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Delays, disruptions as South Koreans surge to sign online petition to impeach president
  • The petition accuses Yoon of corruption, stoking the risk of war with North Korea and exposing South Koreans to health risks by not stopping Japan from releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Yoon has been unpopular since taking office in 2022, with his latest approval ratings hovering around the 25 percent mark since April.

  • Seeking advice choosing a multi-color printer
  • I have a Prusa MK3 with the MMU2, and I definitely plan on upgrading at some point to the MK4 and MMU3. Since I don't have any direct experience with any multi-material options other than the MK3 with MMU2, the only thing I will say is to ensure that whatever you buy is an open source printer. I cannot tell you how much of a difference that makes when there are so many incredibly smart makers in the community that can take full advantage of that to provide solutions for basically any problem. My first printer was closed source, and I had a document that was several pages long that broke down everything that you needed to do (and not do) to get that machine working well and upgrade it yourself within the confines of what was possible. Prusa support is top notch, as is their quality. I can't recommend the brand enough, even if I don't have experience with the latest multi-material options.

  • Looks like slightly obscure Xbox 360 titles are on the rise
  • Spec Ops the Line got pulled from digital stores due to music licensing expiring, so physical copies are the only way to play it now if you didn't already own it digitally.

    I assume Fallout is due to interest in the show, and everyone having a hard-on for that particular one.

    Not sure about the rest.