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Windows 11 Start menu ads are now rolling out to everyone
  • Package managers was one of things that I had hard time adjusting to when I first adopted Linux, since I was so used to just searching for software on the internet, downloading, and installing it when I was using Windows. Now that I'm comfortable with a package manager, I find the Windows experience of installing software to be so much worse. It's so much nicer to just install software using one or two commands in the terminal.

  • ‘Sleepy Don?’: Trump Nods Off During Trial of the Century
  • I think it's both. Alex has the idea that Harriet is too tired to continue in her post, and Harriet becomes increasingly paranoid because she is constantly wondering what the Doctor said, and how it was going to end her political career. Since she's paranoid, she starts acting more and more erratically, which feeds into the 'too tired' narrative, and eventually destroys her career.

  • Big Tech passkey implementations are a trap | Proton
  • Are we talking in circles here?

    No. "I avoid passkeys because of Google" is avoiding an entire technology because of a bad implementation. "Passkeys implemented by Google have problems" is only avoiding passkeys implemented by Google, leaving using passkeys still on the table.

  • Some people are being given thousands of dollars with no strings attached in universal basic income trials. They mostly spend the cash wisely.
  • Why attack the people for their spending on vices when you could just outlaw the vices. If you care so much about people's morals, then the government should just outlaw alcohol, gambling and anything else deemed an ill use of this money. It's the exact same thing, except you only want the government to police people who you think don't deserve freedom because you consider them lesser.

  • Some people are being given thousands of dollars with no strings attached in universal basic income trials. They mostly spend the cash wisely.
  • The point is that the government really shouldn't have any say in which is which. I agree with you that gambling all your money away is a poor financial choice, but that doesn't mean that I think we should ban gambling, because many people enjoy it responsibly. Teaching people financial literacy, and treating addictions is the solution, not policing how people use their UBI.

  • Best printer 2024: a humorous critique of the Google search engine, LLMs and printer enshittification
  • Definitely look at the library. Mine allows me 20 free pages of B&W, or 10 pages of colour per month. After that it's $0.10 for B&W and $0.20 for colour. Pretty hard to justify actually buying a printer to myself at this point. Definitely not as convenient as having a unit at home, though.

  • Court Bans Use of 'AI-Enhanced' Video Evidence Because That's Not How AI Works
  • It's not only that everyone isn't technologically literate enough to understand the limits of this technology - the AI companies are actively over-inflating their capabilities in order to attract investors. When the most accessible information about the topic is designed to get non-technically proficient investors on board with your company, of course the general public is going to get an overblown idea of what the technology can do.

  • Judge rules YouTube, Facebook and Reddit must face lawsuits claiming they helped radicalize a mass shooter | CNN Business
  • As much as I believe it is a breeding ground for right wing extremism, it's a little strange that 4chan is being lumped in with these other sites for a suit like this. As far as I know, 4chan just promotes topics based on the number of people posting to it, and otherwise doesn't employ an algorithm at all. Kind of a different beast to the others, who have active algorithms trying to drive engagement at any cost.

  • A nuclear plant’s closure was hailed as a green win. Then emissions went up
  • The reason waste isn't being brought up is because modern designs do not produce nearly as much waste, and much safer waste, than previous technologies. Breeder reactors are able to produce more fissile material than they consume, and produce only waste products that have short half lives (less than 100 years). This is a long time from human perspectives, but it means that we do not have to design functionally indefinite storage for these materials any longer.