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What's a title that is worth it (to you) to have both the physical copy and the audiobook?
  • I only have the audiobooks for black leopard red wolf and moon witch spider king, but I’m tempted to grab the physical books too. I loved both of them. They’re a weird category for me where I absolutely loved them but need to be careful about who I recommend them to because they can be brutal

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • The zero chance is only if you don’t give that power back. The judiciary is already captured for at least another decade. If they get the executive and legislature back, and 4 more years, the zero chance is gone. You need to stop being cute, there will be consequences

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Remember 1/6? Just give them a second go, they already tried to subvert democracy, they’ve already damaged many of our institutions by more than they’ve been able to recover in the last 4, building is more fruitful than destruction, but it takes longer and is harder. Give these fucks 4 more years and they’ll get it right, handmaids tale here we go

  • When you stopped caring about staying in good shape?
  • I stopped caring in college after getting sick of athletic injuries. Luckily a few years later I got back into it. It doubles as my audiobook time. I mostly do steady state, and stretch regularly

    I feel better throughout the day, have more energy than peers, and it gives me the enjoyment of movement

    It helps me manage my adhd

  • US Drone Flights Over Gaza Supported Israeli Operation That Killed Over 200 Palestinians in Nuseirat
  • Exactly. And the West Bank is hamas. That’s why the settlers are detaining it. Dead pregnant women? They were actually blinds for little hamas snipers. Historical abuses of Palestinians by Israel is just a hamas psyop. Journalism? More like hamasism!