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Toto Wolff confirms Fernando Alonso had declined Mercedes Offer
  • Maybe they hold off on antonelli for one more year but if you think they’re dropping George for Alonso then I have a beach in Montana to sell you.

    Aston is full building for 26 regs, new factory facilities should help them have similar success to last years big bump. There’s every chance Merc fucks up the new regs twice in a row

  • Toto Wolff confirms Fernando Alonso had declined Mercedes Offer
  • Idk.. rumour is that Merc only offered one year whereas Aston offered multiple years. Why would you want to go to a team that puts you on a single year contract, likely just as a placeholder for Antonelli. Aston may not be top dog rn but they believe in him, trust him, and are clearly putting the effort in to improve the team with the new facilities they’re building

  • Mint is absolutely killing it
  • Ivy and brush formula round up appears to have done the trick on the patch in my yard some asshole previous owner spread. I don’t want a mono-culture yard but I hate both the smell and taste of mint. If there’s one herb I could do away with forever that would be it

  • Armed to deter cops
  • It does get cold at night in Texas and the last couple years they’ve had severe power issues due to being cold and snowing while their grid isn’t prepared for it. Do you not remember all the posts about freezing Texans because the power was out for a week+ a few years ago