoly on violence seems like a bad decision because it’s more likely to make you a victim of that violence w/o any impact on the system itself, e.g. martyrdom.

    Alternatively I have not heard of a good movement that’s poised to take power from the current system before November, which was the subject of OP’s post, so I don’t know where you’re coming from with such hostility towards a random comment lmao.

  • Why People Choose Conspiracy Theories Over Marxism-Leninism
  • Right wing propagandists have correctly identified that the simpler messaging is more digestible to the aggrieved.

    When you’re pissed off and frustrated, all you want is the easy solution to your problem, whatever that may be. The grifters promise simple nebulous solutions to get the aggrieved to listen to them.

    Young men are having a harder time finding jobs and are propagandized from birth to be the “bread-winner” thus compounding their frustrations? It’s definitely “the feminists” making your life harder and not the capitalist systems older and wealthier men put in place keeping you down /s.

    Reality is harder to get across to people because it’s inherently more complicated than what the conspiracies and conspiracism promise to the crazy/angry/stupid.