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Robert De Niro has award withdrawn after calling Donald Trump 'monster' outside trial
  • Award Committee: "How can we get our small, unrecognised award into public discourse?"

    De Niro does something

    Award Committee: "Time to drum up the rage bait, boys. All we have to do is deny De Niro."

    Lemmy Community: "Hey, I can be angry too! upvotes"

    Do you guys not see what is happening here?

  • Books Isoprenoid

    Recommendation Request: Similar to Iron War

    I just finished listening to Iron War by Matt Fitzgerald. I loved the descriptions of the history of the event, the history of each of the racers, and their future after the race. It helped me feel amped for my own exercise sessions. Are there other books like this?

    Excluding Matt Fitzgerald's other books, of course.


    Bioinformatics for Beginners

    Maria Nattestad just dropped a new introduction to the field of bioinformatics.

    Foundation skills for bioinformatics:

    • Python
    • Use the Command Line (e.g. Bash, scripts)
    • Statistics - p-values, multiple hypothesis tests

    Rosalind: Website for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving

    I've used Rosalind in the past to learn about bioinformatics. I solved about 17 of the problems, which is about 6% of the problems on the site.

    I think it gave a decent mix of guided learning and letting you figure things out on your own. I would say having some background knowledge in biology and coding would be necessary. It doesn't do a lot of hand holding, but there is some.